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  • Saleena Kí Message & Perspective
  • How My Life is Unfolding
  • Colin's Life Changes & The Magic of Being Quantum
  • AWE Fest
  • Waves of New Energy and Coping Possibilities
  • 888 Sirian Lions Gate
  • New Energy is Like a Lightning Flash
  • My Art & Manifesting a Butterfly
  • Vibrakeys
  • Messages from Our New Universe
  • More Creative Projects Sooooooon
  • Your Own Resonant Truth is Important
  • No One is Going to Come Save Us-We MUST Participate
  • Service to Others
  • Sphere-Being Alliance-Blue Spheres-Solar System Travel Quarantine
  • Dr. Michael Salla's New Book: Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances
  • Hathor's Invitation-Participate in Co-Creating the Outcome
  • Sept 5th Nexus Point-Hathors through Tom Kenyon
  • Prime Creator's Message
  • On the Nature of Angels-Hathors through Tom Kenyon
  • The Fifth Perspective: Transcending Space and Time
  • September 5th Hathor World Sound Meditation: A Reminder
  • Prime Creator Makes an Announcement
  • On the Nature of Angels-Hathors thru Tom Kenyon
  • 3 Kinds of Angels
  • Thought, Fear and Change
  • Creating a Nexus Point on September 5, 2015
  • The Fifth Perspective: Transcending Space and Time-Hathors thru Tom Kenyon


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SpinningStarS eNewZ Update

March 22, 2014

Hosted by Saleena Kí

All writings and art here are Copyright 2014 to Saleena Kí aka Joan Ov’Art unless specifically noted. Please feel free to pass along the whole eNewZ or link to it online, if it is posted on the my blogs or website or in the Archives. Ask permission for publishing rights of any kind. Contact: saleena at vibrakeys dot com


Included in this eNewZ:

Earth & Energy Report

The BEST NEWS is Happening NOW!

Sustainable Lifestyle; Making it an Adventure Step by Step

Spring is Here!

Starting Seeds

Making Your Own Mediums to Grow Things In

Blend Your Own Seed-Starting Mix

Build a Compost Screener

Making Your Own Mediums to Grow Things In

Make Your Own Potting Soil

And No More Miracle Grow-Monsanto!

Compost; Can it Really Be That Simple?

Easy Composting with Leaves

Wonderful Worms


Earth & Energy Report

The BEST NEWS is Happening NOW!

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2013-10-26 Solar Update

Aloha Heart Family!

If you have been feeling extremely tired, drained, irritable, memory glitches, achy, irrational, etc…

It could be the Sun. We are being bathed in so much solar activity right now it is amazing. Just a reminder that it most likely isn’t a personality glitch or weakness, it is just our Sun-Sol tuning our magnetic and other subtle fields.

We had 2 X-Class Solar Flares on the 25th!  

It was interesting to listen to the Sun’s “voice” as it blasted us. Here is the recording 


I had the interesting experience of getting very hot after I listened to it. I thought what a coincidence. Then a friend listened to it and said the same thing… hmmm…. Another friend said he sat down and listened to the Sun’s “music message” since he had the thought that maybe the Sun was sending us a message and he wanted to receive it. There have been days when I have sat in the Sun and felt as if information was being downloaded into me.


I like the idea of the Sun being an integral part of a greater interconnected system instead of a random phenomenon. It feels like I am being restructured. I feel like a totally different kind of being than I was less than a year ago.

Interconnected Solar Activity – CMEs

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2013-06-27 Interview with Hugh Matlock

right after he submitted his Software Cosmos essay:

Saleena Kí : You seem relieved today, no longer worried about the research. What were you worried about? You have laid out a series of bread crumbs…

Hugh Matlock: I think the idea, let's call it the discovery, that I made, could just disappear and be forgotten because it doesn't last long enough; either it is suppressed or I don't last long enough to get it out there. I think I am more relaxed about that today because with this "Software Cosmos" paper it lays out a series of bread crumbs, a path for physicists to follow to give them the answers they are looking for.

It creates a picture, a model, a general concept, that they can formalize mathematically to get a more coherent picture of what's going on.

So just by submitting this today, and in the next few days seeing it go online, that will answer that question because that's not something that can be taken back.

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 Software Cosmos 

 by Hugh Matlock 

I am so excited to announce the long awaited moment nears…

Hugh Matlock has written up a description of his research

for FQXi – The Foundational Questions Institute

for their essay contest

FQXi Essay Contest – It from Bit or Bit from It?


 You can read about it and

download his essay to read from here: 

Software Cosmos


Although his essay includes technical material, there are no equations, and he has written an excellent story weaving a very complex subject together. This makes it enjoyable on a variety of levels of understanding, including for those of us who are merely curious. No matter how the contest goes he is grateful for all the new connections and insights he has received from participating. There are many interesting comments from Hugh and other essay participants to add to the understanding of new ideas in cosmology. My favorite comment is Here

You have the opportunity to rate any of the essays. If you like Software Cosmos and are able to give it a rating by August 7th, a few days from now, you will help to have his essay considered for a prize and to have Hugh be invited to participate in the FQXi Community.

 The public can read and rate until Oct. 31st. 


 Please Share 

If you have a network or website please link us

or share with your social networks. Easy buttons at the top.


I am so happy this day has finally come when he is able to share his work publically. We will announce when his website is open. He has much to share with us…

This is just the beginning…


Much LOVE is flowing to you ALL

Saleena Kí

Everything is Opening:

DNA, Time, Ancient Cultures

a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Meredith Murphy

Sunday, 7 April, 2013  (posted 9 April, 2013)

Everything is Opening

(DNA, Time, Ancient Cultures …

and It's All Flowing In, Through & As You)

Infinite Being of Love,


Within you is everything you need to soar to new frequencies of expression.


Your DNA has been opened

and is now reactivating a

fuller expression of your human template.


This will appear to you in new ways of relating to other fields of life on Earth. It will become present in your awareness as amplification of key aspects of your being that are consistent across time in space. In essence your core frequencies will become more prominent and noticeably to you, you will experiences these as strong preferences and tendencies which give you ease and joy.

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13 year old Logan LaPlante:

Hackschooling Makes Me Happy

When 13 year-old Logan LaPlante grows up, he wants to be happy and healthy. He discusses how hacking his education is helping him achieve this goal. 

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VK97 Bloom & Thrive by Visionary Artists

Saleena Kí & Mary Angelico

"We ask, as many others have, for you all to gear your vibrations completely toward positivity and toward the harmonious new future you wish to see come about, for we can feel your vibrations and the accompanying wish for you to be able to see and notice a real and concrete change or a sign of such change."


"What you are beginning to be able to

feel and access within will

far exceed any expectations you have."


"While many of you are awaiting disclosure, a new financial system and a plethora of other things to happen in your physical reality that will reflect the strides humanity and the Lightworker collective are beginning to make, we say that those prevalent inner-feelings and higher dimensional emotions and heart sets you can now access will introduce you to ascended perspectives, ways of being and inner-held landscapes that you can access and feel the higher vibrations from."  excerts by Ascended Master through Wes Annac


Saleena: There has been such a "twitter" flying about surrounding the resignation of the current Pope of the Catholic Church and what it means and what will happen next. So much specualtion… Other reports have come out that Citizen Courts have found certain key figures, like the Queen of England or the Catholic Pope, guilty of war crimes and will be sentenced appropriately. It is great that citizens are stepping forward, tired of waiting for the system to do it, and taking actions to make changes, even if they are at an energetic level. That is a VOTE for the kind of reality we want. I have been watching events ever since 2013 began to see how our reality is really going to swing, how we will "VOTE": as a human consensus.


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Saleena: Aloha ALL! This blog portal is for sharing Messages pertaining to Our New Universe and there has been so much energy flowing through my body with ALL the Solar and Galactic activity with astrological alignments and portals openings-chaotic nodes-transitions-reboots-redirects-resets-activations that I have been very tired at times, so tired I haven't been able to post much.    

So I am going to post this first part before the Transit and will add some more of the sharing and offerings I have from Venus hopefully tomorrow. Also some of the Vibrakey updates through this year so far.          


We certainly we have been through so much so fast that we might not recognize ourselves. There is very little time to integrate before the next wave is upon us.


Have you thought about what reboot means?

Well when I need to reboot my computer, it is ususally because I have installed new software or hardware or it is is need of resetting its memory from an intense day of work. What do I do? I turn it off and back on. It shuts down all its programs, then turns off, a moment of stillness and then it starts back up. Well, I can say that I have moments that feel just like that off and on the last month. All of a sudden my brain and body just shut down and I feel deeply tired to the core, then after a rest, sometimes a very short one, I am back online and running fresh.

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Saleena: I have to say the combination of messages I read today have me in a state of excitement and tears of relief. My mind doesn't know all the answers nor timing yet something in me, the Higher knowing parts, are assuring me that it is a certainty that these changes are NOW IN PROGRESS and we will step into a much brighter, lighter way of life very very soon. (note, I only used 2 o's in soon) We are on the HOME TRACK of a very long process, at least from an Earth-bound-Time-bound place. I am going to share my thoughts, and weave links I want to share amoungst them.


If today is truly a MAJOR SHIFT POINT,

I want to go on record that I,

one soul in a human body,

choose to embrace HARMONY.

I choose to support the release of us all

from the tangles of the Cabal, the DARK ONES,

and support us to cooperate fully in





I support us to OPEN and RECEIVE

every possible new potential increasing


flowing in through our SUN and

broadcasting from many

places and spaces to us NOW.





I have included Steve Beckow's whole post because that is the one that really hit HOME for me. "Why IS this so FANTASTIC?" From an EXPANDED PERSPECTIVE, things can look much different and he follows the advice many of my HIgher Dimensional friends have repeated and now my own beliefs; to FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT MORE OF because that is what the NEW UNIVERSE will serve up.

Manifestation is getting so quick.

Every thought, everything I repeatedly say… is happening.

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"Really, we are in the business of creating a miracle here on Earth."

Charles Eisenstein

Our World Reality United through

Love, Kindness & Giving


Saleena: A friend sent me a link to a blog message titled, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift & Community in an Age of Transition, where I read this very direct question, "Is the lack of money stopping you from doing something you really want to do right now?" I


had to laugh because earlier I was talking about a number of things that I needed to do that I didn’t have the money to do & I was musing about what was in me to cause me to do without these things for so long.

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2012-02-29 Saleena's 2012 Review & Update

Saleena: This is the final day of Feb. 2012, Leap year and a kind of day out of time.  2012 has certainly shaped up to be a very exciting point in our lives. I have spent most of the day and through the night transcribing – editing and posting Belees, the Arcturian's message to us.


Since receiving his message, I have noticed a number of channels are sharing these "overall" kinds of messages right now. Many are similar in content from many different sources. One source shared that this shows that we are CONVERGING TIMELINES now as many of our sources of information begin to be similar.


I haven't written much since we began our moving process from Hawaii in June 2011 right after the Mind Blowing Open Dolphin Time Travel and Teleportation Symposium we attended. Finding out about what kind of technologies are already developed and being secretly used by our secret US Government since the 40s and 50s certainly caused some moments of stepping back, even for me, and reconsidering reality once again. I know there is much more coming into focus to be revealed to us.

Personally we are being able to see our previously unconscious patterns more clearly now and finally have many tools and the power to change forever the way we show up in the world. If there is a relationship, there is always another corresponding pattern playing out its role. I have been able to look at mine with more neutrality and  have had fun naming them with humor and depowering their habits. Like Freaky Control Woman and her corresponding pattern mate, Mr. Avoidance. Then using our skills, we are able to re-script, re-lease and re-assign them new roles to empower our lives. 

The day that former Freaky Control Woman simply said alright when someone else presented an idea… was PHENOMENAL and something to be noted and celebrated. He pattern was changing. I have noticed others, too, and been changing them as fast as the thinning veils reveal them.

So this is a delight to be in a space where it is opening up to share with you once again. ALOHA!

Personally, Marimar & I are settling, if that is possible with all the changes in the energy fields, in a new place and live now in Tennessee. Hawaii seems like a dream of long ago. I like it here. I don't miss Hawaii, since I feel it is now part of my inner landscape and it was the perfect time for something new. It is peaceful here and situated where we are energetically protected and it seems like time stands still.

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Saleena: Aloha! I was so inspired by Aluna Joy's collection of Quotes and Indigenous wisdom, I decided it was a wonderful way to begin sharing again in this brand new year. I have shared my own experiences at the end, including the new structure we saw and worked with right as 2012 was finally birthed. 

Seems we have all been in labor with this particular year for many years leading up it… I don't remember any year ever being mentioned so many times as this one… I wonder what we will make of it?



Have Fun…



May All Your Dreams be Fulfilled…


Here's Aluna: Happy 2012 everyone! I can't believe it. 2012 is here… and so many of us have waited so long for this.  I wanted to send you some inspiration as we begin this new and highly anticipated year.


This is a year of great potential

in which we can and will

change the world,

and ourselves as well.


So at this most auspicious moment …  I wanted to offer you some words of wisdom from others that help me keep on keeping on.  I hope these words of wisdom will give us all inspired creativity, and unified collective courage to face head on to what is coming in 2012.


We face this new year with

fearlessness and an

unshakable inner knowing

that we are indeed

divine beings

and are more than enough

to make our dreams manifest


The Star Elders say that we are victorious! So I raise my hand in the form of the victory symbol to you ALL.  So….


Here is to US,

being the unreasonable ones,

the trouble makers, 

the paradigm breakers,

the ones that can and will

stir the pot.


Here is to US,

the ones that listen to our hearts

over our heads,

no matter what the outer world says. 


Here is to US,

the ones that are not afraid

to be who they are 100%, 

even it if is temporally misunderstood. 


Here is to US,

the ones that live by the

Universal Truth that we are ONE, 


"In Lak'esh A La K'in".

We are ONE. 

In Truth, Love and Onesness.

 ~~Aluna Joy

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11-11-11 is Nearly Here

Saleena: So much has already been shared about the potential of this time period and here we are in it RIGHT NOW! We are 3 days until leaving our beloved island Paradise and setting forth into , for me, complete unknown…


I am grateful to my friends, Ginger and Joe Noonan for sending these quick insights… very nicely shared. Casting Your Vote is a nice easy way to empower yourself to co-create right now what you want when it is easier than ever to manifest your focus and thoughts.


I also acknowledge the numerous exciting magical synchronisities that are occuring in my life now. The Universe is serving me things I need before I know why I need them. It has been delightful to discover just what I need sitting there waiting for me to notice I need it… I am grateful for this kind of phenomenon.


11:11:11 is Coming!

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"Goodbye C/2010 X1.  We hardly knew ye."  

Hank Campbell












Saleena: I said that… A Friend sent me this article tonight after another friend showed me some "fear-inducing" Alex Jones videos about really scary looking stuff going on…. "They" are giving us lots of opportunity to feel nervous, get panicky, break out into a cold sweat or succumb to all out fear…


Again I remind you (& myself)…

focus on what you want more of

because everything is

quickening and amplified now


manifesting very quickly.


There are amazing Cosmic Energies flooding us all on Earth right now, giving us opportunities for terrific impossible to ignore changes and the Earth is on a fast path of transformation. it is possible we are have another seguey for a Quantum Leap in Consciousness in the next month or so.


So much is flying around the

internet right now about 

certain dates and events…

so much is happening so fast,

frankly I don't really know

what to get worried about or

ignore or embrace

unless I go into my heart

and check in there.

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