What is so Special about

8-8 Lion's Gate?


8-8 = August 8th

Contact & Enhancing Creative Expression

through the

8-8 Sirian Lion's Gate

by Saleena Ki


8-8  is a time when a stargate or portal opens called the Sirian Lion's Gate. Stargates open when certain astrological bodies and energetic currents align in space and with Earth. it is a great time to create a project to utilize these energies & to journey into this stargate-portal and explore.


I love exploring through Omni-Dimensional Journeying to meet new higher dimensional beings, learn new things about myself and how creation works. I love bringing back "technologies" to assist us in raising our frequencies, expanding our persceptions, and thus continue the process of ascending.


I feel that BENEVOLENT Contact is an important part of our awakening and remembering process. We are being invited to step forward into Galactic Citizenship as soon as we let go of war, fear and greed and embrace ALL LIFE AS SACRED.


I also 'heartily" believe that when we go into our hearts and journey, we are spreading a new reputation (frequency) for Earth & her humanity as heart-based and loving responsible and curious beings.


I consider CONTACT it a VERY IMPORTANT activity!


I would love to share some of my 8-8 Explorations

and the ART that resulted from my journeys

into this Sirian Lion's Stargate.


For weeks before and weeks after we will feel any certain stargate's influence. It is this certain stargate or portal opening we call the Sirian Lion's Gate. In 2005 I was curious about why there was so much excitement each year about this particular time and portal. I've always had extraordinary journeys into the omni-dimensions on that day.


At that time I was leading some ET Contact Meditations combined with an Art Experience. We would journey to meet BENEVOLENT Higher Dimensional Beings and then record what we experienced in some form of medium. It could be drawing, writing, sculpting, music, etc. I was having a really wonderful time sharing this with small groups of people.



On this day, 8-8-2005, we journeyed. I got everyone off on their journeys and then I asked that I might see and understand why this portal was so special? Once I found my way into the portal, the first thing that happened was that some White Dolphins came…Now they are a rather active and loving pod. They telepathed for me to follow them. They helped me swim very fast catching some sort of slip stream through space. We swam very fast and saw some amazing sights along the way. I had lots of fun doing this… 


Eventually we arrived at a place that was gently gorgeously beautiful. It was like a gigantic pink and peach rose, very etheric; misty and soft with amber crystals sticking up out of the petals all over and lots of soft eyes nested in the petals. It was very alive! As I floated around and explored in it… the sweetness and the power was unbelievable! I found many little crystal "eggs" nestled into the petals.


I could feel the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine presence there in perfect balance. I felt the energy of Magdalene and JeSu there in perfect balance. I felt the Sirian Ahkus High Council, who have held the keys to unlocking the highest Christ light potential for us since the beginning of time and space.


I asked what this place was and heard, "Heart of Creation." It was so wonderful I wanted to stay, yet it was time to bring the others back so we could draw what we had experienced. I began the sketch what I saw with crayons.



I couldn't quite get the effects I wanted until I used the computer and could enhance and soften it.


Later song I wrote a song to MaRi Magdalene & JeSu to express the feelings and experience I had felt in the Heart of Creation. The drawing became a Vibrakey so that it could act as a bridge and map to lead you there if you wish to visit.


It is called  VK39 Heart of Creation


Note: Click on any Vibrakey on this page and it will take you

to the page where you can learn more about it and purchase it.



Later I invited Colin Whitby to journey with me to

experience and explore this place-space further.


He had met the White Dolphins so the journey was easy and we had a lot of fun. When we arrived there we floated around for awhile and I was in bliss. Colin's curiosity drove him to find out what was through the center. 


So we dove through and moved into a kind of in-between area with some straight-backed chairs like I have seen in Egypt. We sat in them and were immediately connected into the Metatronic Realm. We also saw that this is where the White Dolphins come from to bring new codes into creation. Their skin is often covered in new codes and you can stroke them to receive them. They love encircling you like a cat, as you pet them.


Often it results in some kind of upgrade in your system and occasionally a cleanse as your body integrates them. We now laugh when we see them and say,



"Well you know what happens when you pet a White Dolphin!"


"What do you expect when you go around petting and stroking White Dolphins!"



Vibrakey VK41 was created to share these amazing beings with you: 


VK41 White Dolphins – New Code Carriers – Metatronic Realm



The first time I saw a White Dolphin was in vision when I was receiving the images to create a triptic of three huge creational paintings. He was white with very clear pale blue  eyes and every inch of his skin was covered with engraved or embossed codes. I knew this White Dolphin was bringing in the Codes of Light.  He was to be painted life size.



There was a second painting of a Humpback Whale jumping joyously out of the water which was full of the Codes of Love. Here I am setting up the base foundation for the kind of exuberant joy and feeling of celebration and love I felt she would carry in…



Earlier I had created a smaller version of this Codes of Love Carrier:



The third painting was a very passionate Quan Yin with a red rose in her belly

and sending out of her hands the foundational Seed Strings of Life.



My life changed drastically and these paintings were never fully  finished. I was going to move and so I put them up for auction. Two of them went to a woman who knew she was holding them for another time and place. Quan Yin was never finished and I unfortunately lost the canvas.  I have a new Vibrakey in a co-creation process that will honor her and her gift of passionate creation with us.


It will be called something like

VK74 Creation Key – Mass Enlightenment – QuanYin

Here is a screenshot of some of the elements and idea inspirations for the new key:



Quan Yin is also co-hosting another new Vibrakey with a White Buddha I met as I journeyed through the portal that opens and sources out of the Wesak Valley in Tibet. This Vibrakey will create a bridge to these amazing energies. It will be called VK82 Buddha's Eye-Wesak Bridge-Coming Home and will most likely be finished this year sometime.


Here is a glimpse of the beginnings of this one. When if is far enough along it goes into the Creativity Lab or Birthing Chamber:


Now, back to the White Dolphin; a few years later I was being creative with my grandkids when I was visiting them and we were all drawing together. Each of them carry a different Star Lineage so I wasn't surprised when in their presence  I began to draw the White Dolphin. This was the first time I got the codes on its skin:



I took this one and multiplied it into several and they each asked to each hold a crop circle that would bring in very wonderful frequencies. They shared with me what each one meant to them. You get that information when you purchase the Vibrakey.



Meet a Sirian Flower, in fact,

a Whole Field of Them…


Another journey into this 8-8 Lion's Stargate resulted in me meeting Seboteaus, a Sirian Flower that offers us a great night sleep along with rejuvenation. I visited their planet, which is a Sirian planet, and was able to experience what they are and what they do.



Their intriguing story and song comes with the Vibrakey along with the frequencies. We have a VK40 Deep Sleep and Rejuvenation at the head of our couch. We like to lie there and drift off into Seboteaus' fields for a great sleep.




Deep Sleep and Rejuvenation


VK39 and VK40 together have helped many people sleep deeper,

some have more success at getting a great nights sleep

even when they were having trouble sleeping previously.







8-8 Sirian Lion's Gate Vibrakeys


You can purchase these

Vibrakeys and other Transformational Art pieces

on my website





I have many designs that you can see in these Galleries:


Vibrakey Art Gallery 


This is where all the Vibrakeys that are complete land. All of them have the art on the front and some information on the back and then they are laminated so they can be used as transformational tools. You can also order up to a 13×13" Sparkling Archival Ink Fine Art print from any design. Some of these have eGuidebooks available.


Creativity Laboratory & Birthing Chamber 


This is where Vibrakey designs that are still in process are gestating. Any Vibrakey in here is finished enough to enjoy and could change. They haven't had any information nor guidance organized to accompany them yet. They can be ordered as a Fine Art print in 2 sizes 8.5x 8.5" or 13×13" or an 8.5×8.5" print laminated without any information on the back..


Vibrakey Kits Gallery 


Vibrakey Sets Gallery 


After many requests for suggestions of Vibrakeys that work together under certain themes, I put together these Kits and Sets. Each one has an eGuidebook to assist in their use.


Water Art Gallery 


I have many designs that structure water in most delicious and supportive ways for your body and animals or plants. Mother Earth loves receiving these patterns into her waters of the planet, also. do yourself a favor and structure your water to better support you.



There is much to explore in the

Water Portal

starting with

Water Adventures


Water Intelligence 




Light Language Art Gallery 


Universal Languages of Light expressed as glyphs or symbols shared in artistic ways for your enjoyment. Many of these are used first in the Vibrakey designs and are so beautiful and powerful I offer them on their own merits. They are available as prints.


Crop Circle Art Gallery 


I have used so many crop circles in my Vibrakey designs and many of them are prepared in such delightful and unique ways I decided to share them here in this gallery. I've just begin to prepare them and there will be more coming. They are available as prints.


Transformational Art Gallery


This is just a few of the many pieces I have created over the years. Sometimes I create art pieces from what I have seen in our Omni-Dimensional journeys or while doing lightwork together with a team. The energy of the work we were doing comes through each piece. Sometimes they represent a memory or a feeling that is inside me. Sometimes an idea just keeps hanging out with me until I finally express it. They are available as prints up to 13×19" and can be laminated up to 8.5×11 size.



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