We are celebrating the Grand Opening of this new portal for these Messages from Our New Universe. A New Universe has been birthed into the Old Universe!

We were invited to participate, watching new codes flowing into the macro; our old universe & the micro; our cells & particles & witnessed it, along with beings from all over creation, being formulated. We celebrated the birth of our new Universal Logos on 2009-12-11. Read more about this via Sophia's message: 12-21 Portal of Love – Birth of a New Universe

This portal is in direct response to a request that Sophia made to us: to create a place where these messages can flow through live.

This portal is hosted by a co-creational team: Colin Whitby aka Magical Colin, Marimar & Saleena Ki, along with many of our higher dimensional aspects & friends; Sophia representing Divine Mothers & a new Feminine archetype,Moreahl representing Divine Father & a new Masculine archetype, our New Universal Logos, JeSu (Yeshua, Jesus), MaRi (Mary) MagdaleneBelees, the Arcturian & many other Arcturians, the Sirian Ahkus who have held the Christ Consciousness at the highest level in place throughout all the adventures into the densities, polarity & duality & send us new codes via the Crystal SeedingLyrans, our founder parents for the human race, beings we call the Butterfly Beings who reside at the edge of creation who have been moving themselves steadily into our human forms & have now entered us as Celestial Crystalline DNA & many many more. We now begin to share our insights, omni-dimensional adventures & messages from those who wish to share here in this portal.

We meet together (almost everyday) to check in to see what kind of energy each day holds, what kind of inspiration draws us, what lightwork, lightplay or omni(all)dimensional adventure or amazing messages await us. Each of us are channels & able to perceive many different beings & receive communications to share. You are invited to become familiar with our higher dimensional friends through our adventures & their messages. We have been challenged at times when we are informed that the higher dimensional being we were perceiving as outside of ourselves is truly a higher dimensional aspect of our own soul. I know that we are all part of ONE greater soul & that we are awakening to new truths everyday. Now it seems that I am reading about this more & more in different messages being shared on this world-wide net.

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