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So what happens to us during times of

heavy parallel mergers and splits,

such as a Chaos Node?

What do we do, and how, and why should we care?


What is a Chaotic Node, Parallel Realities & Universes & How Do We Navigate Them?


Saleena: I am going to quote a few key points here to summarize and lead into the Parallel Dance Technique. These quotes are from the article hotlinked above by Susannah Redelfs and the Council of ONE. Thank you!


A Chaos Node is a convergence point where parallel realities and universes (see below) are in a constant state of flux, merging into each other and splitting off again.


While parallels do this more or less all the time, the Chaos Node acts like a historical “chokepoint” in a physical plane timeline, and is marked by a greater number of parallels doing the merging and splitting, thereby bringing greater intensity and a broader range of possible futures to bear."


"If It’s Monday, I Must Be In Parallel-9854723X"


"A Chaos Node is enough to move

an entire planet and its population

onto an entirely different track…" 


"At the current time,

it is projected that

nine months of 2011

will be spent in a Chaos Node,

while 2012 will be a full-year Node.

What this means for 2013 is anyone’s guess."


"In other words…hold onto your hats, we’re in for a wild ride!"


What are Parallels?


"Parallels—meaning  parallel realities and/or universes—

are a means for the Source of All That Is

to experience consciousness in all its possible permutations.

Whenever we make a choice

 among two or more options,

we spin off a parallel where the

unselected options play out."



"There are planetary parallels as well as individual ones, where history took an alternate turn based on collective choice, as well."


"When parallels collapse,

the energy of that entire universe

is merged with remaining parallels

and made available for use."



"We may be experiencing simultaneous,

or concurrent, existence

in literally billions of parallels."



"When one of our

parallel embodiments experiences

the collapse of its parallel,

it merges with one or more of the

remaining concurrent incarnations.

 In other words,

we are constantly

jumping from parallel to parallel."


"We usually retain no conscious memory of doing so, for the sake of experiential consistency. Still, we are constantly receiving “bleedthrough” from other parallels, accessing this information through intuition, meditation and dream."


"During times of heavy parallel mergers or splits,

this bleedthrough can be intense

to the point of disorientation."


"But if we are conscious of the times

when the activity is especially heavy,

there are ways that we can

master the experience

so that we are always navigating to our

“parallel of highest probability”.


"During any time of

heavy mergers and/or splits,

and especially during a Chaos Node,

things can move into and out of

our life and experience very, very quickly.



During a Chaos Node, physical issues can appear suddenly. For instance, cancer in remission can become active again, literally instantaneously. Conversely, an active disease can go into remission or disappear entirely, also instantaneously."



"Any parallel merger gives us the

opportunity to

attract or call into our experience

qualities and conditions

that are joyful to us.


Any parallel split offers us the option of

“spinning out” what we don’t want

away from us into a collapsing parallel.


During a Chaos Node,

the opportunities are even greater,

and during major Nodes such as the ones

we will be experiencing for the next few years, the 

possibilities are literally infinite.



"During a Chaos Node, it is helpful to do this process daily, or even more than once a day if things feel too intense, because we are constantly jumping parallels, and the parallel we danced at breakfast won’t be the same as the parallel we dance at dinner. 

Seriously, it is that fluid."


To help us navigate these Nodes, the Council of One has transmitted a technique for us:


Parallel Dance

Technique for Chaotic Nodes


1. Unify your Fields

Unify your fields via the Unified Chakra Meditation,

or by intent if you’ve already entrained your fields through practice to unify instantly.


2. Equalize your Threefold Flame


Allow your consciousness to drop to the center of your heart chakra. In the center of your heart, there is a Threefold Flame—Love, Truth, and Energy.


First, notice the three flames. Are they all the same height?


If not, raise all of the flames to the level of the highest so they are equal.


Settle your consciousness in the center of this Threefold Flame, which gives off light but not heat.


3. Access the Parallel Grids

Ask Spirit to allow you access into the parallel grids. You may see visions flickering across the surface of the flames, feel the energy of the constant motion of the parallels, or feel nothing much at all. Some people go blank the first time they encounter the grids because our mental bodies, designed to think in a linear fashion, can’t hold cohesion when confronted with the true nonlinear nature of reality.


As with anything,

practice increases skill and retention

of conscious parallel navigation.


4. Collapse and Spin Out

At this time, ask Spirit to collapse and spin out of your current parallel anything in you, your life, and your universe which no longer serves you, anything which blocks clear and conscious access to Spirit, and any imbalance and diseases of the body and fields.


You can add specific requests if you must, but you might want to be as general as possible, since this gives your essence more flexibility in fulfilling your intent.


You may feel very cold physically as you do this, since Spirit often uses the frequency of Divine Purity to do this for you.


5. Bring in New Qualities & Energies

When the spinning-out feels complete, ask Spirit to bring in those qualities and energies that most promote the graceful, easy and joyful expression of your life plan and divine service, full health and balance of the physical body and fields, and the experience of joy on earth.


Again, you can make specific requests, but this is not recommended. Remember that you are working on a very high level here, and it doesn’t pay to limit yourself to merely what your human mind can conceive.


Specific = More Limitation,

Broad = Infinite Possibility.


The exception to this is if you are specifically trying to move out something that popped in during the merger, such as a sudden recurrence of disease or reversal in life circumstance.


5. Completion

When you feel complete, allow your consciousness to float up to behind your eyes, and open them.


6. Once a Day or More

During a Chaos Node, it is helpful to do this process daily, or even more than once a day if things feel too intense, because we are constantly jumping parallels, and the parallel we danced at breakfast won’t be the same as the parallel we dance at dinner. Seriously, it is that fluid.


Susannah Redelfs

Council of One

Warrenton, VA




Here is an article that talks about the

Violet Ray and Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame:

"The seventh ray governed by Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst is an aspect of the Holy Spirit, also referred to as "The Comforter." It comes from the center of the white flame of That I AM's potent love. It combines the blue flame of faith with the pink flame of love, to create the spiritual violet salve of forgiveness." 

from Say Halo to the Violet Age  by Omnitheus Oneironaut



"God did not create humans…You BECAME them."

~ Omnitheus Mar 22




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