Our Adventures Co-Creating a



 Mother Mary 


Bringing Her Out of Heaven

& Grounding Her into our New Earth NOW !

From the original painting Bloom to Vibrakey VK97 Bloom & Thrive


 New Soul Portrait & Vibrakey 


It is our intention to offer an ongoing "journaling" of our messages & experiences as Mary Angelico & Saleena Kí simultaneously co-created Mother Mary's Soul Portrait; which includes Mary Angelico's original painting & Saleena's new VK97 Bloom & Thrive Vibrakey Portal. This was created so Mother Mary's invitation to join her in the New Earth may go forth and her Divine Feminine gifts and energy to pour through to you. The painting and the story unfolding is an ongoing process…Check back once in awhile or add us to your RSS so you will be notified when we add something new.


 Mother Mary gets our Attention 


Saleena: Where shall I begin???

Well, Colin's review seems to set the stage so I will begin here:

Note: Colin Whitby is a regular part of the Lightwork team. With our OmniDimensional Travel Adventure's we meet often to see what we can explore or participate in as we bring these new energies and draw this New Earth forward into our lives. He is the Editor of The Magic of Being eZine.

The Miracle Workers Handbook

Seven Levels of Power & Manifestation 
of the Virgin Mary

by Sherrie Dillard

 A Review by Colin Whitby 


"Having sent through the request for a preview copy of The Miracle Workers Handbook on the spur of the moment I was a little uncertain I had chosen well. After that initial spontaneous act I looked again at the title and the cover picture and wondered if I had just ordered a weighty theological treatise about Mother Mary. Well nothing could be further from that initial thought, as this book proved to be nothing short of a miracle in itself.

At the time of the book’s arrival in the post I had been working with two of my dearest friends, Saleena Kí and her sister Mary Angelico, on a combined work they had been co-creating together Gifts from the Divine Femi9. We had been connecting through Skype on and off for a few days, and were about to share some connections and link-in with Mother Mary’s energy.

The magical moment was when I described to them the first chapters of this amazing book, and how it was bringing me much closer to Mary, and how her energy was now flowing inside me. We were able to share this together very tangibly, even across each side of the Atlantic, as both ladies had also been opening to Mary, but in a very different way. A paragraph stood out for me and I shared it with them:-


“Do not let Mary's gentle, kindly compassion and love fool you. A dynamic aspect of the divine feminine, she carries into this world of finite limited thinking a transformative renewal of spirit. She comes to wake you to your true being, to shake the established view of what is possible and as she reveals herself to you you will come to know who you really are"  Sherrie Dillard


When we all came together, the timing of receiving the book and that original impulse, made it clear that it was no mistake my having The Miracle Workers Handbook to review.

It is these small yet very impactful synchronistic events that Sherrie describes in the book.


She asks us to invite Mary into our lives

and then look for miracles,

see them and acknowledge them.


Mary is a down to earth celestial being who is concerned with the everyway issues, concerns and circumstances. Not overly mystical, Mary comes to assist you in co-creating what you need and desire in the here and how. She brings heaven to earth and makes it possible for each one of us to rise out of the material laws and allow divine power to manifest through us.” Sherry Dillard   Read More


Mother Mary Blesses us from "Heaven"

Author Unknown


"Mary is a saint for all people. It does not matter if you are Christian, Buddhist, pagan, Muslim or spiritual, Mary is the energetic pattern for miracles and she has a special message for you. Her influence is global, undeniable and a recognizable force. Whether it is a health, financial, family, love, career or life purpose issue or concern, Mary can miraculously intervene. Not only will you experience healing, abundance and unlimited miracles through her grace and intervention, she will ignite the miracle worker within you. Join in the timely resurgence of her power." Sherry Dillard



 A Little Herstory 


In April of 2012, Mother Mary first asked Mary Angelico to work with her creatively to co-create a new kind of Soul Portrait to represent and bridge all the new gifts and energies pouring forth from the Divine Femi9 Realm to assist us in this next Ascension transition period. Mary A. agreed and asked for a team. I, Saleena, was one of the beings she asked for. Since we agreed to join Mother Mary in this amazingly nourishing project, she has shared so much love, new energies and nourishing support with us as it all conitnues to unfold. It is our intention to offer a "journaling" of our messages & experiences as we simulataneously co-create her Soul Portrait as a painting and a new Vibrakey portal for her gifts and energy to pour through.


 Saleena's Perspective of the Story 


Saleena: On May 4th, 2012 Mary Angelico called me with an exciting announcement that Mother Mary had contacted her with a proposal and request. Mary A. had been working with the Divine Feminine and the Marys for the last 2 years, since we completed the Living Maportrait having agreed to bring in 9 songs for them and to freely share them with everyone for encouragement, inspiration and nourishment. You can scroll down the page and download the Mary Songs HERE for your enjoyment for freeMother Mary has always been very special part of her life and energies.


I was more familiar with Mary Magdalene, who asked me to call her MaRi. I got to know her much better since I had communicated with her more and she introduced a White Fire Activation to Colin and I in 2003 which proceeded the Crystal Seeding. You can now receive these crystalline codes through several Vibrakeys: VK58 Crystal Seeding, VK67 Crystalline Consciouness and VK68 10-10-10 Crystalline Stargate ONE.  In fact, the lastest codes are in VK97 Bloom & Thrive, new for the Feminine & Masculine as we enter & become part of the New Earth frequencies. In 2005, MaRi Magdalene asked me if I would become an Earthly vehicle, a human representative, one of many, for her energies and to share her messages through. I agreed and she merged with me on a Maui beach in Hawaii. You can enjoy in some of her messages and our co-projects HERE


Mary Angelico and I are sisters, literally, born in the same family. Each of us recieved a Mary name, my birth name is  Joan Marie. We have a great love and respect for each other now and have lots of fun co-creating together when we get the chance. We've created many art and music projects together over the years as we raised our children and we all grew up together. In 1984 we were committing Nursery Crimes and co-creating a "downloaded" musical with script, poetry & 12 original songs received and written by Mary A. We called it Come Back to Me: A Journey.


Even though we we were practicing within a religious framework at the time, the story was woven in an archetypal and timeless way that ultimately lead us to understand we are each on a "Divinely" orchestrated path. That we are invited to participate in our own awakening, which our daily lives will stimulate and we are ALL headed back to Oneness no matter how long it takes or how it looks to othersThe creative process of this musical journey certainly lit up our lives, fanned the flames of our own awakening process and lead us steadily toward the introduction of the Divine Feminine in her power within each of us and into consensus reality once again.


During that time, intense circumstances rearranged my whole life and my family moved back to Utah. I was able to draw together and directed a wonderful troupe of singers and actors who toured together, performing the musical for over a year. One of the most significant songs to me in the journey is called, "Circle of Sisters." Over the years, we have realized what an amazing message and prediction that announced the return of the Divine Feminine, drawing us together as women-feminine to help each other to bring ourselves back into balance with our brothers-masculine and ultimately leading us on to Oneness & Wholeness.


 Circle of Sisters 

"Come on a new day

when we gather around.

Side by side in a new way…

This is what we found;

that Heaven smiles at what SHE sees…

Eternity is very pleased

to see a Circle of Sisters

United & Strong

where Healing & Visions & Blessings belong.


Come in a new way,

Where Light and Love abound.

Spirit speaks in a new way

& we hear the sound.

& oh the Songs that we will sing

& we will see Eternal Spring

& as we stand by each other

United with love.

We know our Circle of Sisters

Is where we belong.

We know our Circle of Sisters

Is where you belong."

Words & Music by Mary Angelico


In recent years, our first "official" artistic co-creation was VK21 Flower of Eternal Life.


Our second one is VK29 Living Marywhich began stirring in 2006. Here is one of my journal entries:


2006-12-26: "We have been feeling it is time to check in. I am feeling an interest in the Marys. What do we have to do with them and who are they really?  So it was with these questions I called my sister Mary Angelico." 

This led me along to receive the first sketch, on Jan 4th, 2007 of an image that MaRi asked me to co-create into a Vibrakey for her to use as an activation and portal for her blessings and energies. She suggested I ask Mary Angelico if she would paint her face and body. We first called it Unveiling Mary. During the course of the next 2 years we literally lived through this whole process of removing our own veils and emerging as Living Marys in each of our own ways. You may read more in the Mary Magdalene's Portal.


So now we are in a nice place where I can lead into how it all came about with Mary AngelicoMother Mary…. 

This is a photo of the original Soul Portrait painting she calls Bloom. It was taken on a day when Mother Mary was giving Mary Angelico a message. The original painting was sold and at this moment no prints are being offered, though you can contact Mary if you are interested. Here is her story:


 Mary's Bloom Journal



 Blending the Painting into a Vibrakey 

Here is what happened when we merged Mary Angelico's painting

with Mother Mary's guidance to create a Vibrakey. 

This is the version you will get when you order

VK97 Bloom & Thrive