Hosted by

 Mother Mary 

 MaRi Magdalene 

 Mary Angelico 


 Saleena Ki 


& a host of

Benevolent Beings

(Male-Female & Otherwise) 

serving to bring about

 Sacred Reunion & Balance

to the




 Female-Male Relationship

VK47 Alchemical Marriage -Sacred Marriage of Inner Masculine & Feminine
Earth Woman - Sky Man - Earth Reuniting with Cosmos
by Saleena Ki


within each of us

& within our

Polarity Game-Experiment-Experience


Here we will present a variety of offerings, some free &

 some offerings to support & sustain our individual lives.

  "Shekinah – The Christed Female"  Original Painting by Mary Angelico – 03-21-2011



as we open this new portal of Gifts from the Divine Femi9 (Feminine in Code).

Much of what we offer will activate you at some level.


  We are Happy you are HERE NOW 


We offer this in humble JOY & GRATITUDE

for ALL that has been shared with us to share with you.


In the Beginning…


Saleena Ki and Mary Angelico are sisters. True blood sisters. Each of us were named with a "Mary" name. My birth name is Joan Marie, thus we are both Marys. Many of you are Marys. Even a male can have a "Mary Calling" from a past life or in a parallel existence. It is a calling.

When we were asked by Mary (MaRi is what she asked me to call her.) Magdalene to co-create a Soul Portrait for her she shared that it was time for her to be UNVEILED. We both love doing Soul Portraits. Little did we know that we would each go through our own unveiling and deeper healing as we did. We had co-created a Vibrakey once before, the VK21 Flower of Eternal Life, so we knew we could have fun doing this. The portrait began as "Mary Unveiled" and transitioned into the "Living Mary." 

Mary Angelico did the painting. MaRi Magdalene asked Mary A. to use her own face as the model. At first this  challenged Mary A., then as she did, it became part of her own healing and revealing process. This process-project took us over 2 years! MaRi had originally asked me to create a Vibrakey for her.  She gave me a vision of what she wanted down to the tiniest detail. Every part of it has meaning and energy to share with you. She asked Mary A. to paint her portrait. Once the painting was done, the next process began as MaRi shared exactly what elements she wanted in her soul portrait. The final piece became VK29 Living Mary. It was truly a workout at many levels for both of us.


Before we were done with this project, many more creative expressions of all kinds would be flowing through to be shared in the energy of healing, restoration and honoring of the Feminine. Over the years we have shared many experiences; lightwork & lightplay with our teams of humans and other dimensional beings as we helped to release the old energies of these wounded and warring Masculine and Feminine Archetypes from the Earth plane. In so many ways we ALL have helped to bring in the energy of a NEW Feminine Archetype and a NEW Masculine Archetype. We each have them inside us and as we resolve our own internal patterns, we solve the external patterns. For a very long time my hope and purpose has been to assist in ending the war between them and to help usher in a new relationship between the Feminine and the Masculine, the Earth and the Sky, the Humans and the Star Beings. 


There are many ways to relate to what we share here. There are some who align with the Holy Grail. Some with the King Arthur times. Some with the Templar Knights. Some with Essenes. Some with the Divine Mother Goddesses. Some with the Marys. Some are drawn to the Earth Mother and Earth magick with Celtic-Pagan roots. Some are drawn to different Gods or Goddesses from various cultures. To us it is all sacred and all inclusive. You will know by what you are drawn to. There are genetics that link us. There are codes in our blood to awaken us. So much has already been shared. This is our portal for our offerings and it will grow. We send love to each of you who comes here to explore

Saleena Ki 2012-03-13 at 12:23am ( I love the magic numbers!)


Mary Magdalene's Soul Portrait 

& Our Unveiling Adventure

VK29 Living Mary by Mary Angelico & Saleena Ki


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As we worked with MaRi on her Mary Unveiled Project, she shared with us that the day would come when many gifts; art, music, poetry, stories, would come through to be shared. Now is the time to begin sharing them with you all. Here is one of the first offerings: 


 Mother's Miracuous Infusions 


Mary Angelico was inspired over a year ago to begin bringing forth 9 Songs from the Divine Mothers & the Marys. We often work together as a team to support each other as we co-create so Colin Whitby joined us in a Skype Chat forum I named Mother's Miraculous Magical Infusions. This way we could be available for what was coming through and share with each other as it flowed through.  These songs are, according to the Divine Mothers, the Femi9, to be shared freely without charge. Enjoy the fruits of nearly a year of Mary Angelico's labor and inspiration:



Mary Angelico's Music & Art

from the Divine Feminine

Mary Songs

Offered to you FREELY

from the Divine Feminine and the Marys.

Free to listen to.

Free to download & share freely.




Let It Go


Song of Creation

Like a Child




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Mary Songs
Free Gifts from the Divine Femi9

More Mary Angelico Music





 Mother Mary's Soul Portrait; 

 Bringing Her out of Heaven to our New Earth 

New Energies from the

 Divine Femi9 & Divine Mothers 

for ALL of Us & New Paradise Mother Earth


2012-04 Mother Mary first asked Mary Angelico to work with her creatively to co-create a Soul Portrait to represent and bridge all the new gifts and energies pouring forth from the Divine Femi9 Realm assist us in this next ascension transition period. Mary A. asked for a team and Saleena Ki was one of the beings asked for. Since agreeing, Mother Mary has shared many things with us as this project unfolds. It is our intention to offer a "journaling" of our messages & experiences as we simulataneously co-create her Soul Portrait as a painting and a new Vibrakey portal.


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 AVE Mother Mary Rose Ray 

 Gift to Humanity 

from the Sedona Isis Vortex

Light Language Transmission

528Hz Miracles & Transformation

Dear Beloved Ones,

I can't believe how my simple response to an inner prompt to create an image of Christ, Mother Mary, the comet ISON and the angels last week suddenly turned into more, becoming a foundational image support for a beautiful video created by my dear friend Shekina Rose!  I had no idea this would be how I would end up sharing this spiritual art piece that I formerly intended to send out on Christmas Eve.  It seems to show me that unity and community are on the rise- and our collaborations will have more Divine support to the point of miraculous creation, growth and evolution- as we will open up to this beautiful new frequency of teamwork and sharing our gifts and talents freely.  This is my "C" List of Christmas Miracle wishes- more (MAS) CARING, CONNECTION, CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY, CREATIVITY —– and CHOCOLATE (raw preferrably)!!!

Blessing for a most Sacred, Peaceful, Joyful Christmas Eve,


Mary Angelico


This is a


of the 

Angelic Vehicle Expression [AVE] Dispensation 



on Christmas Eve and the Holiday Season and a

BRIDGE for the NEW EARTH as we enter a NEW YEAR



The Mother is saying:

"Pray, say your prayers and intentions out loud

and in your heart,

this a bridge time, a portal for Miracles."  


Shekina Rose: My voice is a vehicle and dedicated to the Language of Light and I do not sing in English, though when the studio time was booked, I asked the Mother what she wished, and she said sing the AVE and that is what I did. 

Please pass on to others this AVE Mother MARY Blessings thank you! 

*Please notice the light rays shooting from Shekina's hands and body in both videos—physical proof of our new Angelic Crystalline Template and True Essence! These videos were taken at different locations, different times of day, and with different cameras.