Marimar has a gift for viewing the bigger picture & sharing an expanded view & understanding of where all the daily Earth events might be leading us. He has an intuitive ability to see through to the root of what is happening, whether it is in a world, political or scientific event or a personal situation.


As a software architect, he has 30 years of design and management experience. His background in computer programming & software architecture shapes his in-depth understanding of how virtual reality is created. His creation begins with a vision of all our offerings held together as a Mothership. He is working steadily on translating his many visions and research projects into websites to present his insights and offerings. He also is the Webmaster of


He is an independent researcher exploring the holographic paradigm in physics and the natural sciences. He believes our reality is a fractal hologram out-pictured from a higher dimensional source.


He is putting together a comprehensive vision of a New Cosmology.


His current research focus spans from studying and observing World and Exopolitics events and energy movements to the global spatial distribution of information complexity, as expressed by biodiversity, geologic formations, and social innovation. 


He is steady & passionate about  transforming our Earth, assisting in every way he can to co-create a new reality.



He is part of our Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Team and enjoys Lightwork & exploring new dimensions of reality.


He & Saleena offer Private Sessions and Readings