Wave of Love in the Living Grid:
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Saleena Note: We no longner officially promote these meditations monthly yet they are RICH with

Ideas and Resources to stimulate your imagination to help co-create the New Reality you Desire Now.




Mother Earth Healing Network
Full Moon Meditation
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Children of the Sun Grid Transmissions
Every New & Full Moon

As Ambassadors of Light and Sound, we are global platform of unification assisting in the ascension of the human race into another dimensional reality. We use the purity of the Unified Field together with the planetary Crystalline Grid to transmit and transfer divine spiritual energy to the world at large. We also assist to stabilize energy in certain GEO regions of the planet experiencing Earth change and crisis during the great purification now occurring on Earth.

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Sophia-Rainbow-Venus-Earth Meditation



Teleconference Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures
into the Living Grid

Saleena Note: Join us anytime for the downloads and codes by using the Art and Recording.

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