About Colin Whitby


In the past many of us have been keeping our spiritual, home and work lives separate. Now there is a need to consolidate and ‘be’ ourselves in all areas of our lives, to bring our spiritual to work, to live our values and truths.

These last years has seen some massive shifts in energy for us all, and many more shifts are on the way as we move into even lighter and finer vibration. As an energy route-finder or mapmaker in this new light, I like to help people navigate in this often strange and wonderful ocean of awareness.

In a profound mediation I again underlined my own desire or intent that I move into my full ‘BEINGNESS’ in a ‘MAGICAL’ and ‘SUSTAINABLE’ way. This intent was magnified at a workshop with some amazing people who helped me bring in the Magician part of myself. Saleena has helped, too, co-creating my amazing Omni-Dimensional Alchemist Soul Portrait.(Get your own at Custom Soul Art) MAGICAL is a key word here, delightful, joyful and above all loving. SUSTAINABLE in that I have decided not to sell up and become a guru half way up a mountainside somewhere. My work is here, right here, right now. 

My eZine The Magic of Being offers some simple guidance how to ‘be’ here now, in the city, in your work, with your partner, how to make your life sparkle with your own brilliance. There are articles and interviews with like minded people who like to share with you their own journeys or perspectives on how to ‘BE’ in this wonderful new world. 

You can also join us for some fun and adventure at Explore with Saleena Ki for an Omni-D Travel Adventure. Some of them begin by exploring her Vibrakeys and lead to the most interesting outcomes. Come explore with us and open yourself to a much broader reality!