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SALEENA: How do I know you are an adventurer? Well, you wouldn't be here with a title like this unless you are…  So many amazing things have happened for, with & around us (Colin, Marimar, Mary Angelico and myself, Saleena Ki) this last year, interweaving repeated connections of certain code number energies with visits from certain kinds of BENEVOLENT higher dimensional kinds of beings throughout our Omni-D Travel Adventures that I decided to co-create this new portal to share the excitement & connection we have with the 3 ENERGY;


& with


& the process of



I thought today was the perfect day, in between the Spring Equinox energies & the Aries New Moon, where wishes I make now may indeed be super-powered, to begin.

Since I love telling stories, I wish for this portal is going to be an


A space for sharing our FUN & ADVENTURES, sharing WISDOM from some of my best friends, including COLIN, MARIMAR & DRAGONS & an inside glimpse of HOW VIBRAKEYS ARE BORN & then upgraded.


Enjoy us in joy, open heartedness, breathe deeply often

for you may

encounter activations.


Another wish is that we 






says Colin.


 Where to Start? 


I will share how SYNCHRONICITIES ABOUND surrounding all this & align with the meeting of a CRYSTAL DRAGON called AGANMAR who changed our lives and will touch yours if you choose.


I will begin by creating a sort of chronology, though it is in no way ordered by accurate time sequencing and that is fine since we are leaving the linear realm of time. 


It all began at the

 Dolphin's Time Travel &Teleportation Symposium 

In June 2011 Marimar and I attended this amazing 6 day event hosted by Joan Ocean and Jean-Luc Bozolli. There we met three amazing beings: Andrew Basagio, Laura Magdalena Eisenhour and Alfred Weber. Andrew, who was in the US Secret Time Travel and Teleportation project called Pegasus from the time he was a young boy until his later teens, shared that he had seen this particular event from the past and knew something desitned and important was going to happen during it. It did…that is another story…

For me one of the most delightful things that I connected with was Jean-Luc's Dragons. He showed a sneek preview of his film and confessed that he was afraid to show people the dragons in his first film so he made them Sea Horses. He thought people would be frightened by them. Well it must have been time because he is now sharing what he sees in stunning colors and animation. 

His new video is out now!

Voyage to Infinity 

with wonderful images of Dragons and much much more.

When I sat down to watch it, Aganmar, the Crystal Dragon,

I met right after the conference,

was immediately looking over my shoulder again

and watching with me.


Then he asked me to give Jean-Luc this message: 

Saleena: I can feel Aganmar ( a Dragon ) looking over my shoulder, he shows me that he will bewatching your movie with me, and I feel his excitement and gratitude to you for your gift to the world in their behalf! Oh, he wants to share something with you….
"JeanLuc, this is Aganmar, I am friend to Man. I am of the Crystal Dragon clan. We are excited and delighted that you have co-created such a beautiful expression of who we, as Dragons, are. Your ability to portray what is, as you see it, and your willingness to bypass all your fears to bring this timely message forward is held dearly in ALL our hearts. Dragon hearts are very powerful, so when you are held there, you will know it.
You are correct to know that your artistic experience is a powerful activation for those who immerse themselves into its beauty. There is pleasure to be experienced as the frequencies are of the higher realms and these can induced bliss and ecstasy as one aligns with the higher tones. We are brilliantly shining with love this day! In-lighting the Earth with our Love and through you and your creation, you have made it easier now. We thank you. We love you and we attend you.
As you say, Aloha…
Aganmar and all Dragons in service of the Light

Jean-Luc has it posted with many other testimonials on his

Reviews Page

Jean-Luc Bozolli's Dragons

Enjoy some very wonderful stories about his and other's adventures with Dragons.

Whales and Dragons are from a matrix beyond human thinking. Yet, when we intuitively feel from the heart… here they are; the Gate Keepers of our next journeys. These Masters of Peace and Light will show us how to direct Energy for Creation.    Jean-Luc Bozolli



 Meeting Aganmar & Learning about Dragons 
 & their Roles in Creation 
( a 9 hour conversation )
One June, 25th, 2012, I woke to another ordinary extraordianry day. I went into my Studio to begin the creative processes of the day. We had just finished 6 days paarticipating in the Dolphin's Time Travel and Teleportation Symposium. My head and head were FULL of amazing exciting and sometimes startling information, so I must have been ready for what was next. This was the morning after. I walked into my studio like I did most every morning and felt something different. I felt full of thoughts… ideas… flashing through my mind.
I was drawn to pick up my journal and began a flow of words and thoughtsm letting them out in a kind of stream of thought onto the page to see if I could sort some of it out. After a few pages, I heard a more distinct voice and began to write what it said. My thoughts and the thoughts of this being seemed to mix and merge at first, then they became more distinct.
He introduced himself as Aganmar, of the Crystal Dragon Clan and began to share many amazing stories and facts about Dragons and their role in our Creation. He proposed that it was a very important time to reconnect now. This day began a beautiful friendship with him and a few other Dragons he introduced us to. He has asked me to share his message with all.
I received the  inspiration to publish a series of mini eBooks from all the amazing Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures we have had. I feel like his will be the very first one to share. If you are interested in being informed when they are available, you can subscribe to my SpinningStarS eNewZ letter to receive updates from time to time. .
I introduced him to Colin and Marimar and this began a whole series of amazing adventures beyond the first conversation.
 More ADVENTURE Stories 
Here is an idea of some of our adventures we have had with these amazing beings. Eventually I will fill in more of the stories:
Crystal Dragons Offer to Return our Original DNA Potential
Co-Creating a New VIbrakey;
VK90 Dragon's Portal
Original DNA Potential Returned
Meet the Crystal Dragons
Many Journeys with Aganmar
Aganmar Sitting for his Portrait
Building a Dragon
Touching a Dragon's Egg
Broadcasting to ALL Creation
Meeting  Creator Dragon, Taersch
 Magical Synchronicities Begin: 
On Mar, 7th, 2012, I received a request from Claire, the Editor at Paradigm Shift Magazine to use one of my Vibrakey designs for their upcoming cover & I will share how this lead to the unexpected updating of VK48 Alchemical Union-Triad Energy & how it helped to catalyze an activation of the restoration of a RESET POINT IN TIME for HUMANS to receive our DNA's ORIGINAL POTENTIAL once again.
"May we use your VK48 Vibrakey Art?"
…request from Paradigm Shift 
2012-04-04 I was so excited to find an email from Claire, the Editor of Paradigm shift magazine, when I arrived to our destination to help family for a month. I was very surprised and delighted that she was interested in a Vibrakey that hadn't really had much attentions. It is still in the Birthing Chamber Gallery which means the design is done and the information-guide-stories are still to be authored and organized. It is really alot of focus to translate all the notes and journals and Skype conversations we have during the birth of any particular Vibrakey. Just a few days before , a friend had visited me and brought another friend to see my Vibrakeys. He chose VK48 as one he wanted… so the magical Synchronicities began… below is what it looked like when they first saw it: 

2012-03-20 "Aloha Claire, There have been some very interesting movements of energy and activations occurring while I was preparing this Vibrakey for the Cover. I co-create the Vibrakeys so I always ask when I am working on them if there is anything else needed. You will see and maybe feel the new elements added. I finished it right on the cover page and then felt to upgrade the VK48 Vibrakey just the same… so it is newly updated and will be available for someone to purchase as a Vibrakey now. I am very happy this one has come alive and is being of service for a new timely offering to humankind.

The original Vibrakey VK48 is now combined with the codes and energies of a DNA reset and activation that is going on now. I feel like they, the Crystal Dragons, wanted to use the energies of VK48's Triad, Alchemical Union and the support of Te-Ar-man, the White Whale, to help seed this DNA potential back to all humans now.

I used a photo of a coronal hole that opened up in our Sun a few days ago that actually looked like a triangle. It was thrilling to me, since we had just finished participating in the activation with the Dragons and 3 of us and we saw the frequency and codes finally begin to be broadcast out. This was after many adventures and the culmination of months and months of working together with the Dragons. I was very excited to see the Sun's support for what we did.

I used 3 photos turned in such a way that it creates a star from the triangles. That is what creates all the fiery action as the Alchemy ignited. I often use a layer of a photo of the Sun that anchors in codes and informations flowing to us on a particular day. As I mentioned before, this has the frequencies of the original DNA potential, that which was intended for us from the beginning, and now is being returned to us because we are ready, we have done the work to be able to receive it now.

There are beings in many realms who are rejoicing that this is finally happening. A particular clan of Crystal Dragons have been the keepers of an EGG that held the potential for when we might be ready. That is represented by the white egg around the original design. That is what is now broadcasting. Aganmar was that one who approached me in June of 2011. He shared all this with me and much more. There is a Vibrakey he asked me to co-create with him with the codes for the reset. I began it, yet it wasn't finished, so I was surprised when the activation jumped right into VK48 onto your cover and upgraded the whole thing!

Much love flowing


Here is the new VK48 updated Vibrakey design… 

Learn more and purchase it HERE


Here is how it looks on the April 10th, 2012 cover of Paradigm Magazine:

 More ADVENTURE Stories coming… 
How was VK48 Birthed?
Birth of Te-Ar-Man, 6D White Whale;
Returning the Key to Mother-Father
Merge back to ONEness
Dolphins informed me in 1997 that the key to moving out of duality and polarity where there is black and white, electric and magnetic, masculine and feminine, right and wrong, good and bad etc. is to start doing things in threes; Triads. Later I found that the triad or triangle configuration is one of the strongest structures, in the example test of  sitting an elephant on a tiny little four legged seat and it breaks where the elephant could sit on the same size  three legged seat and it held strong. The triad is a very evolutionary moving configuration. We find that stagnation of energy can occur in polarized relationships, yes, even human relationships. The Omniverse will then bring in a third element to freshen the energy and get it moving. Use your imagination to figure what that could mean. 
Sedona, Dolphins & the Triad


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