Nourish Yourself with Energy-Light


Bliss Breathing

A gift from Thoth: One of the easiest & powerful skills that has changed me the most and assisted in helping to move my consciousness upwards. Quick easy way to bring you back to balance, energize  & feel bliss within minutes.

Greatest Gift from the Light-
Recycle your Energy

Mellen-Thomas Benedict said this is “the best gift I got from the other side, the most important thing I learned.” He said it was to be given away. He asked if we would share it with everyone we could. Pass it on. This helps you create a field to recycle the nuclear energy you emit as waves. It is powerful stuff.




Eat the Sun MovieTrailer



Sungazing Links:



Absorb Light

Light Absorption Technique



Guided Activities

Calibrate & Align to the New Universe

Sacred Marriage

Divine Union



Nourish & Nurture your Heart with "Do-In"

This exercise will bring you emotional release,
relax your chest, improve anxiety, relieve tenderness
in the breast and increase your energy level.