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No matter what it is that is bothering or causing you difficulty…what Miracles can happen! When you take respondsibility for whatever you are feeling and you have something very effective to do about it in every moment! This has become my inner response to upset and certainly empowered me to change my life and the world around me.



Clearing Entities


When your personality suddenly changes or you can't seem to figure out what is going on with you. Emotions can be in extremes or you are in a severe depression you can't get out of.  


When you are finding yourself doing things you usually don't do… feeling feelings or having thoughts that are unfamiliar to you,  consider working with these clearing techniques.


Mostly you can do them yourself. If it feels too tough, ask someone to help you through it. Sometimes the situation is totally gone instantly when the entity is gone.


Sometimes it is good to do this before a healing session so you don't waste your time trying to solve issues that really aren't yours. 


Entity Release

Astral Parasite Removal



Free Yourself

Vow Break




Turn it Inside Out Trick


I have used this simple technique for years to help move stuck energy. When there is pain or distress, usually there is stuck energy. When you  do anything to help the energy move it goes away.
One simple technique that Colin and I discovered was to turn ourselves inside out. We discovered that when we are at a limit and we want to go further, to turn our whloe being inside out opens us up to new levels of adventure.
When there is a pain or distress place in your body go into the center of it and imagine turning it inside out. If you know what a tube torus is, that is the shape I see and then I turn it like the action of a black hole in space.
This is an illustration of what it might look like; a rolling inner tube or energy donut:
All the energy going down into the top of it, similar to flushing a toilet, condenses into the center and then expands out the bottom rolling around and around until there is an easing of whatever I was feeling stuck with in the beginning. Sometimes the pain simply goes away. It is hat easy.
or Shedding a Skin
Colin came up with this unique way of freeing himself from limiting energies or beliefs about himself. Once in awhile when he is checking in for his morning meditation, he finds himself feeling sad or stuck or blocked or restricted. He will then ask his guides to help him unzip. If we are journeying toegether, we can help each other, much like wriggling out of  a wetsuit. Sometimes we just need assistance.
Imagine there is a tab at the top of your head somewhere, or look to see where it is. Then pull it down all the way down to your feet. It is as if an outer skin or restrictive layer is opened up and you can step out. Always there is another level of yourself that steps out and is usually shining with new light and energy. 




Energetic Cleansing & Much More



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