First and foremost I am a STORYTELLER. Everything I do reflects this. I love all Creativity of Humankind! We are AWESOME CREATURES! I love Mother Earth & Nature. I love dimensional Adventure – exploring new space, inner and outer, meeting new friends from ALL (OMNI) Dimensions, co-creating, lightwork, lightplay, resolving the old patterns so there is room for a new experience and mapping out paths so you might accerlerate your ability to hold more light, see and perceive reality in new ways and explore with me.


I love to share bigger overviews of these amazing times we are moving through here on Paradise Earth. Most of all, I love creating my reality the way I want it to be!


Here is what one friend said of me: 

Saleena Kí has a knack for working in all Dimensions, Realms, Times & Angles of Space.

She is here to activate change as prolific Visionary Artist, Psychic-intuitive Transformation specialist, Meta-physician, Writer, Inventor & Explorer, with numerous skills & deep understanding, which result in plethora of creative works.

Her works have a deeply healing, activational, transformative effect on those who view them. They seem to crackle with lively energy. She weaves in living elements of life, love, light, fire, earth, air, water, sacred geometry, mathematical formulas, sounds, light codes & light languages. Her art seems to live, breath & dance through dimensions with a kind of vital aliveness. Designed to inspire, entice, activate, raise vibrations, they invite & give permission to step fully into life & take it on with ecstatic joy & splendid power. Her artwork embodies & fuses Love & Power into one.”

Michael Levy author of The Joy of Live Alchemy


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Co-Creating a Soul Portrait is more than getting a painting done, it is a FULL DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE. Discover more about who you are and what you have come to Earth to share.


See the Transformation as

Colin Whitby's Soul Portrait process

 assists his inner ALCHEMIST to EMERGE.