Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Session Details

If You Are Considering a Session or would like to Schedule one:


If you are considering doing a session with us and are ready to dive deep into your own life-body-mind-spirit,. the most effective session is our full Omni-D Travel Adventure Session with  Marimar & Saleena Ki. Click the hotlinks  to read more.


This kind of adventure can be life-changing and extremely fun! We journey together in your behalf and may meet with your Whole Soul Committee, your Guides, your Star Families and any Soul Aspects that are ready to meet and merge to begin conscious co-creation with you. They usually bring in new wisdom, gifts and skills and sometimes memories. 


Often blockages to your progress and evolution will be revealed and resolved. Insight into what is next is sometimes gained. We have some skilled support teams who often show up to assist, besides your own. We will be traveling through many dimensions so be prepared for some wonderful sensations and possible sleepiness. It can come and go depending on the energy levels where we are working. The work we are doing is effective even if you are unconscious of the exact details at the moment.


At the root of it ALL is LOVE.

That is the most powerful element we will use

& we will use plenty of it as we Adventure together.


If You Are Ready for Your Adventure… 

1. Pay deposit for Session:


 $222 deposit  begins the process and then we make an appointment.

Send $222 to my PayPal account saleena at vibrakeys dot com


$355 is for your 2 hour session.  The remaining balance is due when the session is complete,  which may include extra time over 2 hours, at $1.55 per minute, any extra Vibrakeys over the $66 value and $15 shipping cost for your Vibrakeys, unless there are international charges. 


Your Session includes: 2 hours with two of us for the journey. If the time goes over 2 hours we charge $1.55 a minute. We ask you if you want to continue.


A  handwritten transcript (this is scanned in and sent you as digital files you can read or print)


One mp3 Recording of the session: A recording is usually available for a phone session


Handwritten Transcript Description:

This transcript is written as your session occurs & is a summary in places and exact words in others. It may include direct quotes from guides or participants both embodied or in other dimensions, drawings of beings or energetic diagrams or configurations as seen & interpreted by Saleena or as described by others. Included is a Session Summary that we may have time to go over at the end of your session or you can use it to deepen your connection to and memory of the adventure and the insights and gifts you received.


Vibrakeys: You have a $66 value to apply toward Vibrakeys that will best support you. If you choose Vibrakeys that are worth more than $66 there is an extra charge applied.


Session Price does not include:

Shipping costs for any physical Vibrakeys or Transcript. That will be an extra charge once we know what you order and how much it is costing to ship to you, depending on your location. It is usually $15 for Priority Mail within the USA. You may choose digital Vibrakeys or recordings that will be sent online so no shipping charge applies. Your final payment it due when the session is complete.


Any extra Long Distance Phone Charges for International Calls. We will discuss the best options.


For our  Records: We retain a copy of your transcript and recording and thus if you ever need a replacement please contact us.  



2. Schedule Session:


Choosing a Time: We are available for sessions after 12noon or 1pm our Time. We are CT Central Standard Time. 


If this time isn’t right for you we can schedule it later in our day. Check the time difference to decide the best times for you.


Time Zone Calculator:


Most any day is fine for us unless we have another appointment.


Let me know if our timing works for you and if not what time works for you and we will find a mutual time that works for us both.


Pick 2 Days that are best for you


You might check with a simple yes or no dowsing method to see which day or two shows as the strongest ones to do the session.




3. Send me an email with:


1. Your choice of at least 2 days that work for you.

2. For Mailing & Emailing Purposes:

*    your full name

*    address (where to send the Vibrakeys)

*    email

*    phone number (we need it to call you)

*    time difference (where you live and the Time Zone you are in)


Directions to Set-up for Session:


You need to be able to be in quiet and relaxed, uninterrupted space for at least 2-3 hours. Lying down is best so you can go very deep if needed. It is best to give yourself time after to integrate as sometimes we go very deep and much is changing. Sometimes it takes weeks for your body to catch up to the changes.





Use a phone where you have good long distance rate and a headset with microphone so you are hands free and able to relax. It is never that healthy to keep your head up close to a phone, either cell, mobile or wireless, for that long.


We record a phone session. We post it online and give you a link to download it.



4. The Session


We call you at the scheduled time and we begin your session. Please be prompt or let us know ahead if you are going to be delayed. We are already engaged in your behalf ahead of time getting ready for your session and are ready to start at the appointed time..


If you are unavailable we start the clock at the appointed time and begin to tune in and record any impressions we have for you and you have up to 2 hours of our time. For example, if you call a half hour late, we continue from where we are and finish within the two hours. You will be billed for the full session.


Your session will include recommendations for Vibrakeys that will support your life best.


5. Follow-Up


Usually within a week, we will email your transcripts, an invoice with the current balance and a list of the Vibrakeys that are recommended.


Once you choose your Vibrakeys and let us know what you want we will send you a final invoice that you pay with PayPal the same way as #1, the same way you made the deposit.


Once full payment is received, I will send you directions how to access everything included in the session and any extras you ordered. I will email you if there is any timing involved, such as I need to print and laminate any Vibrakeys. You will receive your Transcript as scanned .jpgs and a link to your Recording as a mp3 where you can download them.



6. Prepare Yourself


Get as clear as you are able on what you would like from the session then relax and let it go. Let it be fun. Approach it with the spirit of adventure! We encourage some sharing at the beginning and ask you to leave yourself open to exciting new potentials within the adventure. Be open to expand your perceptions of yourself since many times your Whole Soul Committee has something different in mind and they feel you are ready for. You have already done everything you know how to up to this point in time, so we like to clear ourselves and allow new directions and insights to emerge.


It is very exciting to meet new aspects of yourself and your team, witness other past or parallel lives, see where patterns may have begun, resolve them, free yourself and gain new insights and energies to merge with your conscious self now.


If there are new aspects of yourself or your Omni-D Soul Team that you are ready to meet and begin conscious co-creation with we will meet them and interact. If there are old events or beliefs that are limiting you, we will be guided to them and directed how you may free yourself. You do it for yourself. We are only curious and open Guides. Sometimes there is personal and even universal lightwork to be done, depending on who you are and what your intentions for incarnation are.


7. Physical & Mental Symptoms


If you have difficult physical or mental symptoms, these may be caused by old beliefs, habits or stuck energy. If there are stuck energies in the way of moving to your next stage of evolution, it will be energetically addressed in whatever way we are guided. We have many potential skilled and insightful support teams and you bring yours with you. The transformation and healing takes place automatically by your own body-mind-spirit as you release old energy, patterns, events or beliefs, vows or contracts and the new  energy begins to flow. Where energy flows wholeness returns. Changes occur.



9. Permission Requested to share New Beings, Insights or Experiences


Often we meet new beings from new places and it is helpful if we can introduce them in our work around contact, becoming more Omni-D functioning beings and becoming more acquainted with our Galactic or Universal neighbors or families.


Sometimes we encounter new Universal Insights or Experiences during your session.


We would like to know if you would give us permission to share about these or any new Beings your sessions brings to our attention, unless they are strictly your own family or team and wish to remain anonymous.


8. We are HAPPY to hear Feedback How Your session has changed your life.


If you feel to share how your session has affected your experience of your life and reality, it is wonderful if you can write it and send as an email. If you will allow us to share your insights or comments with others as a testimonial, please let us know. It really helps others to hear your experience. If you want us to use your name let us know.


With your permission, anything shared would be generically shared without your name or any personal information that is obviously your own. Your privacy is totally respected. If you want us to use your name let us know.


We look forward to your Adventure and to getting to know you better. I am sure it will be informative, life changing and fun for us all!

Much Love to you   Saleena & Marimar    

Click our Names for contact info.

 Ready for your Adventure? 


Send $222 deposit to my Joan Ov'Art PayPal account using saleena at vibrakeys dot com