Sophia’s Rainbow Meditation
 & the Penetrating Light  
Peaceful soothing Rainbow Meditation video is a gift from Sophia,
representing the Divine Mothers in Our New Universe,
narrated by Saleena Ki.
Connecting with Venus, New Paradise Earth and the new Living Grid.
 Receive the rainbow penetrating light into your body.  
 Sophia's 10-10-2009 Message Quotes 

"Every day on earth is amazing now. We are announcing the opening of a new portal, a corridor that is available for you to travel & visit your sister planet, Venus. Your family awaits the reunion! They have many gifts to offer you. 

This portal is made available to you through the cooperative forces of the reawakened Elemental Kingdoms of Earth, the Angelics & your Venusian families. Venus & Earth have reconnected after many years of separation & longing. They are singing a new song into creation. Listen quietly & you may hear it… "


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Supportive Vibrational Art Available: 
Reunion of Venus & Earth. Ancient relationship reconnection brings a new song to creation. Portal to Galactic Kachina, Galactic Mother – Center & Greater Central Sun. Divine Feminine Infusion. Newest level of Crystal Seeding Codes of the Christ Consciousness Ascension Project. Hosted by Sirian Akhus, MaRi Magdalene, JeSu, Sophia & the Great Mothers.
 Liquid Love 

BluWater Crystal & Ionic Minerals
Platinum Ray
1999 CropCircle for Planetary Water
Liquid Light
Pineal Gland Activation
Amrita & Spring Waters
Gifts from Venus
Living Pearl
Sedna's Non-dissipating Wave
Water Elementals from Earth


This design is a wonderful gift of patterns from our Venusian Relatives. The recent reconnection of our Earth to her sister planet, Venus as documented in the VK59 Venus-Earth Portal design has made possible this luscious connection & frequency. The design is very new & it is proposed that it will purify the water & bring about rejuvenation & even anti-aging leading to immortalizing the human body. Also includes a blend of a BluWater Crystal Matrix from the Ambassadors, with a special Ionic Mineral that creates an Elixir of Immortal Life. Bonded in the liquid love, together these promise to create a delightful kind of water.


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