Mother Marys’ “BLOOM!” 

The Story of Co-Creating a Soul Portrait for

Mother Mary

Journaling the Process by Mary Angelico


Mary Angelico was commissioned by the Divine Feminine through Mother Mary to co-create a Soul Portrait for her. She does this and share some of her art and expereinces at Angel Bridge. One of her gifts is to commune with the higher dimensions and bring back messages from those living there. Her Angel Bridge comes in the form of paintings, music, poetry and messages. This is the story of her adventure as the painting evolves the the delightful end results.


Thursday 4/11/2012

Prayer Impressions:


…LIGHT!  The Spirit rises in “De-LIGHT!” 

…Messages from HOME,

from the true nature of my being.


Mary Angelico (Me) asking Questions:  Mother, where are you?

Mother (MA) Answering:  I am merged within you.  This is not a time of receiving, as from an “other,” but a time of BEING, as in seva, service.

Me:  What am I to do today?

MA:  Continue the project.  (I was painting a triple triptic called UNITREE for my kids.)  Be alert to what rises in the moment.  Walk… Breathe… Sing!  Be who you are.  It is a flow.  I am with you always.  Did you like my gift yesterday?  It was a Double Day- the song *AVE MARIA and the new connection, my exquisite daughter *Samarah. 


*(I was walking across the street in the morning and was compelled to go over to the catholic chapel of the Holy Rosary.  The door was opened and I remembered Shekina Rose telling me that I would go into the churches around my home.  I walked in and a woman with a badge greeted me.  I asked her if anyone could come into the chapel and she said yes, but not today, as there was a funeral service in session.  I thanked her for her information and at that very moment in the program I heard a woman begin to sing a song. 


Suddenly it dawned on me- the song was “AVE MARIA!”  I decided to linger, pretending to look at all the artwork on the wall in the foyer, all the while listening.  I felt that the synchronicity was Divine, a message from Mary, of course! 


The second gift was a synchronistic guidance on the internet to find a channel of Mother Mary named Samarah.  I listened to a video of her channel and was impressed with her sweet spirit, and also that I was to contact her. I did, and we connected, and in the course of our discussion, she mentioned that she would love to see a painting of Mother Mary that did not have her eyes downcast.  I felt the hint of a calling right then…


MA: You are of similiar star stuff!  Be in joy in this connection.  It was an auspicious introduction- and


YES, you are going to paint my portrait

Don’t worry, it will come to you

when the timing is right. 

It is a seed for now.

Be of good cheer!



4/14/2012    Saturday

Message from *M


Me: I have been feeling a connection for the past couple of years to a *soul who at some point wants to come in as my grandchild.


The time is essential.  Just as (your son) had a very specific timeline, so do I.  Fear not!  Worry not!  Trouble yourself not over any detail of my coming in.  Just love me when I come.  I am orchestrating things right now.  It will be after 2012, in the year 2013 a new doorway or portal will be fully opened.  You are to be my guide, my friend, my “co-conspirator” in the plan of my upbringing.  You will have input.  (Your son’s partner’s) heart is open to you and will be more so in the days to come.  A purification is occurring within their bodies so that the genetics can be a match to the frequency I will need in order to inhabit the body without difficulty.  You will live to see many changes, many blessings, many prophecies fulfilled.  I am that Promised Child of the First Hour, born to your *Promised Child of the Last Hour!


*My sister, Saleena, and I wrote a book in 1984 to help us to become the Mother's that these new children need. It was called, "Promised Children of the Last Hour" It was never published yet it helped us to adjust to help our chidren in a new way. 


M: (Your son) was to preface my coming, as John prefaced Jesus.  You are my guide and counselor.  We will be close and I will not forget.  Tell me stories of the new world we are building.  Speak honestly to me and hold nothing back.  It is like a Jedi training of sorts – only this will be the input of the Mary’s realm, the Divine Feminine setting the world straight through the balancing of Feminine in the Masculine dominated set up.  Study more about Latvia- there will be a key piece of information revealed.

Feel my love.  Feel for my signature energy.  See the light of the SUN – that is how bright I am.  It is also how bright you are, but you just forgot! 


Me:  What color can I associate with you?


M:  Red – PassionI will feel strongly about many things.  My eyes will be wide open.  Like I said, I will not forget.  Remember the little boys?  (Me: YES!Three times I came to you.  Don’t forget those messages.  Support (your son) in the establishment of his economic stability and the strengthening of his bond of love with (his partner).  It is a good match “Made in Heaven” as it were.  You are to be a proud grandmother and an integral part of their world. 


Don’t worry about anything now,

just keep anchoring in the

planetary stabilizing crystalline light

through your body which is a

power point on the crystalline grid. 

This grid is unique – as it is a

mixture of structures and humans! 


Organic to the max!  You are part of this and forget about feeling you are not contributing.  You are contributing.  Now allow a block of knowledge to come in.  Don’t write now.


My Research Today:



“MARA”  Here we go…in Wikipedia:  “…Latvia’s national insect is a 2-spot ladybird (ladybug) – its Latvian name “marite” is a synonym for the ancient Latvian Goddess Mara, WHO EMBODIES THE POWER OF THE EARTH…

The festival Maras was held in her honor every August 15, probably a result of Christian influence and identification of MARA with MARY, whose main festival has fallen on the same date since early times.   There is also the opinion that deity MARA is  a reflection of the Christian MARY…”  


4/15/2012    Sunday


Beginning Vision

Notes from my Journal:


The key from the Latvian mythology is

…who embodies the power of the Earth…”


Me: Mother Mary begins her directions for a soul protrait I am to begin:


Mother Mary-MM:  Make my cloth GREEN… 


Green-coming from Heavenly Blue,

touching down to Earth… 

I embrace green.  A blue-green would be beautiful. 

Feel into these colors…

emerald green…

red violet… 

the marriage of the violet, the Rose Ray,

the green of Earth… 

Time to create the New Earth.


Me:  (Shall I use the) Background of *Sedona?

*I had gone on a great adventure to the amazing sacred land of Sedona, Arizona a few weeks ago to meet with Shekinah Rose. The whole adventure was full of magical synchronisities and divine meetings. Now we see that we were being seeded for this part of the Divine Feminine's work to come forth now…


MM:  No, just the *Rose Ray.  Put the pictures on the back of the painting to energize it. 

* from Shekinah Speaks

Me:  Am I on track with the face?  (I worked on it in Photoshop yesterday putting together a beginning image.)


MM:  Yes, you are working on your version of me, merged with you! 


There are codes of the

Language of Light

around the parameter…

The colors are important. 

There will be 7 layers-  

embedded layers,

(invisible to the eye,

yet they will influence the final energies…)  



Study the work of the Pre-Raphaelites.  Ask for *Fra Angelico to be with you in spirit.  This is a great assignment.


Me:  Is this canvas the right canvas?


MM:  It’s fine- It’s the work that matters not the size. 



the actions you take-

you will not work alone.



Spiritual Team


Me: I feel an impression to assemble a Spiritual Team to help:


1-    Fra Angelico – Will you work with me and infuse me with your devotional spirit?

2-    Saint Germain – Will you work with me and infuse this with the Violet Flame?

3-    Mother Mary  – Will you work through me?  Will you bring your true essence into this adventure?


Mother Mary:  Here are some questions for you.

Mary, are you pure of heart? 

Is this really something you want to do with passion? 

Are you ready? 

This is a journey of growth, learning to create in a new way.


LAYERS- remember this!  7 LAYERS…


Me:  Who else will be on my team?


MM:  Saleena – She will help with CLARITY.  This is not a separation expression, but teamwork, as in the New Order of the New Earth.


Me:  *Samarah?

 (*The Mother Mary channel whom I recently contacted.)


MM:  If she responds. 


Me:  My heart is ready to serve!  I want to engage this project/process with passion and peace, if that can be combined- like Heaven & Earth


Mother Mary, what would you like to portray? 

What is the purpose?



I am bringing a new spirit in,

merging more fully with flesh, with 5-D form. 

This is a step up and a step down,

bringing Heaven and Earth as elements into the merge. 


That is why I am merging with Shekina, merging with you and others.  Sisters of the Sacred Rose will love this painting.


Me:  What is the new energy?


MM:  Stepped up-stepped-down!  Meeting in the middle.  The NOW space presence, but bringing more life and heart and nature!  There, you’ve got it.  Make it REALLY green- florescent if you want!




… Not white light this time,

but GREEN LIFE thriving! 

It’s called “THRIVE.”  

It is my blessing to you now. 


I am calling my children

out of scarcity, fear, angst and darkness


Mother Gaias’ Paradise


Make it real as the Pre-Raphaelites were dedicated to merging realism and nature with noble themes.  Look specifically at John William Waterhouse and see his grace. 



merging of Heaven & Earth

to be the theme. 

It is NOW. 


These blessings are to be shared. 

These are enough clues for now.  Call Saleena!

(I call my sister Saleena Ki at 11:49 am.)


Saleena says:  Two Red Cardinals just flew into the Mary tree!  Magic is afoot!  Also, a mockingbird flew over into the Mary tree…  (She named a tree outside in her front yard after me!)

So Saleena will be my nature consultant! 

We ask if this painting can become a part of a Vibrakey, like we co-created with my painting of Mary Magdalene except that time Mary Magdalene approached Saleena and asked her to ask me if I would do the portrait for her. It is now Vibrakey 29 called Living Mary. 


VK29 Living Mary

Mary Magdalene's Portal

MM: Yes, this is also to be a *Vibrakey…

Here is Saleena's introduction this story at Mother Mary's Portal.


Me:  Are the cherry blossom pictures for the background?


MM:  Yes.  


Note: Saleena photographed Cherry Blossoms on her way back from Princeton, NJ.  She said It was so lush, so feminine- she said she just wanted to nestle her face in the flurry of blossoms…She said that there was even a purplish ray that showed up in some of the photos! She said this would truly add the energy and blessings of THRIVING!


VK97 Bloom & Thrive-Mother Mary Vibrakey in Progress


There are 7 Creativity symbols,

7 groups of Geometry…

also a “Blessing Message.”






Every year, Japanese people wait as a nation for the cherry trees to bloom. What a beautiful awareness of the passage of the seasons.  Even more enchanting, there are whole sets of words and phrases for describing cherry blossoms like:


kaika o matsu  – waiting for blooming

hatsuhana – the first blossom

mankai – full bloom,

asazakura – morning cherry blossoms

hanakagari – cherry blossom as seen by the

light of a flame or lamp under the tree


In an age where nature is so often overlooked, in spite of her beauty and magnificence, such regard is powerfully EARTHING.  Different languages relate to different views of reality and what a beautiful focus such language reflects. Experiencing our world as a living whole and ourselves as a part of the whole brings the direct experience of all that we are.  By savoring each aspect of the cherry tree, eternity is breathed through the fleeting blossom.




“With *Annam’s (Elle’s)  (who is one of the Spiritual teacher's I respect) guidance and clear seeing I now understand that which I have overlooked in my quest for God.  There is a God Code within everything.  It is vibrant, alive-energetic information flowing effortlessly to each of us.  I breathe it.  I speak with It and It to me.  Song flows.  Inspiration plays.  Life is.  Thank you, Annam.”  

 Amaya Gregory (Coach & Author)    




5 is the number of GRACE

7 is the number of SPIRITUAL PERFECTION

7 is the SEAL OF GOD, also

symbolic of the transition to an

entirely new level of existence

7 Chakras

7 Seals in Revelation

7 is the gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven… 

In essence 7 also represents FAITH,

having a direct connection

to a higher source, living happy and carefree,

knowing the ultimate truth is that

we are loved and cared for by God,

that all needs are provided for.




 “Why should we all use our creative power?  Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold and compassionate, so indifferent to fighting and the accumulation of objects and money.”  – Brenda Ueland, Author


“As children, creating art flowed naturally, instinctively and passionately.  Given the opportunity, it is amazing to discover that this instinctive creativity remains strong throughout one’s lifetime.  The process of creating art is one of the greatest resources for promoting physical and mental well being through:


Fostering relaxation

Fortifying the immune system

Increasing self-esteem

Promoting hope and a positive outlook

Generating an abundant sense of peace

Building a global community with a universal language


If you take any activity, any art, any discipline, any skill, take it and push it as far as it will go, push it beyond where it has ever been before, push it to the wildest edge of edges, then you force it into the realm of magic.” - Tom Robbins, Author



4/19/2012   Thursday

Team of 7


Me:  I wish to officially invite my *team of 7- Fra Angelico, Archangel Michael, John William Waterhouse… Saint Germain… Saleena, Shekina… and Mother Mary.

*(I began by petitioning each of them and reciving the gift-energy they offer me so I may do this portrait in a way pleasing to Mother Mary.) 


Fra Angelico:  (GOLD)


Me:  Let me be infused with your profound devotion to the subject, not to the painting but the true Mother of Heaven.  As you knelt in humility and gratitude and reverence, so may I be keenly aware, humble and grateful for the tremendous honor this is, to bring Mother Mary’s essence into this world through the painting.  Let me approach this with DEVOTION.


Archangel Michael:  (BLUE)


Michael:  I bet you are surprised!    

Me:  Yes, I am!  Of course! 

Michael:  You are commissioned with the Blue Ray work and Mary’s work.  

Me:  What will you do for me? 


(I’m given the impression of the sword of discrimination… not to protect a painting but a shift into accepting and bringing in the spirit of THRIVING, of GRACE, ABUNDANCE and the MERGING OF HEAVEN & EARTH.)

PROTECTION from input- anything that would deviate you from bringing in this energy.

Me:  Anything else?

Michael:  A bit of fun!  I am not that serious.  I am strong in JOY, in CONFIDENCE, in TRUSTING the DIVINE PLAN of our God.  ALL IS ONE!     Amen.


Saint Germain:  (RED-VIOLET)


PURIFICATION through the Violet Flame as always, but a new infusion into LIFE- putting the fire into nature as passion!  PURIFICATION LEADS TO HOLY PASSION!  This you will seek to open to.  I will aide you and guide you in keeping your fire pure, your passion for the project purified, in balance and yet potent. 


Saleena: (GREEN)


CLARIFICATION- touching in, holding the powerful frequencies through mighty faith in what is unfolding.  She understands the code, the Language of Light, the feeding of the under layers into the work.  This will surround and support the image and the message.  She will receive parts of the underlying message.

Me:  What color?

GREEN!  She is of the earth now, merging with R. at *Laulima and pulling Paradise Earth forward into this matrix of reality.  And you will have fun!


*Laulima, a Hawaiian word denoting many unseen hands working together, is the name of a beautiful 30 acre garden property in Wartrace, Tennessee.  Created by one dedicated man using the same spiritual principles as Findhorn, a New Age center in Northern Scotland, known for the gardening experiment, where every action was aligned through meditation and respectful cooperation with the earth, her plants and the devas who oversee and regulate all growth in nature. Saleena has been visiting, photographing, absorbing and communing there. They are preparing her…


Shekina Rose:  (ROSE PINK)


The power of ACTIVATION!  Through Shekina’s power and conviction of holding the pure frequencies of the Rose Ray, this work shall be blessed and potentized to the highest degree.  Keep checking in.  *Abby, Andara and Shekina will represent one unit now.  Be blessed by their association and know the work is growing through them. 

*These are women I met and connected with in Sedona


Mary Angelico:  (WHITE)


PERSONIFICATION – A BEINGNESS in form.  This is an essence made manifest, a principle of Creation, a fragment of the totality of the God nature of Isness.  You are a personification of the qualities that are attributed to the Divine Mother in Heaven.  Mother Mary is the image, the interface.  Be well in holding this frequency as it belongs to you and is merged in you.  Trust your instincts and your inclinations and your woman’s intuition.  This is a great favor.  “Mary, Thou art highly favored among women…” 


Bring them to this place of feeling more

connected to me here on New Paradise Earth. 

I have come to be with you and to play with you. 

The day of joy has begun. 

Lots of happy times lie ahead. 

I wish for you to let completely go of fear. 


You cannot mess this project/process up!  It is an honor, but not a holy somber one, but a playful, joyous one! 


Think SPRING in a warm meadow with

blossoms bursting and life returning and

hope rising in the hearts of the cold and the weary. 

Let’s play in the garden and have joy! 


Beloved, this is your commission.  The time of tears is over and we shall never more go out from the warmth of the inner sun.  So shine, shine, shine your love and light and delight into this work of art!  UNITREE was a warm up.  It is done for the most part and now you are to begin turning the attention in the direction of this piece of Heaven!  Yes, you can get a larger canvas if you so choose.  Be of good cheer.  I am ever with you.  And so it is, sweet heart, daughter of my realm.  Don’t be any different than you are!

Love, Mother




Whoops- forgot John William Waterhouse…  


PRESENTATION!  To paint with the GRACE and the BEAUTY that his style and skill gifted to the world.  That would be wonderful!  



Finding the Foundation; the Canvas Story

Journal continues 2:53 pm


Me: I had an adventure getting my canvas for the painting.  I had pulled one out of the closet and was going to use it, but all of a sudden Michael, my husband not archangel- but then, maybe it is the same!, put in his opinion after I had shown him the images I was working with on the computer.  He said “You need to make it BIGGER!  Get a bigger canvas like the size of the Shekinah- or BIGGER!!”  That planted the seed and so I got a craving to go to the art store “Michaels” (how appropriate!).  I looked for a coupon online and found one for 40% off a regular priced item.  I got kind of confused with roads on my way, but oddly the random road I picked to go on turned out to be the right road!  I went to the art section of the store and was shocked to see all the canvases in their usual spot were almost gone. 


Then I turned around and there on the floor, leaning against the end of the row was one lone large canvas.  It was the expensive kind with the wide wrap-around edge.   I thought that was odd.   I saw that the canvases had been moved to the row next to where it was sitting.   It was kind of intimidating- so large and bold… so I went over to look at some smaller ones and when I tried to pull one out, the whole row of them fell out all over the floor!  A lady sent her daughter over to help me pick them up.  I felt that was a sign to not go smaller, but pay attention to the obvious one lone canvas on the floor!  I took it up front to see how much and was so pleased to find that even though I couldn’t use my coupon it was good because the canvas was on sale with 60% off!  So, what would have been $80 or $90 turned out to cost only $26.27! So I was able to pay for it with the cash in my purse rather than a credit card. 


When I got home I was placing some flowers out on the deck and dropped something off the deck.  I went down to get it and picked up the mail on the way.  I almost put it all in recycling as junk mail, but then one strange letter caught my eye.  It literally said this on the outside of the envelope:


“GOD is doing great things in answer to prayer…”  


I thought that was interesting… so I read the back of the envelope which said this:





Considering the commission that I am responding to- I accept!  So goes the beginning of the “THRIVE” journey!



4/20/2012    Friday

Quote I read this morning:  


“The Earth is birthing, and the Earth will accommodate humanity, but the Earth is also asking humanity to accommodate itself.  No one can handle this Shift from a third dimensional pattern of consciousness, hoping or praying for a change. Fortunately, it is absolutely within the reach of each of us to step into a higher fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness at this moment- fully conscious, intentional, and focused. From this vibrational platform we can begin to use light, colors, geometries, and sound frequencies to alter the dynamics of this dramatic, unprecedented shift into higher consciousness.”  Jim Self


Message from MM:


Time to bloom!  No more waiting.  In the dark annals of history, the inclusion of hope was a seed- a precious seed kept under wraps and hoarded.  Now cast away all hoarding, all contraction, all fear-based activity and thought.  It is the Spring time for new thought, new ways of being, new life.

Implement the Flower of Life pattern into the painting. 

Layer 1- 7 times you will install it

into the energetic matrix of this creation. 

Here are the 7 layers:










*KEY: “Change what you hold in your energy fields so that you can journey in life with greater GRACE, PEACE, EMPOWERMENT & ABUNDANCE.”  – Aleya Dao


*I realized on my vision board that I have a picture of a circular color wheel and below it I put “CREATE!” and right next to that word for some unknown reason I cut out from a newspaper ad and taped on the words: “7 Circles.”  (Now I know the 7 circles are the Flower of Life pattern!)



Message from Source



Me: Message I found inside a random letter that came in the mail from Saint Matthews Church:


“…The power to speak blessing into your own life is in you.  You must discover the ways to use this power.  As you daily seek me in prayer, understanding of the gifts in you will come forth, and the evidence of this will become apparent to those around you. 

Due to my spirit working in you… you may feel inner power growing because of your closeness to me…  As you are obedient to my instructions, my spirit will create in you awareness of which steps to take and which steps you should not take, concerning plans you have made and those you are to make.  I will direct your steps, and the path I lead you on can take you toward the path that leads to the fulfillment you seek.  My Dear Child, I have much joy planned for you.  As you remain faithful in your seed sowing into my kingdom, surely you shall be blessed.  Be not weary in well doing, for you shall have your promised reward.  I say unto you, meditate on these things I have said, for you shall see them with your own eyes…”


Me: This seemed like a message straight from Source, so I accepted it as applicable to my process.  It was quite strange that it mentioned the seed sowing, as I have come up with the seven seed words for the Mary process:








They connect to the Flower of Life pattern and the rainbow colors of the 7 chakras, also the 9 Mary Songs. (you can hear them for free if you click on the link) This will go on the backside of the canvas as one of the layers.












4/23/2012    Monday


From an email sent to a brother in Australia who on an impulse sent me links to a various assortment of rhythmic ethnic music from different cultures, styles which I am not used to listening to:

“This music you have sent is truly a blessing to me as I work on preparing the canvas for my Mother Mary painting.  It is to be done in 7 layers- each a part of the meaning of how we can bloom and thrive, merging Heaven and Earth.   I am so touched by every song… and as I played it while I was laying gesso on the canvas, which is covering up what I wrote on there called "Mary’s Blooming Blessing," I had a thought that maybe I should be listening to more traditional devotional music to Mary while I do this instead.  I felt a sudden and immediate rush of response penetrate my heart and I got it suddenly to the core- The Divine Mother doesn't want us to praise and adore her as much as she wants us to "fall in love with her children!"  It hit me so profoundly that tears came to my eyes and my heart opened yet wider to feel the true meaning of our transition for these times.  As we fall in love with all her children, all cultures and peoples, we can open ourselves from our narrowness and learn to rejoice in their art and music, their joy and sorrow and feeling and life expression in all its diversity and beauty.  Anyway, it isn't new news, but it hit me in such a “fresh” way, as Mooji would say!”


4/26/12    Sunday

Thrive & the Blooming Blessing

Today's Research:


Me: Today I asked the question, "What is it to THRIVE?"

Prosper, flourish, succeed, blossom, bloom… BINGO! 

(I decided to change the name of the painting to “BLOOM!”)

What is it not?

Limitation, FEAR, lack, constriction, suffering, unhappiness…

Failure to thrive is not a specific disease, but rather a cluster of symptoms which may come from a variety of sources. 


After watching the new Foster Gamble documentary “THRIVE,” I was touched to the core and inspired to create a seed word list.  The essence of it feels like the potential garden I wish to grow in my new environment, my new way of being a more conscious citizen of our beautiful Mother Earth.  


Also, a “Blooming Blessing” was written upon the front of the canvas.




SEED WORDS & Meanings

that bring in vibration of

New Gaia's Paradise Earth









BEAUTY –  The quality or combination of qualities that give PLEASURE to the SENSES or PLEASURABLE EXALT the MIND or SPIRIT




RADIANCE–  An attractive combination of GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINESS


OPEN– FREE from limitations, boundaries or restrictions, ACCESSIBLE, AVAILABLE for use












GRATITUDE– The quality of BEING THANKFUL, in readiness to show APPRECIATION for and to return KINDNESS


HARMONY– AGREEMENT in feeling or opinion, ACCORD; a pleasing combination of elements in a whole


















FLOWING–  PROCEEDING SMOOTHLY or EASILY, GRACEFUL, without sudden interruption








6/1/2012   Friday


Me: Didn’t quite get to writing yesterday, but was told to review what has come already for my painting.  Then I painted all day.  Today I was guided to read a blog by Michael White who seems so much like a brother.  His story was how he became a channel and I feel it is a message for me.


Michael White:  “…Saint Germain said that my public ministry as a channel was about to take off.  He spoke of other channels with gifts similar to my own… we were helping him open what he called his “Ministry of Magic in a New Age of channelship with the Masters.”

“…The best way to develop as a channel is to become more psychologically clear by letting go of attachments and purifying ones’ self of egoic patterns.  A psychologically clear person is what the Masters look for…”

“…I used to receive the energy of whatever Master or guide I was going to channel several minutes before… Then, one day, …none of them came forward… 

Finally I said “Okay, which one of the Masters am I going to channel?  They replied “YOU!”


Me: I’d like to explore connections, directions, elections- who is chosen to do what?

In this moment I hear… wind blowing… happy children’s voices… playing…

Earlier I saw a hummingbird feed off of our hanging flower baskets… for over five minutes it seemed. 

The message:  Beyond “blooming” is now being available for “feeding!”  Service… seva… sharing… of our nectar…. open to whoever or whatever arises… 

I am listening…

Message:  No new messages, Mary.  It is always the same- presence, attention, simplicity, love…  Curiosity and sharing can be added.  Explore the Universe!  It is your playground.  Explore the earth!  It is your home.  Marvel upon marvel upon marvel await your curious eyes and mind, and even as the hummingbird now comes to feed upon your open blooms, so the flower of life’s offerings are opened to you to feed.  So, too, are you available for others to explore with.

Me:  What is this silence, this fuzzy state of mind?

MM:  Barometric pressure and an emptying out of your irrelevant stuff.  Be happy with the quiet.  It’s as Michael White stated- the flow awaiting you being psychologically clear.

Me:  What am I to do today?

MM:  Whatever you want!  No holds barred!  Stop thinking of financial limitation and start exploring your world.  Be a scout, a guide, a friend, a helper, a healer of unbelief.  Believe so strongly in the new found nature of omni-dimensional reality, that you open portals for new experience.  Be alert!  Be ready!  Be happy and all wonders will flow, will present themselves to your hungry palate.  I made this creation for your enjoyment as well!  Be happy, Mary!  Simply that!  Amen!


6/18/2012    Monday

What Next?


Me:  What to do with the Mary painting?  I feel stuck with no inspiration on what to do next…

MM:  When you don’t know how to proceed- be still.  This is because it has not been given yet.  Be patient.  Look at page 39.  (This quote came from a pictorial calendar book from SRF.) 


“Create Godlike habits by thinking of Him as beauty and fragrance in the flowers, colors in the rainbow; love, wisdom and power in all human minds, and vastness in the ocean and sky…”  - Paramahansa Yogananda


I also noticed that on this date on the calendar book was the title of the holy day “Rosh Hashanah.”  I looked up the meaning and was pleased to see that it is the Jewish New Year, also called the Day of Judgment and the Day of Remembering.  It is the first day of the 7th month.  On Rosh Hashanah Jews often say


“May you be inscribed and sealed in the Book of Life…”


Message from Mary to me through Barry Snyder as I spoke to him on the phone of my block on the painting: 


“Go away from form.  Go to Source and everything will flow through you.  The form is secondary.  The formless is what is important.”


After hearing this message, I realized that the path in front of Mary in the painting needed to be simple and empty for the most part- not complicated as I was trying to “figure out” with complex geometry or something of that nature.  Just empty- short of the single rose in the Flower of Life.



6/26/12   Tuesday

My Prayer:

Me: Beloved,

Please infuse me with your Light.  Make a way for me to serve, first and foremost, to the whole, to the ONE.  I serve the ONE, allowing Light to settle where it will, arise where it will, and to finalize where it wills.  Life is mine to experience, but not control, independent of the ONE.

MM:  Be merged in the ONE, Mary, in conscious awareness.  You don’t know how this feels yet.  Though it is happening, there hasn’t been a “high-lighting” of it.  Be ready.  It will come soon.  Allow the mind to settle and the witness to direct.  Be passionate in this focus.  The painting is almost done.  Trust the process.  It is a beautiful unfolding, and will be “set” in the border-merge that is truly a portal for a Divine interaction upon the Earth.  It will be surprising where this painting ends up hanging.  Trust and allow the flow of synchronicity to guide you.  All is well. 





Wholeness will come.


July 2, 2012    Sunday (Father’s Day)

My Prayer:

Me: Mother Mary, please help re-ignite my passion for the project/process. I feel it has waned.  What about my devotion?  I feel I don’t fully know you…


MM:  Remember, I AM you! 

I am a collective, not an individual form. 


Have greater devotion for your women, for your Self!  Remember this is a team process, not a singular one.  You feel stuck when you think you must do it alone.  Reach out again- this will ignite your passion.  The weaknesses you feel in skill level have no real meaning.  I have agreed to “condescend” or in other words- step down to a place of connection, more earthy.  Women know this.  They embody the earth wisdom that is needed for our times.  Be patient.  You are not over it yet.  You can’t just do your part and disconnect.  The purpose of team “work” is to unite the team.  The REAL purpose is to get beyond the little self, get beyond living in an “apart-ment” in consciousness and perception, and feel your self a greater part of the whole. 

The New Earth is only existent in the

Unity-Christ-Consciousness frequencies. 

Move into that and you are there. 

As long as you think or feel separate,

that will be your experience. 


Go to each team member.  

Ask for a BOON.

Definition:  Boon- A benefit bestowed, especially one bestowed in response to a request. 

Start with me!




Me:  Mary, I ask for a boon.  Your will… Your wisdom… Please take charge here.

Mary:  Sit in stillness for a few minutes and you will receive. (I felt a beautiful flow, a download of energy and a full block of knowledge around the cycling of all natural creation, and a sense of “I AM YOU ARE ME” or “I AM U R ME” in a circle- like words and meanings all connected in a whole.)


The blooming is not one stage frozen in time,

but the tipping point when form

begins to open, to come into form fullness. 


This is but a stage, a part of a multi-cycle of renewal, recycling all above and below the line.  Like a circulating fountain, the torus formula or pattern works in nature.  The BLOOM is the beginning of the next great cycle.  You don’t know how to do it or experience it fully right now, rather it is the kick-off of the next great ascending age.  At the end, the fruit will manifest.  Now is a time for the beginnings, the openings, the trusting to unfurl your petals that have protected your inner core.  Open now to the Light!  It is safe now.  It is time.




Me:  Is there something I am missing?

Fra Angelico:  I painted with my heart.  You already do this, and if you are not, you will know it.  Keep dropping into the heart place.  Allow the devotion to arise naturally.  Remember music is your quickest transformer of emotional fragmentation into the laser of your great devotion and love.  Play devotional music today.  You will SEE a difference.  All love to you and our Holy Lady. 

Blessings & Namaste

(Don’t forget!)





Mary, don’t be so serious!  Laugh and play and remember you gave yourself this assignment!  This is how you like to “process” and “journey.”  It could be quicker and emptier, but you like this play! 

Me:  What is my boon?

Archangel Michael:  Understanding- realizing YOU create your conditions and reality, and therefore it is YOU that can “protect” YOU from anything not wanted.  This is the grand “Aha!” or as others would express in relief- “Ah ha ha!”  This is very funny in the end.  VERY entertaining!  You know how you all love entertainment.  The greatest story IS earth!

Love & Blessings,


PS – I have brought you more Michaels lately.  Pay attention!

(I realized that I had been invited to take a portrait painting class from a local Art Gallery and had dismissed it because I didn’t think I could justify the expenditure until I saw the flyer on my vision board and realized the teacher’s name is Michael and for some reason I circled the name!  I asked my husband, Michael, about it and secretly he enrolled me and gave it to me as a gift for our 5th anniversary!)



We have gone on a little journey of sorts, dipping into strange territory, facing “things” that seem distressing and disheartening, perhaps even frightening…  AND we have gone beyond them to show you the true TRUTH!  This means the truth behind all illusion.  The Violet flame is also an illusion, but humans love color and fire and points of illustration.  There is no real power outside of your true ONE SELF!  You are, I AM. May we merge and speak no more separately.  My boon to you is the merge- the UNION.  Now lay aside this mental tool (my journal)and receive!

(I was directed to this time of unity with SAT- and now I felt this is truly the state I am called to embrace- TRUTH and I are one!  How could I fear anything?)




John William Waterhouse was an English Pre-Raphaelite painter most famous for his paintings of female characters from mythology and literature. He belonged to the later phase of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

JW:  Your theme is much nobler than mine ever could have been.  Trust the Heavens will supply the Grace you seek.  I sought for grace through theme and form, but you- ah, the Grace of Heaven pours through your work because of earnestness of heart.  This should not be discounted.  I would trade ALL MY SKILL for the Heavenly kiss you receive because of the purity of your heart.  Think not that you are at a disadvantage.  The skill can come in another day and time.  But ask me and I will give you a boon.  I will help you with the hands.  These are key in transmitting the Codes of Light. 

Me:  Amen to this!



Call her and ask today for a boon.  It will be received and given joyfully.  Hey, I just realized that she lives in “BOONEVILLE!”

I called and didn’t connect, but later she called me and did a card reading.  These are the ones I picked:  A “Seed of Life” pattern called “FLOWERING” and one called “TRANSFORMATION.”  How appropriate!




Shekinah:  Ask for anything!



Oh Great Mother of earth and sky,

Divine presence within…

I offer myself, though knowing

I do not fully know where to begin.

Deeply I search… behind what seems real…

Beyond mind, conditioning, belief and will…

Then you quietly whisper to me: “Be still.”

All questions and needs are silent here.

All petitions are laid to rest…

Dissolving into this blissful state

That Mother and I know best!



 7/9/2012    Sunday

Team Update 

Day of Restoration


“Day of Restoration” (This was the title that came as I was writing the date in my journal.)

My Prayer:  I call upon my team…  Fra Angelico what have I learned?

Fra Angelico:  Enthusiasm (passion) channeled into devotion…  Devotion holds the passion more steadily than attraction to worldly things.  Form world collapses and so do ideas, but the love that runs beneath it all, is best expressed through connection back into the ONE.  There are many entry points, Christ Jesus being one.  No man lived with greater devotion to the ONE in Father aspect.  Be joyful and embrace this special relationship with Christ Jesus.  He will speak to you now.

(Wow- so unexpected!  Tears come…)

Jesus:  It has been a journey, as you like to say.  Today is decreed a day of restoration, because if you didn’t notice, I have stepped back from being your constant, and allowed many other icons, many other sources, to come and influence your being.  Remember the hand off to Yogananda?  You were scared, yet faithful. 

Me:Yes, I remember sitting in service one day at Ananda after we had just made the transition there from Utah.  I was still unsure and somewhat distressed about the possibility that I was being “untrue” to Jesus by shifting over to this eastern-based path with a different line up of Masters on the alter.  I suddenly had the impression of Jesus and Yogananda standing behind me.  They were chuckling and amused at my dilemma.  I heard/felt one of them say in a laughing way- “What are we going to do with her?”  Then Jesus handed Yogananda his staff and said “Will you take care of her for awhile?”  Such a burden lifted, as I felt I was not being untrue, but being shared, expanded and blessed instead.

 Jesus:  Remember the dip into the land of the Holy Mothers?  Meera, Mama Dori… YES!  (I am so surprised to hear the name of my former mother-in-law!)  Mama Dori was set up to teach you forgiveness, tolerance and strength.  (She was kind of hard on me- well okay… VERY hard on me!)She modeled a great love, devotion and service to my children, the poor and the needy, at the end of her incarnation.  She was indeed a great saintly figure in service to the poor, and how life is transformed through cooperation and dedication.  (When she married Luther Whitaker after my former husband’s father died, they eventually became Christian focused and dedicated the rest of their life to God’s work and traveling to Mexico, creating and carrying out many great service projects down there among the poor.)  Those who were recipients were not as touched and changed as she and Luther were.  So yes- Mama Dori! 

Karunamayi… and it is no mistake she is coming to your area.  (I saw a poster in the health food store the other day that she is coming to Seattle.)  I am with you in all of this.  Then the transfer to UNITY.  (After Ananda, I spent a number of years attending and serving at Unity in the Gold Country in Grass Valley, California.)

 It is now time to make another transfer.  Feed my sheep!  Feed my lambs!  It is a requirement of my path.  I am coming back as a resurrection in your life.  I have seen the disjointed way you perceive your connections. (Internally all the figures, I guess, of my internal devotion are floating around- so many I don’t always know who to pray to!)  I have seen the gaps in your mind of how it all fits together.  I am here today to piece it together for you and with you.  Close your eyes now and watch me in your minds’ eye spin some “magic” for you!

Me:  What I feel/see is the face on the Shroud of Turin, but it turns around and I feel it coming in, but then it’s not like it comes into me, but rather around me and then I understand it is like… stackables!  How funny!  I always imagined that in merging with other beings, our distinctions start to change and mix and maybe dilute.  But in this way, each is stacked inside one another, but each retains its own shape and distinction.  They are all put together as a layered ONE!

Jesus:  Cozy in!

Me:  I get it!  So I feel this wonderful cozy feeling of just settling my shape, my individual uniqueness into His… and His into the Fathers’, and the Fathers’ into something greater, etc. etc. etc…  I like this!  Truly a better way of envisioning ONENESS.

Jesus:  You are my “sheep” if you fit into my configuration.  To feed my sheep is to love and serve those who love me and fit into my configuration.  Do you understand?  Buddha will have a different configuration, Krishna, etc.  No rights and wrongs, just varying configurations in my Fathers’ house of many mansions.  And those mansions have many shapes.  Go on…

Me:  How do I find your sheep?

Jesus:  Don’t worry.  As always, they will be brought.  It will be clear.  But listen with this agenda in mind.  It is time.  I love you, Mary.

Me:  I feel such love pouring in, yet I wonder- in what way do I know you?

Jesus:  You have been at my feet many times and in my heart forever.  We are ONE.  You are mine- my little lamb.  And Rachel (my youngest daughter) is ours.  She fits in you as you fit in me.  Do you see how this goes? 

Me:  It is a heart thing, isn’t it?

Jesus:  Yes- you got it!  This last flare was a Christ energy.  (We had a mega X-class solar flare on July 5th, I believe.)  It was a gift to you from the Great Central Sun, which is the heart of God in this galaxy.  You are mine, Mary.  Let me say it one more time.  The tears, the feelings you feel are an indication of your knowing.  You are on my team.  This is the frequency you are here to aid.  You are on mission and now it is coming to fruition!  No wonder you want to move on from the Mary painting and the BLOOM time.  You wish to partake of the fruit!  This is fruition time within your own soul.  You will notice considerable changes now in your health and energy.  Feed my sheep.  Feed my sheep.  Feed my sheep!

Me:  All right.  YES!  YES! YES!

(I tried to feel if there was any more check in with the team but this felt so full and complete that no more seems needed today.  I felt so much joy, so blessed… Thank you God!)


7/12/12   Thursday

Flower of Love


Q:  What does the “border merge” mean?  I’ve been painting on my border without feeling inspired.  I don’t feel the colors or the spirit of it is right yet.  I am coming for inspiration.

MM:  Don’t “think” first, but get into a place of peace within.  Then it will come. 


Me: After singing the song that popped into my head, something I hadn’t thought of in a long time- Yogananda’s chant “Door of My Heart,” I began to understand. 


The Lyrics:  “Door of my heart, open wide I keep for Thee.  Wilt Thou come?  Wilt Thou come?  Just this once- (but I changed it to “MORE THAN ONCE”) come to me…   Night and day… Night and day…  I look for Thee night and day…”


Then I understood that this is the KEY to the border merge- we must want to have this opening and the visitations.  We must OPEN our hearts.  This is where the “border gate” is between the two worlds of seen and unseen.  It creates the magnetic draw by our devotion and interest and LOVE.  Just like any relationship, the “other” is drawn to us by our desire, our love and attention.  Most people don’t really want the interaction with the other side enough or they would put forth the effort.  Yogananda “stormed Heaven” to get his responses.  The Divine Doorway is seated in the HEART.  I cannot paint the border without devotion.

2nd understanding:  When two merge they become ONE.  Door of my heart… or perhaps NO door, no border- just open, wide, living as a Buddha centered in the middle way, out of duality, merges into all that really is- ONE! 


(I finally found the border colors and pattern that felt good here…)


7/21/12    Friday   7:57 am

Bordering on Completion


I have spent the past week painting on the border of the Mother Mary painting “BLOOM!”  The border design was created by a channeled idea/image that Andara from Sedona brought in for the New Earth pattern- a design that combines hearts in a new way.



channeled by Andara

For the sacred geometry border, I am using her design where she overlapped 4 hearts, creating in the middle, the image of a figure 8 that repeats throughout.  I never fully understood what this new part of the heart design was all about till this morning.  Strangely, when I painted the figure 8 white and looked at it tipped upright as it is on the painting, it began to look a whole lot like alien head with the typical large slanted eyes of the Greys.  Even Michael (my husband) picked up on it.  We decided it would be better for me to paint that space back to the original teal background color so it wouldn’t stand out so much.

 But as I have been working, I have been listening to many various talks and interviews and presentations on the internet, kind of like synchronistically guided education!  The topics have been strange and varied- Stargates, wormholes, UfOs and ancient cosmology, quantum physics, etc. and eventually it moved into alien abduction in the last two days, which I wasn’t sure why- but went with the flow.  I thought it quite interesting that as I am painting the border which looks alien-like and I am suddenly immersed in several stories of two different kinds of abductions with beings that look quite like this.  Each person started out in fear and ignorance and horror yet eventually calmed down and understood and accepted the purpose and the gifts that are coming through these unusual and life-altering experiences.  The purpose of this inquiry has felt like opening myself up to the truth of vaster realities and dimensions beyond our world and in our lives.  I did receive that the 7th step of this project/process was a “border merge.” 

Basically, the universe is teeming with life and as we reach this critical juncture, for us to thrive and flourish here, I believe that “teams” and helpers have come in and are working with us in an intervention effort.  So I have been opening and softening, hopefully healing from some of the subconscious fear that is implanted in our societal psyche through horror movies and stories and distorted reporting.  Then this morning, as I woke and found myself drawn to the sauna, I did what I have been doing- going to the internet and opening for guidance on what to listen to while I continue my week of purification.  (I was also guided to eat only raw foods this week.)

So in my searching I was led to listen to another channel by Samarah, the woman who originally seeded the idea in me for Mother Mary’s portrait.  It was interesting to realize how contact with her words came full circle at the end of the project.  About two thirds of the way into it I heard exactly what I needed to hear in response to a caller who asked what to do about coming to a state of having not a penny to her name as a result of following her belief that she should pull away from the cycles of the world.  Samarah gave an analogy of the figure 8.  I knew then that I was listening to exactly what I needed to gain more insight into the symbols’ purpose.  She said to imagine it represents GIVING and RECEIVING. 

She talked about balance, how these times are compelling us to face areas of our lives that are not in balance, and how many of the Lightworkers and givers of our world have an imbalance in the area of receiving.  She said that we are being given support to balance out this principle in our lives.  I felt it was the key- truly the symbol for a balance in our lives of this Universal principle- in breath, out breath, ebb and flow, giving and receiving…  BALANCE is our key through the figure 8 in the Universal border of our times.  The border is merging with other realms and beings, and higher teachings and practices and lifestyle is now the calling.  To thrive and bloom and flourish, we MUST live in BALANCE.

Right as I was working on this, I went to my poetry folder, thinking I could find a poem for the event of this day- a wedding I would be attending later.  Instead, I found a poem that completely supported this principle of giving and receiving.



Thank you, Beloved,

For all the abundance

Pouring forth from you to me.

I accept with grace and gratitude

What is given so graciously.

I release all judgment, attachment, attack,

As I know what is given

Will soon come back.

I release the old.

  I allow the new

To unfold and to grow

Into all that is true.

I choose to cooperate

With ease and grace.

I choose to reflect

Your compassionate face.

As I give and receive,

As I choose to believe-

May I continue in the flow,

And in Divine Love,

May it be so.



After I was done with the sauna and the cold shower, I felt compelled to meditate in front of the image I have created on my vision board of The Shroud of Turin and the face of Christ. 

As I meditated in front of it, I was guided to listen to my song “FULLNESS” and then “AVE.”   The lyrics were perfect for this opening to the invitation (AVE- Welcome!) into the fullness of resurrecting into the golden Christed state.  As I gazed into the deep and compelling eyes of the Christ painting, I felt that today truly is the day.  “May the Christ arise TODAY…” and “may Christ be US we pray.” 




Feast upon the Light…

No what or why or how…

Nothing lacking, nothing lost-

Just sparkle into NOW…

And in this new NOW moment we are here…

All things attainable within this sphere

Of Golden Stillness,

Open to bless




Feast upon the Love…

No hunger, no more thirst…

No more to be denied,

The last who now are first-

Who free the heart from every hidden fear,

Who center into everything that’s here…

In Golden Stillness,

Open to bless




Feast upon the All…

We heed the ageless call

To return to all we are.

No need to travel far…

But settle into what was always true-

No him or her, no them or me or you…

Just Golden Stillness…

Open to bless






From the heart of the Rose…

From the heart of all there flows

The fountain of Light to the mountain of Life

To BE who we are…

Ave….  Ave…

May the Christ arise today.


From the heart of the Rose…

From the heart that somehow knows

A divine revelation, a joy and elation

To BE who we are!


May the Christ arise today.


From the heart of the Rose…

From the open heart there goes

A compassionate seeing the root of our Being-

The hope that it shows…


May Christ BE us, we pray…

Ave… Ave…

May Christ arise-



 Definition: AVE- a reverential salutation; hail or “WELCOME!”



7/27/12   Friday

New Message:


This is a message from the Christ merged with the Mary within.  You could say we are “Mary’d here!”  Be of good cheer.  This is a message that comes often and consistent with the times.  It is important to remember joy in the intensification of these times.  There is a shift occurring now.  The Mary portrait is complete for all intents and purposes. 


It is a time to celebrate and allow

the birthing of this visual into the masses. 


It is a time to share.  Follow me- the inner guiding voice that encompasses and radiates the Christed energies, and you will not go astray.  Many eyes are on the Olympics today.  This work is not separate.  All my children, all my little ones, all my sheep, and all my sweet Light workers are poised today. 


This is a time to reflect and flow

the light of life and truth and beauty

into the scenario of the

cosmic mass consciousness. 


Tire not of this work/play, no matter how you feel in the body form.  There are many diversions, and you are not to follow any of them.  Stay focused, as sharp as a razor now- for my children are needy and ready for this LOVE/LIGHT to flood the earth plane and the consciousness of men and women and children of every nation. 


It is a beautiful day, despite there being no vision of outward sun.  Keep focused.  Mary is now merged within you and many of my children who are serving in this proxy capacity.  And yet it is more than proxy, lest you think of it as something you are not involved in, just allowing to flow through.  You are BECOMING the Mary and the Christ, the bridegroom has indeed arrived and it is no mistake that you watched “Runaway Bride” last night.  My bride has been running for so long, but now the marriage is finally taking place within many and the Holy Child is simultaneously being conceived and birthed also. 


Trust in the messages that now come your way- they will be from me, within and without.  Allow the discernment to ever be from within.  Step up your prayers and desires for consciousness shift.  It is enough when all are focused and all are ready for mass SEVA.


Definition: Seva means service. In Sikhism, seva refers to selfless service for altruistic purposes on behalf of, and for the betterment of a Community.


This is the truth of “mass!” 

We need a condensation of energy and consciousness to proceed here. 


LIGHT is of a new quality. 

LIGHT will feed you. 


Do not go back to the heavy foods of the past, in diet, entertainment and association.  Go forward into the light. 


En-LIGHT-ening is occurring. 

BLOOM time is here! 

Flowering, flourishing,

nourishing the totality of YOU,

as the microcosm of God incarnate. 

Be the wholeness that you are now. 


Connect with your sacred sisters and hold the light for these terrible and tremendously elevating times!  These are the last days of the old, making way for the new seeds that have been gathered to be planted in the soil of consciousness.


To grow the New Earth is your/our task! 

Be alive in this time of new life! 

Be joyous in this time of focused celebration. 


All is well!  - another well-spoken and ancient phrase that will serve you well to remember now. 


Be whole.  

Be well. 

Be now. 

Be here.


Blessed be deliciously delightful daughter!



8/3/12    Sunday

Final Entry


Mirabai (a woman I just listened to in an interview on the internet) spurred you in moments to be activated and motivated by the Christ Light within.  It is now a resonance game, if you will, each touching off the other in oh so many creative ways.  Your painting is one.  It can be voice, song, presence, image, information, anything that carries the frequencies of the New Earth.  Your pleasure is to recognize it and bask in the glory of this frequency.  This is a helpful and much needed practice- to feel the joy, the blissful state of the highest Light frequency you can, and to be in this state without condition or excuse.  Be at peace!  Be activated and available!  There is no great thing to do, only small moments, NOW moments.  In each they will reveal the truth of what IS and as you resonate, peacefully, gratefully, joyfully, exuberantly, whatever the flavor of the current state- that will be your “play.”  This is your initiative. 

The Mother’s work is to bring her children to this happy state, as any true mother would.  To offer friendship, to give hugs, smiles, joyful encouragements…  It is not a hard thing, it is a beautiful sharing in a world where people matter.  It is as always spoken, the woman sees the details and the details matter.  The happiness of the children matters.  What to do with the Mary portrait?  What do you want to do with the Mary portrait?

Me:  I want to share it with as many people as possible in a way that blesses many. 


7:13 pm


Mother:  So be it.  Be open for opportunity, also open to create what you want.  Do not be passive in this matter.  I will make connections for you very soon.  Be open and sharing in every moment.  No more shyness, no more holding back.  Bring it all out with every person you meet- the Light, the highest frequency sharings that are possible in each moment. 


It is a time to BE LOVE. 

The painting is a catalyst but YOU

are the transmitter of these blessings. 


It was a way to bring you to a focus.  Remember what Elle said- the painting is for YOU, and YOU are for the world.  You are my little flower and I have given you to the world.  Stay clear, open, willing- many would love to communicate with you.  We keep you in a kind of “cave” of silence, as it is best for you and the work you do.  Keep your heart open and receive all this love flowing to you in a generic way, and don’t get too caught up in details of the mind, for they are ever changing in the stream of life.  There are basic patterns, but don’t concern yourself about them, or details, as we said- it is important to be quiet and peaceful.  Serenity is one of the gifts you bring into the planet. 

Your class with the portrait painter Michael will be meaningful.  *Pay attention to who is brought together.  There is a doorway that will open because of this gift that we bring to you.  (*There actually was a spiritual turn to the class when the model of the last day gave me a ride home. She came in for a few minutes so that I could photograph the paintings with her for fun.  Within minutes, our polite exchange turned to God topics which she acknowledged at the end had blessed and lifted her spirit.  I felt prompted to give her the paintings, unfinished as they were, which for some reason made us both very happy!)


WE, the Heavenly mothers, brothers, sisters and friends- all aspects of the ONE, send you the strongest salutations and sustaining. Your heart is so pure- merged with the heart of Mary, the mother of Christ, Mary, the servant and companion of Christ, Mary, the angel heart of devotion wherein all these things are kept sacred.  You are funny and fun, not so serious yet able to hold the light of devotion steadily.  It is a great thing and a small thing.  It is what it is.  It is your way.  You were created for this. 

Be in gratitude.  Be in silent wonder over what is unfolding upon the face of this planet- the merging of the work of the Devas, the Angels, the Light Beings from many dimensions and the Ascending Humans.  It is truly a cooperative work and a blessing to all.  No more worry about the doom and gloom.  Focus on only the Light, on the creation of New Earth philosophy, practices, ways of being green, fresh, new!  Focus on blooming gardens of higher frequency living.  Welcome!  AVE!  





by Mary Angelico 

The original painting was sold and at this moment no prints are being offered,

though you can contact Mary if you are interested.



 Blending the Painting into a Vibrakey 

Here is what happened when we merged Mary Angelico's painting

with Mother Mary's guidance to create a Vibrakey. 

This is the version you will get when you order

VK97 Bloom & Thrive