Mary Magdalene's Soul Portrait 

& Our Unveiling Adventure

VK29 Living Mary by Mary Angelico & Saleena Ki


“I am Mary, the part of you each that is Mary Magdalene, the new feminine emerging… being unveiled after so many dark years of being hidden and misunderstood and suppressed. This is not a feminist movement. That is over.  Those women broke through the stiff barriers with their fight and fire. That was a time of intensity and even hatred of the masculine as a pendulum swung back toward balance.


Today it is time for peace. That peace comes from within when you realize there is no other.  It is all you- 100% your responsibility to find the peace and union, then the relationship of the new feminine and the new masculine within. When you find it there inside, when the marriage occurs inside, when the Union occurs inside- then you are whole, then you may find peace and balance, then it will show up in your outer world.


Gaze into my eyes Beloved. Open your heart. Feel me deep inside your own heart. I reach into your very soul and awaken something that is already there- the knowledge, the memory, the knowing will arise from deep within you. There is no external energy being given to you, only love rising from the depths, reminding you of these things.  Open and relax into the sensations that may arise within you. No matter how vague or tiny the stir, allow it. Stay in a quiet moment with yourself and allow the warmth, the sensation to expand. Like a tiny bit of an underground spring breaking out onto a dry desert floor, let it bubble up and fill you gently. Some may feel it stronger, but it is there. Relax and know that I love you. I am only a reflection of the Divine that you are. Look into my eyes and see your own Divinity that we have in common – male, female, youth or elder.


I come to assist you to release the light that is within you. This is the wholeness we each seek at the deepest level of our soul. This is what we came here to activate, to remember. This is my gift to you. I love you.”

MaRi Magdalene   2008-1-17 through Saleena



You can order a print of the original painting from Mary Angelico

You can order a print of the Vibrakey VK29 Living Mary from Saleena. Click HERE for your options.

We received many messages from Mary M. as we co-created, including a beautiful description of the New Feminine Archetype from her. Many are included in her Vibrakey's G-29 Living Mary eGuide.

Contact Saleena for this.


Saleena: This is a sharing from a woman who bought a Living Mary print.

I shared with her about the new Painting-Vibrakey in process that is being hosted by Mother Mary.

Here is what she said,

"Can't wait to see the new image of (Mother) Mary; the one I have ( a 13×13" Art print of VK29 Living Mary) looks like its talking sometimes. I got excited but could not hear what was said. Have u had any reports like that? Her colors keep changing also!" 

"And there is more to share: My pic of Mary took a more real human form after a day, sometimes (it) is like her eyes follow u. How do u manage to paint that way?? Lol… Anyhow she's vibrant! "  Cindy 


Introduction to Working with & Getting to Know

Mary Magdalene aka MaRi


Saleena: Our intentions here are to share some of the stories and our experiences working with and getting to know Mary Magdalene. This adventure began as we co-created her new portrait. Mary Angelico and I had worked together in co-creation of another Vibrakey, VK21 Flower of Eternal Life, so we knew we liked creatively playing together.  Mary Magdalene's role on Earth at the time of the life of a very special being that many call Jesus, Yeshua, or as MaRi told me she likes to call him, JeSu, has been sorely manipulated until most of us know very little of the true purpose of their mission and their time here on Earth. I was raised in a religion that told me what to believe. I was curious about the truth about his life, and her role with him.  My curiousity began that project, the creation of the Flower of Eternal Life, when I asked what the true gift was in the resurection.

This  Vibrakey VK21 Flower of Eternal Life was energetically about in bringing in the highest light of the Christ Consciousness field that was possible for us to integrate. It was about shifting us from the current acceptance of the illusion of death & dying being "natural" to the knowing we have the capacity for Eternal Life; immortality designed right into our human body. It is also a gift of energy from the Divine Mothers and the beautiful planet Venus; all it represents of the truth about the Feminine and all the Higher Dimensional Beings that reside there. You can read more about the  special relationship between Mother Earth and planetary sister Venus, through MaRi's sharing.This was when I learned what it feels like to have True Love flowing into my cells. They know about this on Venus. MaRi is connected to Venus in that she currently resides there, not on the physical planet, she lives in the higher dimensions surrounding that planet. That was how I understood it.


Little did we know what a complex and all permeating experience it would be, lasting 2 years, as we transformed with her, from the whole "unveiling" process to the stepping forth as "Living" Marys. 


When we first began the project, she asked us to call it, "Mary Unveilied."  We realized how the Divine Feminine has been methodically hidden and veiled from us and how it was now time to unveil her. We learned that every being representing certain archetypal energies is represented with all their energies within our own human Body-Mind & Spirit, even though we project them as an individual character ourside ourselves. Thus, since we were Marys, we were also being unveiled as we brought in her portrait.


This is just the beginning of our sharings about our Omni-Dimensional Adventure with Mary Magdalene. This page is designed to be added to whenever we have the time and inspiration. It takes much of our time and focus when something like this comes through. We are happy to freely share our life and time with such a wonderous cause since it means transfromation for ourselves and to offer to you. It aligns with our missions and feels exciting and inspiring to us. Sometimes we are certainly stretched, as these kinds of projects, as Soul Paintings or Vibrakeys, bringn with them new energies, codes, vibrations, information for our Body-Mind and Spirit.


You will see that I call her MaRi. I will share more about why that is…


I had the wonderful opportunity to work together with Mary Magdalene consciously in early 2004 in a project she called "White Fire Activation," Then next level was introduced to me in the Fall of 2004 which she called "Crystal Seeding. It was a rather complex





As we worked with MaRi on her Mary Unveiled Project, she shared with us that the day would come when many gifts; art, music, poetry, stories, would come through to be shared. Now is the time to begin sharing them with you all. Here is one of the first offerings: 


 Mary Songs 




Let It Go


Song of Creation

Like a Child





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