Saleena Kí in Hawaii 1999-2011. This photo was taken on my 55th birthday.
During this time this website, Messages of Our New Universe, was birthed.


First and foremost I am a STORYTELLER. Everything I do reflects this. I love living a passionate CREATIVE Life! I love ALL Creativity of Humankind! We are AWESOME CREATURES! I love Mother Earth & Nature. I love dimensional Adventure – exploring new space, inner and outer, meeting new friends from ALL (OMNI) Dimensions, co-creating, updating our reality with Lightplay Projects, resolving the old patterns so there is room for a new experience and mapping out paths so we all might accelerate our abilities to hold more light, and step up to our Omni-dimensional selves with new skills to make our lives easier and even more creative. I love when we see and perceive reality in new ways and I love it when you come play and explore with me.

I love to share bigger overviews of these continuously amazing times we are moving through here on Paradise Earth. Most of all, I love creating my reality the way I want it to be! I am an advocate of activating our FREE WILL and stepping out of any kind of control and domination system or habits and into our own personal Sovereignty. Earlier in 2014, I moved myself through a series of steps to assure that I am as free as I know how to be. Now I am exploring life in a brand new way.


Here is what a friend said of me: 

Saleena Kí has a knack for working in all Dimensions, Realms, Times & Angles of Space.

She is here to activate change as prolific Visionary Artist, Psychic-intuitive Transformation specialist, Meta-physician, Writer, Inventor & Explorer, with numerous skills & deep understanding, which result in plethora of creative works.

Her works have a deeply healing, activational, transformative effect on those who view them. They seem to crackle with lively energy. She weaves in living elements of life, love, light, fire, earth, air, water, sacred geometry, mathematical formulas, sounds, light codes & light languages. Her art seems to live, breath & dance through dimensions with a kind of vital aliveness. Designed to inspire, entice, activate, raise vibrations, they invite & give permission to step fully into life & take it on with ecstatic joy & splendid power. Her artwork embodies & fuses Love & Power into one.”

Michael Levy author of The Joy of Live Alchemy


On Being a MAKER
Many Creative Projects to Share

In 2015 I had one of those flashes of inspiration and implemented it as I began a new project that uses the imagery of a Tree to represent my omni-dimensional life. My Home Tree has grown many branches and these represent my many creative projects. The flash of inspiration was to call my life The OD AWEd Life of Saleena Kí. The inspired package idea even came with visuals of how to represent online. This website is the "hub" of ALL my project. Each branch/project has its own website. You can find links to them ALL in the menu of the OD AWEd Life of Saleena Kí. I am very happy I get to share all the things I love to do, experience and co-create with you!

Many of my websites are in process and there are many things to explore and enjoy; from my unique ART, to Gardening consciously with Nature, to sharing the latest things happening with the new archetypes of the Masculine & Feminine, to sharing all about my Vibrakeys in my Vibrakey's Alive Blog. You can still see and purchase them at

Another fun project I have in the makings is to share my OD Life Story, a kind of ongoing online autobiography of the many adventures of my life, many of them from my omni-dimensional perspective. It will eventually be a subscription site where you can enjoy my life stories.


Omni-D Travel Adventures & Team

One of the things I love the most is Omni-D Travel Adventuring. I share this passion for dimensional adventuring with Colin Whitby and Marimar most of the time. Over the years tthere have been others who have joined us. We share some of our Guided Omni-D Travel Adventures hereJoin us for some fun and adventure at Explore with Saleena Ki for some Omni-D Travel Adventures. Some of them begin by exploring my Vibrakeys and lead to the most interesting outcomes. Come explore with us and open yourself to a much broader reality!

Colin Whitby

Colin Whitby and I have been friends for many years now, since 2002, meeting and recognizing each other in an online Quantum Relationship eCourse presented by our visionary mutual friend and mentor, Soleira Green. Over the years we got into the habit of checking in, via an instant messaging system, to see what might be awaiting our attentions. Even though we have never met physically, our friendship spans many dimensions, times and places, from ancient to modern and even into the future, for we have met our future selves. We have journeyed into so many different spaces and places, and met so many amazing beings and co-created in so many diverse projects, that meeting in the physical matter world doesn't seem to matter anymore! 


Then in 2004, I met an Arcturian Channel, Hugh Matlock, who was living in Virginia, near Washington, DC. In 2005 we reconnected via attending an ET-Dolphin Conference on the Big Island of Hawaii and later played together with the Dolphins in the big beautiful Kealakekua Bay. We had so much fun that seemed to spark our interest in each other. Later, after I had returned to Maui, he joined me for a Sacred Site adventure that spanned the whole island of Maui and parts of the Big Island. By the end of that adventure I knew that he was "Marimar", the one that the Divine Mothers had foretold was my next significant relationship. We both knew that we wanted to be primary life podners so he returned to Virginia to sell his house and I moved back to the Big Island to set up a place where he could join me for our next life adventure. We lived and played on the Big Island from 2005 to 2011, swimming and learning with Cetaceans, co-creating my new Vibrakey and this Messages of our New Universe websites. Many Lightwork-Lightplay Projects were implemented together, with Colin and others, during this time. He was also focused on his HUGE research project that involved mapping the sacred sites of our planet viewing them from a new holographic perspective.


Doing What WE Love to Do

Adventure Sessions

I used to consider myself a "healer", then one day I realized I was tired of focusing on helping "fix broken people and situations." I have always been interested in "doing what you love to do and your life will be supported", so I admitted that what I really love to do is tune in and play in the omni-dimensions. One day I realized that most of our sessions are adventures anyway so we decided to focus them more on having fun and exploring new possibilities with people, and it seems it makes way for the profound healing or changes they want to happen anyway. So that is why Marimar and I now offer Omni-D Travel Adventure Sessions. That is why I am passionate about publishing our adventures published as eBooks. That is why we plan to create an Omni-D Travel Adventure League so we can invite you to come play with us.

New Phase Opening Now

In late 2011 we moved to Tennessee to his family Motherland to help his parents sell their house in NJ and make a HUGE transition into a new phase of their lives. We just completed that assignment as of mid Jan. 2016 and are now opening up for a brand new phase of our adventure. I find myself feeling like a completely different being than I was expressing 4-5 years ago. I am more confident, free of many old repeating programs whose job is to create conflict and trauma drama, standing more in my own sovereignty, meaning I am now interacting only with those aligned with the Free Will Universe, happy for no reason most of the time, in ever increasing Sublime Health and well being. I am very excited about expressing in these new energies and sharing them with you.


Saleena holding her first Giant Dahlia Blossom from the Lovin' Mother Garden,
GardenSong Project, Tennessee, Aug 14, 2015


These last 4 years have been focused on many grounding and family activities, like moving a zillion things from there to here, sustainability, conscious gardening, creating a Pollinator Habitat, ending old programs and cycles, figuring out what is next in our lives and integrating these new energies into our body-mind-spirits as we rise together with Mother Earth into a higher dimensional plane of existence. I have found that the other dimensions are still open, yet less than when in Hawaii. We still connect with other dimensional beings, yet this has been less frequent. We have participated in many dimensional projects with other dimensional beings that are designed to help us all create a new reality where we first live sustainable on Earth and cooperate to make sure everyone has what they need and then opening to interacting with a greater reality beyond Earth.

The upgrading energies of the Galactic Center Waves have been relentless, some of the most intense I can remember, with their increasing strength now being allowed to flow into us full strength. We are still in process of the separating of polarities, much chaos reigns on Earth right now, though there are many more wonderful things happening, in fact AWEsome things happening than you will hear about from the major media. I was encouraged by this message: 

There Is Something Extraordinary Happening In The World

Well I am choosing to ascend upward in vibrations with our Mother Earth. Choosing to align with the message shared by Corey Goode from the Sphere Being Alliance to be more "service-to-others" oriented. This also seems to line up with the messages from the RA and the Law of One.

I am excited to see what 2016 brings forth and what it will support us in as we step more and more into our higher dimensional selves and co-creation with each other and other benevolent other dimensional beings.


So Many Ways to Play Together


I love assisting you to bring Higher Vibrations

into your life and business in a variety of ways: 


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Jim Channon once shared, after we finished his personal session, that he had never met anyone who could help someone move into so many dimensions, see it all, take it apart at so many levels, rearrange and change it and put them all back together in such a way that at the end of a session you are feeling safe, on your way to fully integrating and supported in a brand new way. He said, "I will name you Metaphysician!"


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Co-Creating a Soul Portrait is more than just a painting, drawing or digital art expression, it is a FULL immersive Omni-DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE. You participate. Discover more about who you are and what you are here on Earth to share. Here is a sample of the beginning of a Soul Portrait for Colin Whitby: 


See the Transformation and share the process as

Colin Whitby's Soul Portrait adventure

 assists his inner ALCHEMIST to EMERGE.


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