Follow-Up for
6-6 2010 Teleconference Adventure

Into the Living Grid BETH; Exploring Crystalline Creation

VK64 Inside BETH

We had such a great time!

If you missed it,

Journey with us anytime!

You can get the recording of the 6-6 journey HERE

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Each of the team sharing their insights and expereinces with the crystalline energies,

A guided journey into BETH, then on to the Temple of Anuenue-Rainbow

where we were invited to enter the central room; the Crystal Rainbow Heart of Source.

There we met the Butterfly Beings from the edge of Creation,

who helped to bring in a new level of crystal DNA for humanity last year,

VK54 Crystal DNAVK54 Crystal DNA

Then we met the Founders 

who offered us an opportunity to receive a brand new crystal blueprint.

Here is an illustration I did of them when they were creating the crystal seed for the blueprint:

Visit Transformational Art Gallery for more.

 “Each of us is but a drop within the integral One, that drop being the cohesion amongst all aspects of reality.

We are most powerful. Without us nothing else exists…”  Dr. Meg


Aloha all who joined us for Exploring the new Crystalline Energies,

Since we journeyed to the Temple of Anuenue together,

I’d like to share more:

VK51 Rainbow Temple of Anuenue - back

The Temple of Anuenue is a

Spiritual Learning & Creation Center

designed to help in the transition from the 4th Age to the 5th.

You are invited to return often & practice raising your vibration in the higher frequencies. Meet higher dimensional beings, Explore the “libraries” & visit the different rooms. There are many places to bathe & play in the crystal waters that flow throughout the Temple from the central Crystal Heart Room. There is much to explore & much support during this transition we are going through.


If you would like to explore & learn more about the

Temple of Anuenue & how to return

here are some links:


Temple of Anuenue


What we share here is to offer you possibilities & ideas of how you might get the most from your experience when you visit. Each being may see or sense the temple in their own unique way. The simple way is to set your intentions to visit it when you go into meditation. Since it is a higher dimensional place, be patient with yourself & open your heart to begin with.

Being open & friendly, with lots of gratitude along the way, brings your vibration up & then it is easier to access. Breathe deep, relax, & open more. Ask Kahl to guide your way. Follow your intuition. There are many there to assist you as you explore. The temple itself is an organic structure that will assist you in any way it can.


Grand Opening of Temple of Anuenue

Includes: Temple of Anuenue’s Multi-faceted Purpose & Mission

11-11-11 Message from the Grand Councils of Oriah


Vibrakey: VK51 Rainbow Temple of Anuenue

New Cooperative Spiritual Governance
Gateway for Energies of the 5th Age

You can purchase it Here

This is a Vibrakey, a double sided laminated vibrational art piece that bridges you energetically to the structure of the high room, the crystal capstone of a massive pyramid structure that houses the Temple of Anuenue, all beings that serve here & the activities within.

The design includes glyphs given to help you connect to the four Gods of the Temple of Lono who represent our hydrological system on earth & share their wisdom. In the Temple there are five main rooms; the Kanaloa’s Sun Room, Lono’s Earth Room, Ku’s Ocean Room & Kane’s Fresh Water Room.

It was co-created with the help of our higher dimensional friends & Kahl, the new Rainbow God of the 5th Age, for the purpose of energetically offering you a path to follow & for sharing some of our experiences to give you ideas of what you might encounter here. 


Visit for more

to explore & support you through the transition:


VK61 Rainbow MirrorVK61 Rainbow Mirror

Learn More about Kahl, the Rainbow God of the 5th Age

& the Birth of the Temple of Anuenue


Marimar mentioned these links:

Are you Ready for Public Contact?


Visit the We Are Ready to Change the World Petition

to Authors of
“Change the World! Decide Whether We Should Show Up!”

& join over 10,000 people
who are ready say
to Change the World.


Your participation is a big “Yes” to opening up to the next level of Public Contact & Communication with the Higher Dimensional Realms; including our Star Families, Friends & other aspects of our own souls. This is another step closer to becoming a Galactic Society.



Shazna mentioned these links:

Guest: Shazna Jai

50 Feet In 4 Seconds: The True Story Of A Leap Into Consciousness and Ultimate Health

is her story about her healing miracle!

She spoke about her work with Crystalline Clearings

"It is a love evolution from the power of the crystalline energies

from the cosmos to humanity at this time."


Learn more about BETH; the Living Grid


THEME: BETH Lists all Stories, Articles & related Vibrakeys HERE


Thank you all for playing with us! It was a delight!


I would love to hear from you

about your experience!

We would like to learn from what you share.

Here are a few questions that might stimulate your memory:

How was your experience of BETH?

Have you been using her at other times? 

Would you care to share how you are using her?

What did you receive on the journey?

How was your experience in the Crystal Heart Room?

How was the information we shared at the beginning?

Did the format of how we guided the journey work for you?

Did you enjoy your visit to the Temple of Anuenue?

Is there anything else you would like to share?


Please email me your sharing

or post your comments below.