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2012-02-29 Saleena's 2012 Review & Update

Saleena: This is the final day of Feb. 2012, Leap year and a kind of day out of time.  2012 has certainly shaped up to be a very exciting point in our lives. I have spent most of the day and through the night transcribing – editing and posting Belees, the Arcturian's message to us.


Since receiving his message, I have noticed a number of channels are sharing these "overall" kinds of messages right now. Many are similar in content from many different sources. One source shared that this shows that we are CONVERGING TIMELINES now as many of our sources of information begin to be similar.


I haven't written much since we began our moving process from Hawaii in June 2011 right after the Mind Blowing Open Dolphin Time Travel and Teleportation Symposium we attended. Finding out about what kind of technologies are already developed and being secretly used by our secret US Government since the 40s and 50s certainly caused some moments of stepping back, even for me, and reconsidering reality once again. I know there is much more coming into focus to be revealed to us.

Personally we are being able to see our previously unconscious patterns more clearly now and finally have many tools and the power to change forever the way we show up in the world. If there is a relationship, there is always another corresponding pattern playing out its role. I have been able to look at mine with more neutrality and  have had fun naming them with humor and depowering their habits. Like Freaky Control Woman and her corresponding pattern mate, Mr. Avoidance. Then using our skills, we are able to re-script, re-lease and re-assign them new roles to empower our lives. 

The day that former Freaky Control Woman simply said alright when someone else presented an idea… was PHENOMENAL and something to be noted and celebrated. He pattern was changing. I have noticed others, too, and been changing them as fast as the thinning veils reveal them.

So this is a delight to be in a space where it is opening up to share with you once again. ALOHA!

Personally, Marimar & I are settling, if that is possible with all the changes in the energy fields, in a new place and live now in Tennessee. Hawaii seems like a dream of long ago. I like it here. I don't miss Hawaii, since I feel it is now part of my inner landscape and it was the perfect time for something new. It is peaceful here and situated where we are energetically protected and it seems like time stands still.

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Saleena: The Cosmic Wave has arrived! Tonight we were working with The Founders to ease the effect and to utilize the energies to prepare Mother Earth to fully enter her new Paradise Earth Body. We felt it arrive, at least one of its stronger pulses around 7pmHT and Marimar just announced he was wobbling and going to lie down. He said he thought it had to do with the Paradise Earth.


I got strangely tired and felt a weak feeling through my body with pressure in the back of my head (reptillian brain?) and running down my spine to about mid back. Odd sensations. I had to prop myself up so we could do what was offered by The Founders.


Did any of you feel it?


Our Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

This is Phase 4


2011-06-05 Omni-D Journey: Phase 4: VK65 Update- New Crop Circle at Mouth of New Universe – More Cosmic Pulse Filter upgrade-Journey to Source-Gift-Silvery "blood" for CP Filter and BETH. BETH more Alive. Paradise Earth more Alive.


Players: Colin – Marimar – Saleena -  Sophia – Moreahl – White Buddha – Quan Yin – Belees – Jellyfish Womb Being – Paradise Earth – Gaia – Mother Earth –BETH, the Living Grid – BENEVOLENT Source Creator


Begin 6/5/2011 6:53:26 PM HT


 Colin: How are you today?  Here we are…


7:02:49 PM HT  Saleena: Aloha… Hey Naomi, thank you for doing the transcript!


Time to check in on the filter… see how it is going… and how the Paradise Earth is…


Colin: Shall we meet in the usual way, touching hands and hearts?


Saleena: That is perfect…we are, too. Energy is sweet clear…slightly tingling or vibrating very high fast level…. deep in cells…

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Omni-D Travel Adventure

to meet 





 Best to Read Part 1 first.


Begin Journey:  5:34:04 PM HT

Colin WhitbySaleena Ki - Belees


Saleena: Aloha, I have had a very focused day…






Part 1 – Meet & Align with the
New Essence of Money & Fair Exchange

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I just posted a new page about Belees and the Arcturians and how they have influenced my life. This is only a beginning. The gift of their presence in our lives is immense and I am profoundly grateful to them. Belees is a wise and opened hearted being and one of my best friends now.


"Saleena:  Belees is Arcturian and he is family. He is my friend and guide; sharing many wonderful insightful messages for humanity through me and somethimes Marimar, who channeled the Arcturians publically for many years before we met 5 years ago. Arcturians come from the region or planets around the star portal, Arcturus, the dog star. Dog medicine is Loyalty. The Arcturiansare our Elders and our Parents genetically, as they were one of many Galactic Star Races that helped to seed us on Planet Earth. They work closely with theAngels. In fact it was the Angels that introduced Marimar to the Arcturians. They come from the 6th vibrational level or dimension and are here to inspire us to raise our vibrations, our frequencies, so we can come home and meet them in their world and interact with them even more. They tell us that there are many adventures and endless explorations waiting for us."


Read on…


There is a Planetary Call being offered to

ALL Earth Humans

to assist with a

MASSIVE Movement of Energy

Before the Spring Equinox

The Request is Simple

You are being asked to become a

Human Portal





Massive Movement of Energy to flow

into you, through you and out into the Earth Plane

so whatever needs to shift

before the Spring Equinox can shift.

Who is Asking?

BENEVOLENT Source through the

Angelics in behalf of ALL Creation.

Why is this Important? 

I will let Belees, the Arcturian explain: 


Message to Humanity from Belees:
Invitation to Help
Move Massive Amounts of Energies

The Final Key

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Something marvelous
is about to happen!

Help us co-create it!


2010-12-15 Belees: 3:15am 

Aloha Saleena: Another Message please, would you mind sharing this?


Saleena: Please go ahead… I am ready…


Belees: Grand and Illustrious Beings of Earth, for that is what you are known as amongst your peers in what you consider the "unseen" realms.


Many of you are now beginning to raise your vibrations high enough that these unseen realms, that are still being relegated to imagination, science fiction, fantasy or even illusions of a few, are now beginning to appear into plain sight for more and more to see and know.


This phenomenon is going to increase until that which was hidden and touchable only in short moments of alignment and quick bursts of connection, is your daily life.


Just as today, you live daily with the ideas and reports  of space travel and exploration. With millions of photos existing now of a massive space around you that is daily being discovered anew and expanded. This is now embraced as reality. There was a time, in the not so distant past, that this was only considered fantasy.


You and your Mother Earth
are nearing a crowning point.


When this "line" is crossed, and I am talking about space positions and the position of your planet in alignment with other heavenly bodies and energies,


Something marvelous is going to happen! 

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Full Moon Eclipse – Solstice Call & Meditation 

Report & Recording

Saleena: Enjoy a discussion of the Astrology and Energies of this potent period of time approaching the Total Lunar Eclipse ushering in the Winter Solstice. This Eclipse is the opening act of the 2012 Event. I have heard some calling it the crossing point. Some calling it the Shift. Whatever it is, it is powerful! 

Brian Sandy is an Astrologer and Research Scientist into the phenomena of Cosmo-genesis.

Estaryia (aka Estara) is an author, speaker, sound and movement educator, sacred dance artist, motion coach and sound consultant for theatre, film & video; choreographer, vocal ceremonialist, recording artist and intuitive channel,…

Saleena: …and my friend. We met in Hawaii. She is one enthusiastic and passionately talented being aligned with the bringing forth of our New Earth.

Here are some highlights
that stood out to me as
 I listened.
These aren't exact quotes
but summations of what I heard them saying:

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Saleena: We just finished our last Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure with our current team as Suzanna Kennedy will be leaving our team. We are so delighted at all the great adventures and journeys we have taken this year together and send her with our love and gratitude. She is leading weekly Paradise Code Journeys.


We are taking a much needed break for at least a month and maybe two to reorganize, renew and integrate these new energies so we can come back fresh and excited to Adventure with you in a new way… Stay tuned… for when we return…


Each Adventure is a Learning Adventure.


These Journeys are a way to address the current lightwork-play and practice your multi-dimensional skills together with a group. The messages are informative,  timely and the activations powerful. The scenery amazing and the beings we meet so permeatingly loving.


Being a multi-dimensional being you can, with your intentions clear, meet us at the exact time it is all taking place and be a real part of all that is happening. Time and Space are illusions and we can enter in at any point of the timeline and make changes. We are learning more and more of this together.


You can see a list of all our Journey-Adventures since 11-11-2009 when we journeyed to the Temple of Anuenue Rainbow (a 5th dimensional place that is designed to help us integrate more into the 5th dimension) to activate our personal Rose Stargate. Along with the related messages & articles, Transformational Art and links to purchase the recordings so you can journey with us at your most convenient time. A few of the last Journeys I co-created art just for the Adventure and those are offered in a special package together.


Teleconferences: Guided Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures – Information – Archives – Recordings – Click HERE



12-12 Pineal Stargate 3 – Break Free Adventure


12-12 Stargate 3 Break Free Pineal Gland Activation Adventure and it was fabulous journeying with such a big group of such potent beings. We began with Marimar helping us examining how our lightwork has effected our world. Then we went into and through our heartgates to meet in BETH, the Super consciousness grid around the Earth.


Here we were greeted by our Arcturians  friends who provided a personal guide for each participant to accompany them through the Sun to burn away more of the old system fear-based grid belief-habits baggage. Then we were lead by Belees, the Arcturian into a beautiful Crystal Temple where we were met by another group, the Hathors, who lead us to a special room prepared that was linked to entering our own Stargate room; our Pineal gland!


He lead us through an amazing powerful breaking free of an old quarantine filter and took us through a powerful  Pineal Gland Activation.


Next we were lead by Colin into another place in the Temple where we were invited to graduate from being the Architects of our new reality to becoming the Builders. We were lead through a beautiful process there by Suzanna about manifesting in a new way from our hearts. She has a CD that leads you through this: Manifesting From the Heart.


In our original recording we cut off the webcast at exactly when we were scheduled to end, so we apologize to anyone who was there. Today we got together again and recreated the recording to include all that was missed and more. 


Lanny, another member of our team, missed the call and sent us what he would have said, so Marimar shared it with you. Wonderful perspective on how to remove more of the old 4th Age and clear ourselves to fully take action to bring in the 5th. Thank you Lanny… so that is a bonus at the end.

We then return to BETH and send all we experienced through the Living Grid around Mother Earth so the effects can help bring our Paradise Earth in more and more.


Later I may share more about the effects I am experiencing with all these activations as we have moved through these triple Stargates…


Click HERE to read more about the
Triple Stargates and Activations


If anyone has journeyed with us and would like to share your experiences so we can share them with others please email me.


It has been an amazing year! Thank you all of you who have journeyed with us and all who come to this blog and read the Messages from our New Universe. Much love to you all from our Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Team! Aloha for now…



More about Arcturians


Saleena: I am always happy when I see someone I respect going through very similar process. Somehow it validates what I am going through in this whole Ascension process.

Since I live with an Arcturian channel and I work with the Arcturian's  I am interested in people who have experiences and relationships with them, also. I love Dr. Suzanne's Arcturian Corridor. I find such similar energies there and lots of fun and informative guidance.

Experience the
Arcturian Corridor Part I and II 
Journey Through The Arcturian Corridor


Cone of Light

from Awakening with Suzanna Lie's Blog

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2010-12-11 Message from Belees, the Arcturian
through Saleena Ki

This afternoon I was watching David Wilcock on  Pineal is a Stargate Part 6 video


I was really laughing out loud when he said something about the Pinecone symbolism being found in many diverse cultures, then something about how Jesus said If your eye be single, then your whole body is full of light. Then he said, How can that be? The Vatican doesn't talk about that… at least not publically, but take a look at this… and he shows a statue outside of the Vatican. IT is this HUGE Pinecone sitting on a stand with two peacocks on each side with an open sarcophagus next to it..very Egyptian. I laughed out loud! Amazing, there it is right in front of your eyes! or eye!

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SpinningStarS 12-11 Quick Update

Aloha Beautiful Powerful Awakening Beings,


“Your mind is so powerful now
with these new energies that I
challenge you to focus it on what you want
because that is what you are going to get more of!”

Belees, the Arcturian


I am so excited about the 12-12 Stargate 3 Journey Adventure we are about to embark on. Everything we do is opening us up to a new level of consciousness. Even if we don't "do" anything, the energy of Mother Earth is rising so rapidly, our bodies are getting it even if our minds miss it. The 12-12 Stargate 3 is our Pineal Gland. How can that be? Many channels have proposed this over the years.  I did a Google Search. Check it out… wow, there are so many videos on YouTube that are called this. The Pineal Gland is your Stargate or Pineal Gland as your Stargate. Here the one I was watching: 

Look at the list of Realated Videos.

This YouTube page has so many videos called the same thing: Click HERE

I have already done so much reserach on this in regard to activating your lightbody. See my K-LB Rainbow Lightbody Kit. Learn to Bliss Breathe into your Pineal Gland. check out Lightbody Adventures.  I am excited to do more research on this subject.

This next Journey  has to do with a new level of pineal gland activation we are about to go through. This will facilitate us to Break Free from the from inside out! from the Cosmic Quarantine we have been under for who knows how long. I did and I am feeling so different. Clearer, deeply at peace, at least until some of that old system subconscious programming surfaces for me to release. Then I return to this deeper level of quiet. That isn't to say I don't get excited and passionate and creative. That is what turns me on! I call it Dynamic Peace.

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Saleena: I feel like there is some kind of shift transition taking place… everything looks similar but feels very different somehow….I feel Belees close by…

Aloha Belees and Arcturian crew…. It would be good to have an assessment for my Sublime Health, now if possible.

I have been thinking about sharing about Mother Earth's new Crystal Heart...


[8:35:32 PM] Belees: Aloha beauties… What a time we are having watching the events fall into place one after another. The threads of the unravel are getting down to the last rows…


Since New Earth Sanctuary


We have been actively unraveling things since the New Earth Sanctuary was established. You remember MaRi's words? How excited she was with the whole process? Asking you what you all were going to do with the time and safety as the sanctuary was being set-up and established.


We have all steadily worked with the energies and taken series of steps both known and responded to the unknown steps as the choices everyone was making revealed the next steps.


Mother Earth’s
New Crystalline Heart & Ascension


We have steadily watched over and assisted in keeping the planet, Mother Earth, steady and safe to assist her transition into an ascended being.


The most exciting thing is that she has successfully moved into her higher crystalline state and as you saw, now has a crystalline heart that is new.

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Saleena: Aloha Good Morning Council of OM, my Guides, Serapis Bey, Council of Light, MaRi Magdalene, Divine Mothers, Sophia, Greetings to you Arcturians, Belees, to Medrahnkt & AtMan, Wherever you are… I am sending my love & appreciation to you & for you all!

I am up early (for me) & feeling very clear. The house is quiet & the air waves are clear. I feel a sparkle in the air. I even saw a crispy clarity when I went outside for a moment today.Sky is blue and I see the ocean and the horizon! That is rare here as we get a haze from the volcano most days.


Thank you for the assistance, Angelics, for the income flowing in & for helping to make things easier. My appreciations to you & all you do as you are watching over us & assisting.


Greetings Higher Self & all my other soul parts, greetings from the Earth Suit, Saleena! Aloha!


I heard a request that the Council of OM would like to give us another message. I am here for this now if you like.


We are approaching the 9-9 Portal opening & alignment. Planets are trine-ing & aligning. What would you like to share?


Belees is coming in:  First of all, Saleena, I would like to thank you for planting a seed in my behalf, this is a big step for me. To have permission to interact with the co-creation of the New Earth directly instead of indirectly as it has been decreed up until now.

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An Interview with Saleena Kí

by Colin Whitby

This month we welcome back Saleena Ki who shares with us how she has been inspired to lead some really amazing teleconferences this year, each one seems to be more powerful than the last.

Colin: Welcome back Saleena, there is so much to talk about, where shall we start?…


…Colin: Ok, thanks Saleena, the last teleconference was very popular, how were you inspired to do that particular ceremony.

Saleena: Well, I tried and tried to figure it out. I was getting very frustrated because the topic I had chosen, Galactic Freedom, wasn't opening up very easy… no-one was very inspired about it…. even though the 8-8 was on the anniversary of Galactic Freedom Day.

I had to finally toss up my hands and surrender and admit I really didn't know what to do… and let go….It was getting close to the time I needed to get out information for the teleconference….


…One thing I have been curious about is if anyone on the Council of OM or Council of Light had anything to share with us about what has happened on Earth or otherwise since we lifted the Earth. What is the effect of what we did? I know many people joined us on the call and many others joined to assist in their own ways.

I know that the energies were so strong yesterday (Wed. August 18th) and the day before… Things were happening to our electrical appliances that was very strange. Suddenly our dryer won’t turn on. There was a lot of surging energies we could all feel… very unsettling and strange. Our little dog, who is prone to seizures, had a really intense set of 5. Then after they all stopped, the dryer came on.


So last night I asked Belees what was happening…

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Colin: What an amazing few weeks we have been experiencing, both leading up to and including the 8 8 Lion’s Gate Meditation. For myself I have been experiencing yet another major shift, helped by a number of amazing journeys, sometimes seemingly unconnected, but later proving to be all part of the wonderful weave we are sharing.

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2010-08-04 Chat with Colin, Saleena & Belees


Tuning In…

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