Patrticipate ANYTIME  Wave of Love in the Living Grid ANYTIME Participate

Everyone is invited to become part of a 

New Heart-Based Telepathic Communications Network;

known as BETH; she is a new

Crystalline Omni-Dimensional Living Grid

where we connect & enhance our

Super Consciousness

as we

Meet & Co-Create a New Reality Together!

These Meditation/Journeys are Free

for Everyone to Participate;

Everywhere in the World


MY idea is to give YOU ideas to STIMULATE your desires to



These are a Collection of Monthly WAVE OF LOVE Meditations 

that I offered on particular day each month and now they are past events and yet each one is




Co-create the Reality we Desire!

Beaming & EN-Lightening Higher Crystalline Consciousness
on Earth…

Aligning ourselves with Paradise & Life in Harmony

Within ALL Creation



As you set up a time to do one of these WAVES OF LOVE keep these things in mind:


Easy Guidance:

What ever focus you have chosen, go into your heart first, then intend to go into BETH, the Living Grid. Share some love with her. From a space of Unity, Oneness, Grace & Love, send the wave around the Earth by sending it through BETH's grid.

When it gets back to you, send it through the Heart of Mother Earth. She has a new crystalline heart now. Feel into it. Connect with her this way. When it comes back to you, find, through your intentions, the Crystalline Stargate that is now open. Send the Wave of Love into the Crystalline Stargate, right down the bright center "mouth" that leads to BENEVOLENT Source Creator. Wait to see what comes back and then direct that wave around the Earth again. All done!

By using the newest grid we call BETH, you are sharing with myriads of Councils and Higher Light-Beings who are all connected through this super consciouness living grid.

You can use the 10-10-10 Crystalline Stargate ONE, 11-11 Crystalline Stargate 2 and  12-12 Pineal Stargate 3 for visual energetic  inspiration and to help bring in the newest CODES.


I am grateful to everyone who participates in any way! Thank you!


Please familiarize yourself with BETH before the Wave starts:

She is a brand-new heart/mind consciousness technology, developed by our Divine Human team in co-creation with our Star Families in response to a request to:

  • Develop heart-based technologies to replace current unsustainable/polluting technologies of the industrial age
  • Stop/neutralize the harmful-to-life technologies currently being broadcast, designed to stop our evolution into Paradise
  • Claim our sovereignty and freedom to co-create Paradise

The result of this collaboration is a new consciousness grid that can be accessed through the heart & runs on love frequency.

She connects  humanity with each other through the heart & all other beings operating on love frequencies, including Mother Earth, Inner Earth, natures spirits & higher dimensional beings. Those unable to be in their hearts broadcasting love will miss this station!


Learn more about BETH

Superconsciousness & Communications Grid-Matrix


About BETH


BETH: Theme


Our new grid is an ongoing project.

We invite you to energize & strengthen our NEW Grid System ANYTIME


The more we use her the stronger we will all grow together;

the sooner we will have the Reality we Desire.


The power of all of us consciously focusing together

is what will create a kind of bonding fusion

between our new consciousness & the NEW HEART Grid.


What can we do if we UNITE & Become ONE?

“When we come together in united intention,
we alter the very fabric of our reality.



Full of resources, links, websites, books, messages, articles, links to art about whatever the theme was that month. These are wonderful to use even after the original event is past. Use them for ideas to create your own group Wave of Love.


12-12 Bright Light Wave of Love in the Living Grid  BELEES



11-11 Super Shift Wave of Love –
Benevolent Re-Connection in the Living Grid


10-10-10 Crystalline Wave of Love


9-9 Planting our Paradise Garden of the New Earth


8-8 Wave of Love Lifts the Earth


7-7 Sunny Warm Wave of Love in the Living Grid


6-6 Green Wave of Love in the Living Grid


5-5 Wave of Love in the Living Grid
& Teleconference Adventure

Exploring BETH


4-4 Invitation: New Super Consciousness Grid;
Create a Unified Heart & Mind;
Create the Reality We Desire Now