Saleena: Aloha! I was so inspired by Aluna Joy's collection of Quotes and Indigenous wisdom, I decided it was a wonderful way to begin sharing again in this brand new year. I have shared my own experiences at the end, including the new structure we saw and worked with right as 2012 was finally birthed. 

Seems we have all been in labor with this particular year for many years leading up it… I don't remember any year ever being mentioned so many times as this one… I wonder what we will make of it?



Have Fun…



May All Your Dreams be Fulfilled…


Here's Aluna: Happy 2012 everyone! I can't believe it. 2012 is here… and so many of us have waited so long for this.  I wanted to send you some inspiration as we begin this new and highly anticipated year.


This is a year of great potential

in which we can and will

change the world,

and ourselves as well.


So at this most auspicious moment …  I wanted to offer you some words of wisdom from others that help me keep on keeping on.  I hope these words of wisdom will give us all inspired creativity, and unified collective courage to face head on to what is coming in 2012.


We face this new year with

fearlessness and an

unshakable inner knowing

that we are indeed

divine beings

and are more than enough

to make our dreams manifest


The Star Elders say that we are victorious! So I raise my hand in the form of the victory symbol to you ALL.  So….


Here is to US,

being the unreasonable ones,

the trouble makers, 

the paradigm breakers,

the ones that can and will

stir the pot.


Here is to US,

the ones that listen to our hearts

over our heads,

no matter what the outer world says. 


Here is to US,

the ones that are not afraid

to be who they are 100%, 

even it if is temporally misunderstood. 


Here is to US,

the ones that live by the

Universal Truth that we are ONE, 


"In Lak'esh A La K'in".

We are ONE. 

In Truth, Love and Onesness.

 ~~Aluna Joy


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"All truth passes through three stages: first, it is ridiculed; next it is violently attacked; finally, it is held to be self-evident."




In this next year (2012),

when your seeds sprout,

they are going to

grow roots into the Earth.



They will grow tall to

reach the Sun and 

bring balance back to the Earth,

our solar system and the universe.

The roots of these seeds will

break apart old paradigms and programs

like a tree that can slowly destroy

a pyramid in the jungle. 


This transformation will be

slow and steady,

but also unstoppable.


You are the trees that stand firm

while the world transforms around you.

You may bend, but you will not break.


You are anchored into

the new frequency,

and anything that does not resonate

with this new frequency

will disintegrate around you . . .

leaving you standing strong and tall.



Your feet are at the

core of the Earth,

and your crown is the sun.  


From the Star Elders.

Taken from the

Porters of LIGHT  – Peru 2011



Saleena: I love that last one so much I want to create an art piece to express this! I will share it if I do…



"No one can not stop the LIGHT,

the TRUTH,

the LOVE,

AWAKENING in humanity today.


There is NO WAY any dark force can stop you now.

The momentum of the LIGHT is a powerful river that no dam can stop. 

To worry about the darkness is only your own self doubt and doubt of the power of the light… and that is all. 


Any attempt to stop the awakening of the collective consciousness of humanity, by any dark force, is just a final last scream of a dying paradigm. 


They know they are dying, and that is why the fight appears to be escalating… 


But as all cycles begin, they must end. 

And you have become their salvation, as the new world could not exist without you. … and they know it


They have had their rein in the darkness for a time.


They may have appeared powerful and unstoppable. 
But this only to prepared us to honor and appreciate 
with every cell of our being the new world that is emerging!"

The Star Elders  …. way back in August of 1999!


" It is certainly interesting to know that we come from the stars, but even more interesting is the realization that we're part of the cosmos. Although we might only be  a speck in the immensity of the universe, we are the Great Father's children, and our destiny is linked to that of creation. Every being has a role to play, a destiny to fulfill, and so every bit of existence is transcendent."  - 

Don Isidro, Mayan sage. 

The Book of Destiny  

Well, my feet they finally took root in the earth

but I got me a nice little place in the stars.

Bruce Springsteen



When you have come to the edge of all that you know and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly." 

Patrick Overton 


This is what we are made up of.

Something in between the

dreaming and the doing

Something arching down

from there to here

We are the arching.

We are neither here nor there.

We are the hope that lives between them.

The continual blooming outward

and upward

of something we want,

but can not see


All that we are is the result of

what we have thought. 



"There are no guarantees. 

From the viewpoint of fear,

none are strong enough. 

From the viewpoint of love,

none are necessary." 




"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."

Jimi Hendrix 



One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that was going on inside himself.  He said, "My son, it is between two wolves…. 

One is evil: Anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. 

The other is good: Joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith". 

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?" 


The old Cherokee simply replied:

"The one I feed". 



In the beginning of every Golden Age,

Avatars are sent by the orders

of the White Brotherhood

and the sacred sites and mountains

around the world become portals

between the spiritual dimension

to this dimension.


People are called to these sacred places

where the great masters manifest to help us,

and bless us, and awaken us.


When we come with an open heart,

we learn, and become

tranquil in these places. 

So these blessing are not

happening only for us, but for

all of humanity who comes here . . .

but especially people who come

in spiritual pilgrimages.


They will have more of a benefit,

because they take their time,

and meditate in these places,

and the Masters have time

to get to know us.  


Inca Messenger – Willaru Huayta 



Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from God's, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true. Work out your own path, through diligence.

Guatama Buddha



"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." 

George Bernard Shaw   


"To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.'

Imagine a world where denial of our interrelatedness is no longer an option.

Life is the garment we continually alter, but which never seems to fit." 

David McCord



Of all the liars in the world,

sometimes the worst are your own fears. 

Rudyard Kipling



"So think as if your every thought

were to be etched in fire upon the sky. 

For so, in truth, it is. 

So speak as if the entire world

were but a single ear 

intent on hearing what you say.

And so, in truth, it is."

Mikhail Naimy Author of MIRDAD



Again and again some people

in the crowd wake up.  

They have no ground in the crowd.

And they emerge according to much broader laws . 

They carry  strange customs with them 

And demand room for bold gesture . 

The future peeks ruthlessly through them. 

Rilke, 1899 



Toward the end of his life, we find Jesus, despite great risk, entering Jerusalem and clearing the temple to make it pure once more. In so doing, he demonstrates how faith and trust work. Despite our fear, faith and trust must work through us. We may fear looking bad.

We may fear a relationship or fear being alone. But the only way to deal with fear is to move through it, by acknowledging the fear and seeking a greater Truth

Remind yourself: The only way out is through.

Mary Manin Morrissey


Thank you, Aluna for bringing these all together for our enjoyment and upliftment…


Saleena: On our New Years Eve, Marimar & I  were remembering how we had been in a Braco Gazing session on New Years eve 2010 & were in a quiet meditative space when we saw the Spirit of 2010 tiredly retired & release its calling. A much different experience than the usual cacophony of the usual NY Eve celebration. We saw the Spirit of 2011 enter like a young & strong Olympic Runner with a torch held high. This being embodied a perfectly balanced Male-Female & seemed ready for action.

We saw thousands of Golden Bubbles being dropped into our Earth Zone like a gumball machine releasing its content. I thought they must be Golden Seeds of Potential for the New Year. Marimar felt they had to do with the FEARLESSNESS that seemed to permeate many people of many places around the Earth where REVOLUTION for fairness & freedom was uprising. We had great hope for 2011.


I feel fulfilled! All that I could imagine fitting into one year has been so. It has been a very long & very short year. Time has changed drastically bending & warping now is strange ways & I seems to move differently through it now. The amazing transitions we all co-created & accomplished, the dreaming in of a New Reality we ALL desire is strongly trenched in now. Many of our intentions & dreams are now on their way to being fulfilled.


In 2010 we planted many seeds, in 2011 we nurtured the young plants beginning to grow… now in 2012 we will get to continue to watch over our New Reality plants growing stronger & maybe we get to harvest some delicious fruits of our labor!


…If we ALL continue seeing & focusing on what we want,

releasing anything we are done with,

we will continue to create more & more of what we want.


The Universe will

deliver to us

what we order.


You can do this whenever something comes up that you are ready to release from your reality by telling the Universe you don’t want that anymore, being careful to release any judgment, just expressing your preference. Draw a big red circle around it with a cross line representing a big no thank you.


Next vote for what you do want in your new reality. Every time something comes to mind, imagine it clearly & strongly & tell the Universe this is what you do want. I love that the Star Elders say we ARE Victorious… I believe them.


I would like to share something Sophia said last night while three of us were checking in at the ending of 2011 & the entrance of 2012. Sophia asked us to look at the person on our right (there were three of us checking in together) & asked, “Do you love them?” We all said, “Yes.” Then she said to look at the person on our left & asked, “Do you love them?” We all said , Yes. Then she said,“Then you love everyone & everything because they have been it all. “That was a very thought provoking moment for us.

She has also asked that we continue to move into the Final Key of Harmony by releasing any need to judge anything. She explained that when we judge anything the energy gets stuck & can’t move on. Releasing our judgment of it allows it to move on wherever it needs to move in creation & frees the Earth Zone to become something new. Stepping into a new mastery by practicing ACCEPTANCE of it ALL with LOVE, no matter what it is or who it is or what it is practicing.


Since we have been it ALL & play out or are playing out many different polarity expression in past lives or parallel dimensions, both light & dark roles, we free ourselves to move to the next level of our Soul’s Mastery. If you missed her message & invitation to embrace the Final Key of Harmony, click the link for the message & directions. She asks that we become Rainbow Masters now, which includes embracing, accepting ALL of ourselves & expressions; bringing ourselves into WHOLENESS by calling forth both our Darkest Master and our Lightest Master and receiving them both, the Dark & the Light. Let them drop their identifying robes and merge in the center and become the Rainbow Master that you truly are.

To me, this doesn’t mean that I will play out any roles that I have already explored & finished, it just means I drop the judgment of them, stop trying to thrust those parts of myself away, thinking one is better than the other & move to center, ready to live from this moment forward with all their knowledge, experience & hopefully wisdom gathered from my many lives & become a true Rainbow Master now. Ready to move forward with new strength & mastership.


This has brought me a very deep level of harmony within. Somehow this process has ended my own internal polarized struggle & war, the one that I had been projecting outside myself and judged in others. For years I have been tired of seeing the old polarized battle between light & dark portrayed in books, politics & movies.


(You can purchase VK75 Final Key of Harmony to receive the full directions given by Sophia to release your polarized Masters and merge them into your Rainbow Master.)


I have been soooooo ready for a


Now I know that it is US that will

co-create it together!


While Mary Angelico, Marimar & I (Saleenawere checking in last night as 2012 moved in, we saw first that the Spirit of 2012 was FULL of Divine Grace. Then Marimar saw that energetically it looked like a kind of LACE NET. Lots of beautiful patterns & spaces in-between.


Then I saw a kind of milky translucent liquid pour in & coat the spaces, the holes, like bubbles stretched across a Bubble Wand. I felt this substance was from the Divine Father. Sophia was already present & I saw her Divine Mother-Feminine-Venusian energy flow across the surface in a subtle Pink Glow.

Then we saw a sparkling kind of Golden Light begin to twinkle all through it… it was so beautiful!

We felt the LACE NET was from Source Creator with no pre-programming, fresh new & ready to be shaped. Later in the Adventure, we used this new structure to create something. It is there for anyone to use. Just reach for it with your intentions & use your imagination & have fun! It is lining BETH now, who is our Living Super Consciousness Grid which used to be just surrounding the Earth & now is networked into every grid & sacread Site. If you haven’t met BETH yet, you can learn more about her here: About BETH 


Much love & Aloha to Each & Everyone

I love you ALL