Total lunar eclipse on December 20 or 21, depending on time zone


Saleena Note: When I say it is a Blue Moon, that is from the perspective of more ancient times when the fourth Full Moon in a quarter, which is rare, was called a Blue Moon.


"There is a lunar eclipse on the night of December 20 or 21 – depending on your time zone. See below for the date in your location.

This December solstice eclipse is also the northernmost total lunar eclipse for several centuries.


There won’t be a total lunar eclipse this far north on the sky’s dome until December 21, 2485.

That’s because this eclipse is happening almost simultaneously with the December solstice – which in 2010 occurs on December 21 – when the sun will be southernmost for this year. Remember, a totally eclipsed full moon has to lie exactly opposite the sun. The winter sun rides low to the south now, as it crosses the sky each day. So this December full moon is far to the north on the sky’s dome. It rides high in the sky – much like the June solstice sun.

December 21 solstice marks day of southernmost sun

Remember, it’s the same eclipse –
happening in the same magical moments –
for all of us.
But our clocks will say different times.

Places that see the lunar eclipse
during the night of December 20:

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