Saleena: My intention here in Useful Techniques & Tools is to share my favorite "easy" & effective techniques & many of my transformational art tools I call the Vibrakeys, along with many key ideas to support you during the transistion process we are all going through to become multi-dimensionally perceptive beings living on higher light in a higher dimensional Paradise Planet.


As we are ascending, sometimes our physical bodies feel it the most and need assurance & assistance to energize, balance & harmonize themselves. Sometimes our emotions are very intense & need calming, releasing or lifting.

Sometimes we need direction or guidance so it is time to quiet ourselves, get into our heart and  listen. That is when our own Higher Self can bring in inspiration or ideas that are perfect for us.


In this section, I am really planting the seeds for a brand new website all about Higher Vibrational Living. For now this is the most fertile ground to seed & share these ideas and tools.


My goal here is to organize so many awesome

Free Techniques


Vibrational Tools

in a way they are easy to find and to use.


I have organized them into these beginning categories:






Move Massive Energy


Chaotic Nodes & Parallels





Medicines of Light


Mental & Intuitive Reset





Bliss Breathing


Unified Field Meditation












Learning Adventures

Learn Hi-Vibe Living Skills


Lightwork-Lightplay Projects

 Plant Seeds to Grow a New Earth

Ongoing Project: Whales provide an Alchemical Container
to Receive your seeds to gestate until time to plant them.

Calling in the Rainbows
Download Free Hawaiian Chant Print



Vibrakey Support

These are purchased. Click the links to find out more.


Energetic Pyramid
Create your own healing chamber- custom supportive environment


Safe Haven Kit
Create Clean, Clear, Safe, Energetically Enhanced Space to Live In
Safety for Cell & Mobile Devices

Enhanced Water
Sweet energized structured encoded Water


Power Up!

Rainbow Activator


Use our

Themes Page

to find more specific
support & information