"Really, we are in the business of creating a miracle here on Earth."

Charles Eisenstein

Our World Reality United through

Love, Kindness & Giving


Saleena: A friend sent me a link to a blog message titled, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift & Community in an Age of Transition, where I read this very direct question, "Is the lack of money stopping you from doing something you really want to do right now?" I


had to laugh because earlier I was talking about a number of things that I needed to do that I didn’t have the money to do & I was musing about what was in me to cause me to do without these things for so long.


I can think of many things that fit that category in my life. Most of them I just let go of and do without. Sometimes, when I am really passionate about getting something I manifest it as if by magic. Other times, I go on & on without certain things I really think I need to have or do. I know I can manifest so I have been looking inside to see what patterns I have that are playing out these kinds of lack games.


One of them is a deep seated training we have all been carefully put through. That is the Money Game that keeps us embroiled in the Industrial Era. Frankly, I am getting very tired of the way it is.


Growth the way we have allowed it, the way we have co-created it cannot continue the way it is going. We are heading for major disasters unless we co-create a major transition. There are many of us planetarily who are calling out for something different. Some have no idea what. Some know what they want & have no idea how to get it. Others have inspiration & we are blessed when they share it..


A vision of “the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible' is the salve that so many of us need at this time, in the age of great transition."  It is what my heart needs right now. I have been riding an edge between excitement that there are many signs that we are shifting and frustration that it seems to be taking so long. I am releasing my own patterns and habits of lack, scarcity, fear of not enough and examining my own lack of trust in knowing that the Universe will provide all that I need, when I need it. Yet, the waves of trust and the peace of existing totally knowing I am provided everything as I need it, are growing. 


It is a tricky fence to straddle. We are the Bridgers, and I always said that being a Bridger is one of the most challenging of all missions, always a foot in each reality; the one we came to change and the one we are co-creating, sometimes one plank at a time. Often we are stepping onto it before the next one appears. Magically we are sustained through it all.


Charles Eisenstein has written a book called “Sacred Economics” that  traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth.


The way he lays it out is very clear & insightful.


He says, “Today, these trends have reached their extreme – but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.”


One filmmaker, Ian Mackenzie, says, “After reading Charles Eisenstein’s book “Sacred Economics,” which speaks eloquently about the RETURN OF THE “GIFT ECONOMY”, I felt compelled to gift back. The best way I knew how was to use my filmmaking skills to share Charles’ work, and spread it to communities around the globe. 


His vision of

“the more beautiful world

our hearts tell us is possible”

is the salve that so many of us need

at this time,

in the age of great transition.”








Saleena: Here are a few things Charles shares in the interview, in this film by Ian, that caused me to pause, reflect and really hear it:


“Do we give up the game & join the people or do we hold on even tighter? It is really up to us to determine at what point this wake up point will happen.”


“Was this all a BIG mistake?”


He shares his ideas comparing the archetype of a human’s journey through life in a much bigger context that contains all the stages globally as we all mature into adulthood & answers this question beautifully.


“So we are falling in love with Earth. That is one part of our transition into adulthood.”


We are all wondering what will happen as the old world falls apart & the new world comes of age. Many of us are creating our reality day by day so we are seeing it unfold around us each moment.


Tonight we watched an old movie; “Sliding Doors.” A very interesting perspective on how one soul can have two parts living different lives very close to each other playing out two very different realities at the same time. I really enjoyed this perspective & … thank you  Charles for yours & Ian for following his suggestions & entering into a new kind of Gift Community.


"I consider Charles Eisenstein one of the up-and-coming great minds of our time. Rarely have I met a person who combines such philosophical and spiritual depth with such practical insights into the cultural and institutional origins of the potentially terminal dysfunctions of modern society – and the potential solutions."

David Korten, author of The Great Turning


Watch the film and learn more about this at


Sacred Economics


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