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Original Article: Medicines of Light - The Hathors through Tom Kenyon

Saleena's Experience with

Making Medicines of Light:


How I Began


When I first read the Hathor message Medicines of Light, I was ecstatic that they presented such an easy technique for creating something that would have the ability to heal and protect ourselves and our loved ones during a time when my inbox was flooded with warnings about the possible results of high levels of the dangerous radiation being released from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster.


At the same time two of my grandchildren were admitted to the hospital after a long bout of viral flu that had transmuted into a bacterial strep causing pneumonia.


The feeling that something (harmful radiation) is coming your way that can harm you can be a very uneasy and potentially helpless feeling.


There was so much information and questions crossing my inbox, some it useful, some of it exaggerated and fearful. It caused me and my partner, Marimar, to want to inform ourselves, so we began some research to see what we were possibly going to face soon.


Research is wonderful to informing yourself, and yet there is always a level of unknown that hangs there, unless you have learned to ask the kind of questions that will reveal what you need to know when you need to know it.


When I received this Medicine of Light message, I knew it was part of the assistance I had been asking my higher dimensional friends and guides for. They addressed two of the current threats that we were personally facing: radiation and mutating bacteria and viruses. I immediately followed their directions and made some for myself,  my grandchildren and my daughter, with permission from her. I also made some for my dog, Brandy-Love and encouraged Marimar to make some for himself.


I was already beginning to emphasize foods and supplements in our diet that felt right to use to protect and nourish us in case the harmful and dangerous levels of radiation did come our way.


Stay Out of Fear


One important aspect is to stay out of fear. We had studied and done a whole process to release ourselves from the old fear-based grid last year during 3 months of the 2010 Crystalline Stargate Trilogy Omni-Dimensional Learning & Travel Adventure Crystalline Stargate Trilogy-Art and you can join us in a guided series of these adventures: 2010 Triple Stargate Adventure Package   Join us in a triad sequence of Stargate Journeys; Adventures & Activations to release yourself from the old fear-based grid & to encounter & receive the latest coded information for new potential.


Doing all these Triple Stargate processes sequentially really helped me come into a new level of peace and calmness in the midst of so much chaos.


There are many new Vibrakeys available now that contain new codes and energies to assist us in opening up to the greatest potentials available at this time.


Expanding the Method


As I made the Medicines of Light I used a simple intuitive process to ask for ideas about adding new useful elements to the elixir of light specifically for each person.


The results was is a growing list of specific elements to ask for.


I will begin with the ones the Hathor's suggested and then list the ones I discovered. I gave them a number then it was easy to go through the numbers for the specific person I was making the Light Medicine for.



How to Make it for Another

It is always best that people do this for themselves.

The exceptions are: 


Children who are too young or too sick or in a condition where they cannot do it for their own self.


An adult too sick or in a condition where they cannot do it for their own self. This included being able to do this for my daughter because she was taking care of the children in an emergency and she didn't have the time or energy to learn it at that time. After the emergency, they can learn it for themselves if they wish to continue.


An animal.


A plant.


An environment, though you can teach them to clear themselves, as I heard Dr. Hew Len share in one of his Ho'oponopono workshops.



Ask if you have permission from their Soul or Higher Self to make this Medicine of Light for them.


If it is a child other than your own, ask their parent or guardian if it alright to make these Medicines of Light for them.


These are questions I asked to discover

the way to make it for another: 


I ask if I make it using my own BA or the other being's BA that I am making it for. My Answer; Same Source.


Do I drink the water for (Name) or just imagine it going into the water as they drink? My Answer: Both.


Anything else? My Answer: No




Here are some examples of how I have been guided to use this method to specifically assist someone else.


Bacterial Pneumonia

I got: Acceleration of healing for skin-tissue-lungs-incisions-mucous membranes from Quan Yin.


Saleena Note: This was specific to the condition of my granddaughter who was in the hospital with bacterial pneumonia.


When I added this one, the water turned light blue-lavandar color and became very radiant. Quan Yin smiled so sweetly at me and assured me she would be staying with my granddaughter.  She was showing me how she was holding the water for my granddaughter to drink. It was as radiant as Quan Yin was. She asked me to physically drink it for her while I held this vision clearly. When I imagined her drinking it, she began to glow with the lavandar light all around her in a soft egg-like cocoon. Then her lungs began to glow, filled with the same color.


One for my Dog:

Specifically for Brandy-Love after she got a reading and recommendations from an Animal Communicator:


This is what I was guided to ask for her: Graceful releasing, transmuting or neutralization and healing of the physical toxins in Brandy-Loves body. Please, if it appropriate, add the essence of the right homeopathic, cleansing healing herbs, supplements or the best antidote for this purpose. Something to end the toxin's interference with her body-mind-spirit. Whatever it is that Brandy-Love feels in there: "something that should not be in her body near her heart." "The world is in a poisoned state and she receives the burden of this and needs help. Her body needs the help."



Getting Answers from your

Intuition or Higher Self


I include all of this as a guide and idea generator for you. Nothing I do is "gospel" and every situation is different.


The basis of being able to learn from your Higher Self or to use your intuition in a way that you can get simple questions answered is to develop some way to get an answer from your Higher Self. Dowsing-Muscle Testing-or simply asking and listening for the answer are some ways. There are others. Use whatever way you know how to begin.


Here is a link to Dowsing



Identifying Details


I ask if it is necessary to identify further any particular item, such as Allergens or Toxins. If the answer is yes, then using a dowsing technique and some comprehensive lists to do this. Here are some online lists:

Rife Frequencies via Dowsing

Pendulum Dowser's Charts



Ask for your Higher Self to inspire you

and give you ideas of what is needed.


My Process to Make the Medicines of Light


1. Identify WHO the Medicine of Light is being made for.


2. If it is FOR SOMEONE ELSE, ask their Higher Self for permission. If it is a child, ask if you need the parent's or guardian's permission. If so get permission first. Ask if you are presenting your request to their BA or yours. Listen and follow its directions or your intuition.


3. Identify clearly WHAT IS NEEDED in the Medicine of Light using the List below or your own technique.

I write the name and date, then ask by number only first, writing down the numbers I get a YES for. Then I go through each one to familiarize myself with what I am asking for.


4. Pour a glass of PURE WATER. Set it in front of you.


5. Go into your HEART and OPEN it.


6. With your attentions and intentions, reach up to your own BA or Higher Self. The point to focus on is where you raise your arms over your head and touch your finger tips together.


7. Focus on your BA with GRATITUDE & APPRECIATION.


8. Allow time for the QUALIFIED LIGHT to flow into your HEART. You may receive it in a variety of ways. It can range from a slight knowing to a visual light show of geometric forms, codes or colors. Or you may just feel them flowing in. When you know they are in go to the next step.


9. Pick up the water and imagine or intend the QUALIFIED LIGHT flow down your arms & out your palms INTO THE WATER.


10. When it feels infused, THANK YOUR BA & DRINK IT.


11. Making it for SOMEONE ELSE:


  • For someone else who is not in your physical presence, imagine handing it to them and they drink it.
  • For someone in your presence you can offer it to them to drink, such as a child or elder who is unable to make it for themselves.
  • If it is for someone unconscious or in a coma, you could touch it to their lips if the situation is appropriate.
  • If it is for someone drastically ill, you can dab a little on their lips or their skin if it is appropriate.
  • For an animal you can offer some to them to drink or place it in their drinking bowl for later.


12. Ask if there is anything else and ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION




List: Specific Ways to Qualify the Light

Click Here to find the expanding list you can print out for ease of use.


In the case of certain things such as an allergen, bacteria or virus, I ask if it is necessary to identify them. If the answer is yes, then using a dowsing technique and some comprehensive lists to do this.

Here are some helpful online lists:

Rife Frequencies via Dowsing

Pendulum Dowser's Charts

You can also ask for your Higher Self to

inspire you and give you further ideas of what is needed.



Other Ways to Use Medicines of Light:

Imbue your Cosmetics or Skin Care products with Qualified light:


I make my own Skin Moisturizer:

  • 3/4 Pure Organic Coconut Oil
  • 1/4 Jojoba Oil
  • Tamanu (Kamani) Oil
  • 2-3 drops of Citrus Seed Extract.
  • 1 dropper full of Super Minerals with Fulvic Acid.
  • Essential Oils for my pleasure and to support me vibrationally. I ask how much and which ones my body needs right now.


 In a small glass container I add pure coconut oil and warm it in a little pan with water until it melts. Keep it low, it doesn't need much heat. Then add each of the other ingredients and put the lid on tight and shake. Sometimes I tone and hold the intention that all the elements will be able to stay mixed.


Then I decide what I want to ask for my BA to Qualify the light for and follow the directions as if I am making the Medicines of Light, only I send it from my heart into the mixture. Of course I don't drink it. I feel that it enhances it with new qualities.


Ideas for your Skin


  • Healing and Protection from harmful rays of the Sun.
  • Restoring elasticity and youthful qualities to my skin.
  • Removal and healing from any fungus or mold on my skin.
  • Protection and healing from any kind of skin disorder or cancerous or pre-cancerous conditions in my skin cells or tissue.



Why I Love Creating Medicines of Light


  • Creating Medicines of Light is something I can do for myself.
  • I AM living more empowered & conscious.
  • I feel like Creator when I AM co-creating some.
  • It is a very loving thing to do for myself.
  • It is FREE!
  • It is easy!
  • I AM  practicing multi-dimensional omni-dimensional living.
  • It is a very lovely way to deepen a closer relationship with my Higher Self.
  • I can let the stops off my creativity and let it run WILD!
  • I AM having lots of fun co-creating with my BA-Celestial Self-Higher Self.
  • I AM appreciating what my BA can do & what we can do together.
  • I feel wonderful as I am being downloaded with the qualified light.
  • I usually feel BLISSFUL after.
  • I AM able to help my children or grandchildren when they need the support.
  • I AM able to easily help my dog or other animals.
  • I AM able to help my plants.
  • It is fun to see what the water looks like when it is imbued with the qualified light.


Medicines of Light:

Protection and Healing from
Radiation Poisoning, Neurotoxins, Bacteria and Viruses

A Hathor Planetary Message

through Tom Kenyon

March 16, 2011


"What we mean by pure water…

We have suggested using water for creating Medicines of Light since water holds this type of information extremely well. By “pure water” we simply mean clean water. It does not matter what type of water it is. You can even use tap water.

If there is no pure water available…

For rare instances when you do not have access to drinkable water, you follow the procedure we have described previously, but instead of sending the energetic of protection and/or healing from the heart chakra down your arms into you hands and into water, you send the energetic of protection and/or healing from your heart chakra directly into the water that comprises your body. In other words, you do not need any external water at all. Since your body is mostly water, it will receive the Medicine of Light and work with it in similar ways as if you had taken a drink of charged water.

We suggest, however, charging water whenever possible, because this external ritual of intent is the most powerful way to create Medicines of Light for most persons. Since most humans are familiar with taking medicine in a pill or liquid form, this ritual of drinking charged water impresses the subconscious mind and activates deeper levels of your self-healing abilities.

If your only drinking water is radioactive…

Should you find yourself in a situation where the only water source available to you for drinking has been contaminated with radioactivity, and you are forced to drink it in order to survive, we would suggest following two simple steps.

First step: Charge the water with protection and healing from radiation poisoning (before you drink it) just as you would do for creating a Medicine of Light. Drink this water for survival, in as small amounts as possible, knowing it has been charged with protection and healing from radiation poisoning through your own intent.

Second step: Now create a Medicine of Light without water (as we described above) for protection and/or healing from radiation poisoning. With this second step you are charging the waters of your body directly. Think of this second step as a form of energetic insurance.

This step uses the water in your body as the water that is charged. So to be clear: after treating the water you need for survival and drinking it, you send the energetic of protection and/or healing from your heart chakra directly into the water that comprises your body. You are not using any external water for this step. Since your body is mostly water, it will receive the Medicine of Light and work with it in similar ways as if you had taken a drink of charged water.

Throughout the day, whenever you drink water, engage the two steps above until there is no suspicion of radioactive contamination.

We do realize that in such dire circumstances it may be very difficult to transcend the emotions of paranoia and fear, but this is what you must do just for the short time you are charging the water. Remember, no matter what your external situation may be, your Celestial Soul (your Higher Self) resides in the light realms and always brings with it a peace that passes all understanding. In that island of peace, even in the midst of great difficulties, you can find a passage to the emotional states of appreciation and/or gratitude (which activates your Celestial Soul). This is the vibratory realm from which all Medicines of Light are created—regardless of their form."


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