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Why Ecstatic States?


The Hathors through Tom Kenyon have shared much to inspire me into a greater appreciation and belief that our evolution and ascension can be more than pain and difficulty. it can be pleasurable and pleasurable ecstatic states actually optimize and accelerate our awakening and ascension process.


"Ecstatic states of consciousness are an evolutionary agent that you would do well to take advantage of. These states of consciousness can radically shift the harmonics of your consciousness into higher octaves. Living from such an expanded state allows you to be more resourceful and intelligent as you confront the collapse of your old world and ride the wave, so to speak, into the new world that is not yet fully born.


This evolutionary feat is accomplished through the vortex mechanics of your own bodily organism: through the vortex of that which you call DNA, the harmonics of your physical heart rhythm, and the untapped potential of your brain.


The attainment of ecstatic states is an inherent aspect of your nervous system and cellular identity, but it has been cloaked, concealed and suppressed by your terrestrial religions and philosophies, not to mention your way of living.


Fear and ecstasy do not mix very well.


And a quick glance at your planetary mindset reveals that fear and paranoia are the demigods of your consciousness.


So the first step, as we see it, is to recognize that ecstatic states are not only a possibility, but your response-ability. It is also crucial to clear away the misconceptions and misinformation regarding ecstasy."


In their message Ecstatic States and the Evolution of Higher Consciousness the Hathors share more about this:

Ecstatic States: Keys to our Thrival




Doing What You Love to Do


Saleena:  I heard once that the best thing that I could be doing to assist the whole Earth and everyone right now was to constantly participate in things that I love. At the time it was such a novel idea… doing something that makes me feel really good was the best thing I could do for everyone? WOW! I was excited to try it out!

It felt really like the best path for me. To do this at that time wasn't really popular in my reality. I had been taught very deeply that we had to work hard and choose a career that would pay well and serve the institution of our choice. Doing less in a soceity based on industrialism and consumerism was judged strongly. Not working really hard was considered LAZY and  Irresponsible. I was ready and I was intrigued…

So I made a commitment to live my life 


doing what I love to do.





Saleena:  The first time I encountered the connection between an ecstatic state and my own evolution and awakening was when I was creating Vibrakey20 which is all about activating the Lightbody. Thoth appeared briefly to me and ask if I would like an easy and simple way to re-activate all that I already know about operating my lightbody? I said YES! He gave me a thought bubble that contained in it these simple direction for Bliss Breathing. 

Over the years that I practiced it daily, every morning when I woke. Starting my day in Bliss was very wonderful, since I had lived with stress, a kind of deep unnamed terror and lonliness for most of my life. I noticed many things it would do for me. The first obvious things was that within a few minutes I was in a state of Bliss. It also had an immediate balancing and harominizing effect. More Here: 



Bliss Breathing





The other day, I was awakened at an early hour. I rose and wandered sleepily into another room. There I was impressed to read the book I had been nibbling away on…. Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's been entertaining, enlightening and a very poignant fun story. I am inspired by the revealing and humorous way she writes about herself. As a storyteller I love finding inspiration from others.


Then I found the part the early awakening and gentle nudging was about; she was sharing with and learning from a Balinese Medicine Man. His first assignment for her was something he called a simple meditation the Western mind could handle. He described it as a meditation where you just SIT & SMILE.



"To meditate, only you must smile.  Smile with face, smile with mind and good energy will come to you and clean away dirty energy.  Even smile in your liver.” Ketut Liyer,the Balinese Medicine Man


That made me SMILE! I can do that! So I did and it was wonderful! I let my face smile… easy…. then I smiled with my heart… easy…. then my Liver… odd and fun…. then my Stomach and my Gall Bladder. Now Gall Bladder likes to be bitter, so that was a new experience for her. Then I sent the smile to my arms and legs… FUN! Then to my Blood cells… wow! Smiles flowing through my whole body that way… Now this was feeling really beautiful! It made my body breathe deep sighs… tensions letting go.  How serious can all this be with everything smiling?


Now this simple technique is right up there on my list of favorites along with  ECSTATIC STATESBLISS BREATHING, NOURISHING with SEXUAL ENERGYand going into the SACRED SPACE of the HEART. I shared it with a few friends who instantly got it. It is so easy and very sensational as those SMILES enter your whole system.




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