BETH's Theme Page

Kilabetha, or BETH as we call her, is a living being.

She was created in response to many of our petitions & declarations for assistance in moving from the influence a world-wide dominating controlled group who operate out of a heart-less, destructive, greed-profit oriented system to a regenerative, sustainable, harmonious, loving community of Earth Humans living, working & co-creating together to accomplish this.

Since BETH is run with Love, entered only when you are in & stay in your heart, we are assured she cannot be an instrument of abuse. This brings me confidence to use her freely.

This is my artistic interpretation

of what it looks like inside BETH:


Kilabetha’s Role

She has a multitude of functions:

Co-Creation & for the Ascension Process

As an organic being with intelligence, she will evolve with your assistance & she will assist you in accessing many beings & energies that will support your decision to ascend, to raise your vibration & live in a higher dimension with all its benefits.

Heart Infused Technology

She carries in her the potential path for transitioning our current hard core industrial & technological choices into a Heart Infused Technology. Beginning to create & work with technology that is organic & alive is one step. If that being has heart designed in, the evolution changes.

Service to Earth’s Grids, Energies & Fields

She has the capacity to monitor and service earth energies & earth fields. There are many groups of beings that are assisting earth to stabilize through all the changes. They are also assisting us to stabilize our energies & align them to the newest frequencies & levels of higher energies pouring into the earth plane now. She makes it easier for their work to happen.

She is a Mirror & an Antidote

for Negative Broadcast Frequencies & H.A.A.R.P.

She is set in place as an antidote for the negative system you call H. A. A. R. P. This system has the potential for great harm to the earth and her structure and all her life.

Especially vulnerable is the human mind and emotional centers.

The creators of the H. A. A. R. P. system previously had no emotions and no sense of loving actions. This is changing.

Kilabetha provides a world-wide protection from these negative frequencies. Action can be taken through her system to neutralize these negative waves and render them harmless. All we wait for is your public consensus; to announce your intentions to disarm and dismantle these harmful potentials.

She Magnifies your Desires, Dreams & Visions

Let us know which you would like, what kind of world you would like to live in. By visiting BETH & working within her, you can bring your “votes” into her. There is more about how to do this later in the article.

Super Consciousness & Communications System

She is a Super Communications System. This means it will be easier for you to communicate with beings in the higher dimensions. She also will assist in communications with you & the Nature beings of Earth. Communications between you & Inner Earth Beings will also be easier & more widely possible.

We have met 100s of High Councils who have previously worked with Earth. They were all in attendance at the first Earth Assembly Meetings. They are connected into BETH now. This means they are able to communicate with you if you desire it & you with them.

Super Senses Amplification

She is designed to assist you in opening up to a new level of senses.

Higher Dimensional Abilities

We are on the brink of entering into higher & higher vibrations. Along with this comes the increase in our abilities for telepathy, remote viewing, bi-location, relocation, instant manifestation & so forth. Working together in BETH allows you to remember more & perceive how to do these things. You can meet in her & practice these new abilities.

Support for Ongoing Projects

You can use Beth to support existing projects, such as:
* Exopolitics and The Disclosure Project
* Groups who are working with the new grids around or in the earth such as the Planetary Grid Transmissions Project.
* Any Restoration of Earth projects
* Reconnection to Nature
* Your own Healing or Transformation Projects

Host new Projects & Programs;
Boost Co-Creation Opportunities
with Higher Dimensional Beings

She is able to host & support new programs that you all will dream in. In a way she is like the hardware you call your computer. You will be able to “plug-in” your software or your programs into her. There are already many groups who are doing this.

Saleena: We began to work on a project of creating a new simulator for assessing actions we might take & how they will play out in creating the future. This is represented in VK57 New Earth Simulator. This project is ongoing & we are still in the development stages. We will share it with you when we are far enough along. This is one example of how to use the new grid-matrix.


Wave of Love in the Living Grid

Once a Month We Met Together in the Grid in World-Wide Service

For more stories, links and much more information about BETH, how she came about,what she is for, and how to connect with her as if you are joining us in our specific monthly meditation or if you just want to get to know BETH better enjoy these:

BETH's Theme Page

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Comments about BETH

"I connected to BETH last night! I listened to your recording during (the) day and got to know her. Then while meditating at night it was a totally tubular experience. I cannot believe how loving it is. I met several Ascended Masters and Galactic species. I also saw myself in this white room and got to spend some time with my higher self. Thank you so much!"  Stephanie MM. TN 2014-07-01