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Saleena:  Belees is Arcturian and he is family. He is my friend and guide; sharing many wonderful insightful messages for humanity through me and sometimes Marimar, who channeled the Arcturians publically for many years before we met 5 years ago. Arcturians come from the region or planets around the star portal, Arcturus, the dog star. Dog medicine is Loyalty. The Arcturians are our Elders and our Parents genetically, as they were one of many Galactic Star Races that helped to seed us on Planet Earth. They work closely with the Angels. In fact it was the Angels that introduced Marimar to the Arcturians. They come from the 6th vibrational level or dimension and are here to inspire us to raise our vibrations, our frequencies, so we can come home and meet them in their world and interact with them even more. They tell us that there are many adventures and endless explorations waiting for us.


Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures


Belees is now part of our new Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Team. He often joins us in our lightwork-lightplay and is often there to lead the way, introducing us to new beings and new adventures. he brings our attentions to opportunities like this one:

Invitation from FTTCC – Belees

A few months ago he asked me if we would like to include him officially as one of our Travel Adventure Guides. We are delighted to welcome him and introduce you! He and other Arcturains are always there with us when we do personal Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Sessions. 


Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures & How They Are Birthed



Frequency Specialists

Sublime Health


He is the main spokesbeing for the Sublime Health Project which we co-created. It consists of a team of Arcturians who act as Personal Guides for anyone who is receiving their frequencies. We call them the A-Team. Sometimes the Ambassadors, another group of EDs (extra-dimensionals) are part of that team. They often work together.


A growing number of people have been on the program now and the testimonies are growing of their effectiveness in helping you to remove or neutralize distorted patterns that can outpicture as ill health or difficulties in your body-mind. It is all done with customized frequencies they create after assessing you, then broadcast through the design. You can buy the VK37 Sublime Health design without the program just for the codes & frequencies or the Do It Yourself Kit, which has a comprehensive eGuide to help you understand what it is and how to set up your agreements and time to be "read." Hearing them is unnecessary for it to work perfectly. There are several Support Packages where I attend your session and be the channel for them to share with you and you to ask questions.

Sublime Health & Arcturian Message from Belees to Humanity


Crop Circles Makers


This group specializes in frequencies. From their MotherShip, and other small ships, they work with other Star Being teams, including the Whales who are frequency experts, using frequencies and other advanced technologies to plan out the designs. They are co-created with a myriad of purposes, sometimes many in one Crop Circle. They all help keep our Mother Earth in balance at a time when there has been massive universal forces and imbalances playing out upon, in and through her. They are part of the teams that co-create the Crop Circles. He tells me that more often than we see them, they plant them all over the Earth at key points in the grid, sometimes at the bottom of the ocean, tfor very specific reasons.


Vibrakeys & Crop Circles


He acts as design consultant in many of the Vibrakey designs, espescially where there are Crop Circles involved or special technical devices that need to be designed. Some of the Vibrakeys, like the Sublime Health design has many crop circles in it transmitting their frequencies that are designed to strengthen us biologically and assist us in our awakening and ascension process.


He said they are part of the team that we might call the Crop Circle Makers. Often during the Crop Circle Season, from as early as May until the crops are harvested, Belees will suggest that I look at the one they made the night before. I spend a lot of time on Crop Circle Connector. Other times he leads me to the ones that will serve the intentions within the design the best. Sometimes he gives me symbols that will help us like these:


Belees’ Recipe: Add 1 Ancient Symbol. Stabilize. Observe Crop Circle. Relax. Ride the Waves. Lift the Earth.


About the Picture


The picture above is of an Arcturian that is a friend of Marimar's. It is the closest to anything I have seen that shows us what an Arcturian might look like. This was a Spirit Face photo taken at one of our Earth Transformation Conferences of Marimar by Dr. Mark Macy using a special technological device he set up in the conference room the night before to create a kind of energetic environment where something astonishing happens when he takes pictures. He snaps a Polaroid Instamatic picture of you and hands it to you to watch it develop. As it comes into focus, what you often see are spirit guides or faces of beings that are with you and around you.


While waiting for his turn, Marimar asked if the Arcturians might be willing to show him what they look like. When the picture developed, he had two very distinct faces over each half of his face. Each being had a different shape body, neck and almost completely blocked out his form. Everyone was astonished and delighted and some were even alittle nervous about what they saw. It's one thing to talk about then or even talk to them, and another when you actually see them! I was excited! Marimar said the Arcturians he works with have dark eyes with much more depth and many points of light like a field of stars.


Later I took the original picture and scanned it into Photoshop and divided it in half. Then put this one together so we could see it better. Then I  enhanced the color and sharpened it so it could be seen more clearly. I had seen beings for most of my  life in my inner vision. I had seen paintings and drawings and I had even done numerous sketches of beings I have seen. This was the first time I had seen a photo of one. I sat and stared at it for the longest time letting all my feelings wash through me. I was amazed! Even though  I see Belees different than this, I thought you would like to see it to get an idea and feeling for one Arcturian.



We might as well get used to it for we of the Earth are awakening and becoming higher vibrating, more crystalline, more muti-dimensional beings. We will be "seeing" more and more as our super senses turn on and develop. The Arcturians are lightbeings whose bodies are vibrating at a much higher lighter vibration than we can usually percieve.


Belees said that they often take on denser bodies when they interact with us. When I see Belees during our lightwork or Travel Adventures, he looks like a 6 foot caucasian male, slender, pleasant looking and reminds me some of my Dad's younger brothers. Short light sandy colored  hair. Very human. I am not sure if he projects himself that way so I will be more comfortable or if he has taken on that kind of body to interact with Earth. The most important thing though is the feeling. He is the most pleasant, gentle, loving, fun,  adventurous, wise and interesting being. He fascinates me and he genuinely cares for us all.


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