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Cosmic Butterfly Central Sun – Soul Portrait

Artist Saleena Ki    Vibrakeys.com

with Weavings of Notes and Art from Saleena Ki throughout



 August and September 

 by Soluntra King

For those that follow the Mayan Calendar 

this is the year we are in the

Universal Underworld

from March 9th to October 28th,

the ninth and last underworld.


 Carlos Barrios, who was trained as an Ajq'ij in the Maya tradition, has this to share in regards to 2012:

 "Our planet can be renewed or ravaged. Now is the time to awaken and take action…The prophesized changes are going to happen, but our attitude and actions determine how harsh or mild they are." 
 "This is a crucially important moment for humanity and for earth. Each person is important. If you have incarnated into this era, you have spiritual work to do balancing the planet..The greatest wisdom is in simplicity. Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It's not complex or elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It's encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you. Great teachers have said that from the beginning."
"Find you heart, and you will find your way." 
Soluntra: It only took us billions of years to get through the first underworld, now we have reached the top of the pyramid and the last great step and underworld before we enter the temple at the top that is aligned with the Central Sun, so too the initiate.
Aligned to the Suns within and without, who then descends the step stairs within the pyramid, down into the inner chamber and into the sarcophagus for the final union. Moving through the heart centre and crossover point, through the stillness, and the crossover point of the Galactic Centre, inner and outer are one.

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Four Planets Align Near Moon

on Memorial Day Weekend

Courtesy of Yahoo News


The unusual month-long convergence of four planets in the pre-dawn sky is nearing an end, as the planets begin separating from each other and going their separate ways. 


But one final series of meetings

is on tap for this

Memorial Day weekend.

Between Sunday and Tuesday (May 29 and 31),

the planets

Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury

will appear in a grouping with a

bonus visitor: the moon.

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Eclipse from Hawaii and Bristol UK: 

Saleena: From Hawaii it was sketchy reception to even get a live video from anywhere. Finally we found one from the Bareket Observatory in Israel and then another one from Barcelona, Spain that was just showing still shots. The transmissions kept going out and my computer was acting very strained during the few hours we were watching… 


Here are links to web links we used:

Colin, Marimar and I tuned in. We journeyed to the Moon and then the Sun to touch the new energies.

Here are a few of the photos I saved: 

First from Barcelona: 


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Solar Eclipse Alignment:

The Sirius Connection

January 4th, 2011


The time of this configuration in our skies occurs
January 4th,
beginning 6:40 GMT,
peaking at 8:50 GMT and
concluding at 11:00 GMT

Whether you are on the eclipse-visible side of the planet (Europe, North Africa, Western Asia) or on the night-side of the planet, where Sirius will be visible overhead, or even in areas where neither is visible to you, know that the whole planet – and all of humanity – will be immensely activated by this event.

Take a bit of time,
enter into peace,
join in the conscious activation
of our planet. Please.

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Full Moon Eclipse – Solstice Call & Meditation 

Report & Recording

Saleena: Enjoy a discussion of the Astrology and Energies of this potent period of time approaching the Total Lunar Eclipse ushering in the Winter Solstice. This Eclipse is the opening act of the 2012 Event. I have heard some calling it the crossing point. Some calling it the Shift. Whatever it is, it is powerful! 

Brian Sandy is an Astrologer and Research Scientist into the phenomena of Cosmo-genesis.

Estaryia (aka Estara) is an author, speaker, sound and movement educator, sacred dance artist, motion coach and sound consultant for theatre, film & video; choreographer, vocal ceremonialist, recording artist and intuitive channel,…

Saleena: …and my friend. We met in Hawaii. She is one enthusiastic and passionately talented being aligned with the bringing forth of our New Earth.

Here are some highlights
that stood out to me as
 I listened.
These aren't exact quotes
but summations of what I heard them saying:

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Into the Spiral-Venus’ Death & Rebirth


"The man embraces in the woman
all that is not himself,
and from that one resultant,
from that embrace,
comes every new action."
- D.H. Lawrence

We're about to be swept into a
deep, slow burn of alchemical magic.


Over the next six weeks, Venus' journey in the underworld mirrors our own shamanic process of death and rebirth. The Evening Star is transformed to Morning Star.

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Saleena: Energies are intensifying. How could that be possible? Breathe focus ground ground ground. It is important to connect everything you are doing with Mother Earth at this time. Connect in with her magnetics and draw them up into you and send them out across here face to help stabilize things. What an exciting time! Keep OMMMing… connecting with the OM WAVE. It is such a gift at this time!

"The Total Solar Eclipse on July 11th 
will intensify the energy of the Grand Cross
even more than the Lunar Eclipse.

For those among you capable of maintaining serenity
in this robustly pulsing energy,
opportunities of great vision and creative manifestation  

are very possible.

Masters, use this time to visualize
the positive desires of your heart,
in micro and macro.

But at the base of these
potentials of great transformation
s the requiste to maintain emotional & auric stability
as this powerful energy baths the Earth.

The energy is extremely intense."
AAMetatron thru Tyberonn

The Total Eclipse of the Sun

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Child of the Sun,
look to the stars & listen to Mayas message of time…

time to realign ourselves with the rhythm of the moon. to restore
our lost sense of ONENESS.

Children of the SUN

we must wake up and remember again
our journey as ONE family, ONE species
& ONE destiny…
for ALL Mankind.

Returning to Whole Earth Time…

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