Simple Guidance for the Process

VK75 The Final Key

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Imagine holding The Final Key (the glyph-symbol in the center of the art design VK75 above) in your hands while you do the process. Imagine holding it out in front of you. Connect it to your middle three chakras — wheels of energy with your intentions. (You can take it inside if you are inspired to, for example take it into your heart.)

Once it is connected, you don't have to look at it every time. It does help to look at it once in awhile to re-connect to all the alchemical energies that are flowing into us and through us and into the Earth plane to support this massive movement of energies.


Guidance from Source:


"Free your core. Open to what is happening inside you and around you. Open fully to what is attempting to come in. Resist any temptation to define it as a polarized energy; like good or bad, righteous or evil, acceptable or not acceptable."


"The key is to fully open to what is and it will move!"


"Open to all the feelings you have moving through you. Judge them not. Allow them and they will move."


"This is key in what is occurring on earth right now."


"With as much neutrality as possible, open to whatever is difficult for you or others you are aware of and allow it and it will move."


"Any discomfort you are feeling is when the energies that are forming around and in you need to move."


"Make this a simple daily habit.

It will assist your

beautiful planet and people

through this next phase."



…EVERYTHING in this current condition you experience as life on Earth.


Do forgive your teachers,

they have given opportunity

for you to see more clearly.




Change is occurring everywhere at every level.


Resist delaying the change.


We are talking about energy.


Your resistance and judgment about something that needs to move causes delay and pain, frustration and so much more.


Karolta Myeegell




Let it returned to me, to Source.


Stay awake.


"Think of the feelings and energies of today.

Waste no time and judgment or sorting it.




"That is how you become immersed in the flow of creation,

then all things you deserve will come to you."


We would encourage you to open yourself at least once in morning and once at night, if possible and anytime in-between if you are feeling strong energies of any kind that need to move.


When strong energy is moving through you, use this mantra-vibration-sound to help it move:

Karolta Myeegell

(Car ol tah My ee gell with the g like in girl.)



Saleena's Comments: You can touch in with the Angels and use this time to review events that are happening all around you. The first few times I opened up at night, I felt like I was having a review of my life! Except I was seeing a review of our life here on Earth, running like an old black and white newsreel. I did pretty good staying neutral even though I saw some very intense events.


There was one incident that triggered me deeply and I couldn't shake it. So I started doing Ho'oponopono and tried to OPEN and ALLOW again the next day. It finally moved through. It is gone now. That is one example how being of service for the whole can result in a deep clearing some of your personal old stuff and as deep as this was it did clear rather easy in comparison to how long I had held these distortions inside of me.


For me, staying neutral is the trickiest part. The human mind so much wants to polarize and judge, at least mine does. It wants to tell me I don't care. It tried all kinds of tricks to get me back doing what it was used to. So a few times I asked the Angels to help make this easier, and they did. Thank you!!!!


I am finding this is marvelous practice helping me bring in a whole new way of being. I have confidence that we can all help usher out some very old energies and welcome in some brand new conditions on our rather new Planet Earth.



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You can purchase VK75 in a higher digital version or a fine art print HERE.


Here is what one person shared about VK75 The Final Key:

"The Colors were an INSTANT BLAST of JOY and LOVE and PURE PLEASURE, they are allllllll my favorite colors, they have been in every house I've ever lived and THEY will be in my new house as well.   ALLLLLL those colors bring the highest sense of WELL-BEING to my entire body and fields……a huge sense of Peace comes from those colors.  THOSE COLORS are etheric and DIVINE at the same time.  Those colors weave Divine Abundance and DIVINE LOVE, undifferentiated, except for all the different Colors, they each carry a piece of DIVINE LIFE and together, they have it ALL. THANK YOU For sharing this Beauty."

After the final upgrade of the design:

"TOO Stunning for words.  I don't know how it could get more beautiful, but it did.  The FLOW of colors, profoundly healing colors, the FLOW of energies, Highest Divine Energies, the PROMISE of what is to come is a symphony from the Heavens."