"Your own healing is the greatest message of HOPE for the World."

from The Art of JuiceyLiving Collection – Saleena Ki


Protect & Heal Yourself


Radiation Toxicity Antidotes

Here you will learn:

  • What radioactive elements are the threat from Fukushima
  • What the Government is not telling you
  • What is The Petkau Effect
  • What are the specific health risks to you & your family
  • What the sequence to these threats will be over the next 5 years
  • What history has taught us
  • What misinformation are we being told? 
  • What you & your family can easily and effectively do to potentially overcome these risks NOW!


Empower Yourself  Help Yourself


Make your own Medicines of Light

A nice "How to" make them and a comprehensive growing list you can use with a dowsing method to give you ideas of what to ask for.


Why I Love Creating Medicines of Light




Reset your Programs

MIR Technique
Mental & Intuitive Reset

Another amazing free technology that Includes 9 Basic Commands you lovingly give your body morning and night to reset the way it creates your health.



Vibrakeys Heal Soothe & Protect

with Vibrations – Frequencies


Saleena:  I have spent many years requesting and co-creating these transformational art devices to assist in my own evolution and ascension process. Being an ultra-sensitive I had to find ways to increase my own health and wellbeing. I asked many times for solutions and antidotes about various subjects and these are a few of the results. They are packed with vibrations and antidotal frequencies that assist at every level. They each come with Guidance and suggestions of how to use them. You can explore the many options by themes or by gallery. There is much to explore at Vibrakeys.com

Use your own method of dowsing out the best designs or kits for you to begin with. Ask that you can identify the ones that will serve you the best right now. If you need help with this I offer a 30-60 minute session to explore all the possibilities with you and identify which ones will best serve you now.


Easily generate a Safe Haven field to live in everyday for ease and protection.




Enhance your Environment

to ultimately protect and support you through these

CHAOTIC Changing Times.




Live, work, play, meditate, perform your practice and sleep

inside a customized Energetic Pyramid field

you set-up exactly the way you want it.




Increase your Health & Well Being easily.





Begin a Sublime Health Project with Belees and the Arcturians.





For those who desire greater levels of HEALTH & WELL-BEING. Support to strengthen yourself biologically, emotionally & spiritually so you are more resilient & adaptable as you evolve & awaken. As we all move through this time of drastic change to a new reality. 

ARCTURIAN'S OFFERING OF LOVE: "We offer FREQUENCY ANTIDOTES for greater levels of BIOLOGICAL STRENGTH, SUBLIME HEALTH, WELL-BEING & HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. This will make it easier to raise your vibration & ascend. Our intention is to, with your conscious consent & co-operation, assess your personal frequencies & create specific antidotal balancing & strengthening frequencies that are broadcast through this design to you. We are cropcircle designers & frequency experts. This design carries & broadcasts an array of general formulas & patterns that have been previously placed on earth as Crop circles for assisting your transition here on Earth. We are excited to offer this gift to you.

We only work with frequencies & do not diagnose nor treat disease or illness. If you choose to go that path, please see an appropriate practitioner." 


You can also get personal support to begin your project: