The 9-9 Event is still going… 
This space open to continue to
receive your seeds for a New Earth Reality.
When enough new seeds gather
I will hold another seed planting session.
Thank you for helping to shape our new Paradise Earth.

The following instructions are a preparation for

Planting your Seeds:

Saleena & Creator Whales: We have created an Alchemical Container here, filled with Love & Nourishment to receive your "SEEDS." A creative nest for you to place your "seeds" in to gestate until we are ready to plant them on 9-9.


Please keep your seed statement
brief & richly descriptive; a short paragraph.

Place it in the comments box below.


Prepare them this way: 

When you are ready,
imagine holding your seed in your hands
getting in touch with what you are offering.


Next, bring it into your heart
and saturate it with love.


Then move it up to your pineal gland
(in the center of your head behind your eyes)


Intend to bring what your seed represents
into the "Master Control Room"
(this is a master cell in the Pineal Gland)


Now imagine it in detail
as you feel it become part
of your new reality.


Allow the love of your heart
to surge upwards & bathe it.


Feeling strong emotions about
having this as your reality
moves it closer into manifestation.


Read your statement out loud.

Then declare out loud,

"As a Creator God,
I command this into my new reality.
I accept & receive it now." 

Feel gratitude and appreciation
for your creation manifesting in your New World.


Imagine placing your creation seed
into the heart of this Alchemical Container.


Follow your intuition until you feel complete.


Now Post it as a Comment below:

Include your first name &

general location on Mother Earth.


On 9-9 we carried the first batch of seeds
with us into BETH to join with the
Councils of Light-the OM Council
to PLANT them.

9-9 Planting our Paradise Garden of the New Earth


 Since time is a spiral, you can join us for our
9-9 Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Journey,
and take your own seed in to plant.

Recording HERE.



Our Combined Seeds


Personal Transformation

Marimar: The profound transformation of our consciousness begins with personal mental, emotional and spiritual healing and integration.



Saleena: This seed will begin to sprout the abundant growth of loving relations, self love, love that infuses our beings and fills the "air" around us with its power.

Saleena: We Embrace Love & Love Everybody All the Time.

We Forgive ourselves & each other everything. We Live in Love. Aligning ALL our choices with Love. We know ALL THERE IS IS LOVE.



Peter: I want to offer and plant the seed of clear perception into the minds of all human beings… to help them see crystal clear what really matters for their own well being and the well being of all creatures that share this planet as a home.


Katie: We don't suffer with addictions or dependancy, or illusions of needing to consume or look outward to become whole. 



Shazna Jai: I choose a world in which all humanity 'see' each other in love and respect each others unique way of being in the world.


Saleena: Everyone Acting with Respect for each other & ALL Life.


Henry: no judgment



Henry: acceptance of what is.

Sandeep: That there are no barriers separating us from living fully in the moment, accepting everything this moment presents us with, and learning to love it. 


Masculine Energy Balance

Colin: The seeds I am planting radiate the divine masculine energy, they have a golden sparkle that comes from the centre of creation itself. The intention for this planting is to help the masculine energy balance and complement the new divine feminine energies that have been flooding into the earth these last months and years


Saleena: We Bring ourselves into balance with our own inner polarities; our Masculine & Feminine. Ending the inner wars & conflict. Coming into a Sacred Marriage.


Ian: We have all healed and balanced the sacred masculine and feminine within ourselves and this is manifested throughout the Earth as beautifully balanced relationships with ourselves and each other.


Right Action


Peter: Next I want to offer and plant the seed of appropriate action. When it sprouts and grows it intertwines with clear perception to help us do what is necessary to heal our bodies, the bodies of all earth's creatures and the body of the earth itself, and end procrastination.


Societal Transformation

Marimar: The interpersonal transformation starts with a cultural renaissance around wholesome values appropriate to the challenges facing us.


Cultural Renaissance

Ian: The rights and the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of all the world are restored to their rightful place as the elder cultures who hold the keys to the ways of being in right relationship with each other, the Earth and our brothers and sisters from the great Star Nations.


Lani: healing and restoration of balance for the traditional religions of Hawai's, emerging as recognition of their right to practice without fear of persecution and their right to reclaim their sacred sites. 



Katie: We live in Peace and Ease, with an abundance of Time and Energy to create and enjoy life. 


Shazna Jai: I choose a world in which humanity uses it's creativity to be human.


Saleena: We are having an amazing fun exciting time playing with all our newly awakened potential.


Political World

Marimar. This leads to harmonizing our aspirations globally and creating political balance.


Katie: We can see through lies and live in integrity, so that we and Earth are able to flourish in beauty, love, and light.


Saleena: We free ourselves. Any  need to be dominated, controlled, abused, manipulated, lied to, enslaved all fades into a distant memory and lies in our being in an honored place for they were our greatest teachers. We are grateful and we have moved on to pursuits of higher realm activities of explorations and creation.


Saleena: We take actions to build harmonious respectful relations with all Humans. We Birth ourselves into new archetypes that honor & cooperate with each other.


Lani: healing of the wound created by the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai'i government, emerging as a new ecosystem-based governance structure for the islands that restores peace and balance to the Hawaiian people. 


Peace and Harmony

Peggy: I choose a world in which all inhabitants co-exist in peace and harmony, demonstrating love, respect and honor for all that exists.


Karl: to become "one" people to live in harmony with each other.


Henry: Probably the same as most – peace, harmony, love…


Sustainable Economy

Marimar: Then the development of an equitable economic system allows us to fully invest in a sustainable future.


Karl: I choose to plant a seed for a sustainable planet.  To live in harmony with the planet and to be able to live with others in a sustainable, respectful, harmonic way. 


Lani: The first seed is the entrainment of solar energy into the consciousnous of my birth town, emerging as commitments to bring solar to our 600,000 rooftops.


Saleena: We Free the new technologies that have been suppressed & are now fervently using them to bring our Mother Earth & how we each live on her into balance. She is thriving. We are thriving now.


Ian: The use of technology is to enhance life in all ways and many new inventions lead the way to restoring balance in our dealings with each other and our Earth Mother. I see this vision manifest in the microcosm as a Visitor Centre and  attraction here on the south coast of the UK and in the macrocosm manifest throughout the four corners of the Earth. 



Shazna Jai: I choose a world in which all humanity has prosperity on every level, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual equally and everyone knows they have everything they want whenever they want it. 


Marilyn: Dearest Inhabitants of Earth….I am holding you ALL in prayer daily.and affirming our abundance…………financially, emotionally, spiritually and mentally……… I intend that abundance comes to ALL Life in every way through miracles, magic and work and that we ALL have enough to spare and enough to share.


Global Transformation

Marimar:The transformation of humanity’s relations with nature involves the biological restoration necessary to support a continued physical presence here.


Biological Restoration

Deni: I am inspired to plant the seeds of the dolphin heart and consciousness…deep love and boundless joy, presence and in-the-present, play and fun, embracing all-that-is, knowing our uniqueness and our Oneness.


Ian: The new world I wish to see is a place where we as a species can live in total harmony with each other and the natural world. We all respect and love each other and our beloved Earth Mother.


New Ray

Sandeep: The New Earth gives birth to a New and beautiful Ray of Consciousness that is being directed towards our planet through its marvelous Sun.


Veronique: Liquid Love Light filled with Golden Sun Rays coming from Source Creator and flowing into each & every molecule in and on earth….,     


Connection with Earth

Marimar: As we treasure and co-create with nature, a planetary awakening makes possible our direct telepathic communication with our Mother Earth.


Mary Angelico: I believe there is a current of energy that flows around the whole of our earth with the most updated minute by minute information and guidance available.


Deni: I also plant the seeds of connection with and gratitude for all the Earth beings….the elementals, the devas, the Green Beings of our beautiful plant sisters and brothers, the sacred animals with whom we share this planet, the crystals and minerals, the spirits of air, earth, water, fire.  May this seed grow into a great remembering for all of Humanity for the sacred connection and communication we have with Earth and all of her exquisite beings.


Saleena: We are Opening to & consciously learning from the Living Library of Earth. It is all around us & we are the keys.



Marimar: Finally ending the quarantine of Earth and accepting open contact allows us to take our place as a member of our Galactic family with some wisdom and experience and lots of love to share.


Saleena: We Communicate with, Learn from & Co-Creating with ALL Nature, Mother Earth & our Star Friends & Family. We are Stepping into an awareness of & embracing our Galactic Heritage.


Your True Self

God Connection


Katie: Awaiting in my seed is the power to remember that we are part of God, beings of love. 


Self Awareness

Saleena: We are Awake & Activated into multi-dimensional beings.


Ian: Everyone on Earth understands our sacred and multidimensional nature and rejoices in our diversity and oneness.


Henry: full god realization.


Sandeep: We  learn to LET GO of everything we think we are, and remember the Totality of Who we Really Are.

We are the Ones.  The Bright and Shining Ones. 


Veronique: We all remember who we truly are. Living Masters, Living Gods & Goddesses, Co-Creators. We live in Unconditional Love and Abundance. One with Nature and all around us. Everything is Beautiful, Sparkling,  Gold & Diamond & Magic Colors …Together we create Heaven on EarthParadise!


Sandeep: Remember that and we have Ascended, Beloveds.


The Future


Sandeep: The Gateway to the Future is in Your Heart.

 Always remember, the Future:  It is within our Hearts.




Belees the Arcturian: I reach into my heart and bring forward a shining seed. This seed has been with me since my very beginning of existence. It is a spark of my essence: ONENESS as part of the ONE. This seed contains in it everything that is needed to remind any wandering soul the way home, It shines its light to assist the forgetful to remember, to awaken from their slumber in the densities. It is a powerful seed. It is not unique for there is ONE in every one of your hearts.




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