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  • The Fifth Perspective: Transcending Space and Time-Hathors thru Tom Kenyon


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By Colin Whitby

We have been hearing from our many contributors to The Magic of Being this month of the different ways the new energy has been feeling and how it has been affecting people. There have been many solar flares too, with a beautiful display of the northern lights being seen right across the UK last night (which was 27th Feb).

This month in particular has been a very significant one for me energetically, and I’d like to share with you some of the new pure light and how is flows .

So come with me to the heart of creation, to where our new DNA is being awakened, and enjoy the wonderful feeling as we share this new energy.

We meet at the bottom of the longest stairway we have ever seen, it is crystalline and seems to go on forever. We step up each step easily and begin to notice how our frequency is increasing, our cells begin to vibrate and our bodies fill with the most beautiful light. As we step upwards we begin to notice ahead of us a circle of angels, at first we see just a few surrounding us, then as we acclimatize we see more of them in concentric circles as far as we can sense, out into infinity, thousands and thousands of beautiful angelic beings.

We reach the centre of the circle and observe a crystal in the middle, it looks solid but on closer inspection it is kind of here and elsewhere at the same time, existing in many dimensions. Inside there is a bright new rainbow spinning with colours we have never seen before. ‘These are your new DNA strands’ we hear as the angels whisper in our hearts.

So we are now each offered a rainbow strand, I take one and it begins to spin in my heart, then out to every cell, twisting and wrapping itself around my DNA, beautiful loving rainbow colours begin to activate me in a way I’ve never experienced before, love begins to radiate from my very cells.

Now I notice the angels are all focused on our new rainbow strands, they being to stroke each one gently with their love. Imagine there are as many angels as you have cells in your body, each one stroking a special strand of DNA with their beautiful loving caress.

Now we focus on each other, each one of us has a unique code to share, we become one in this new field of energy as we raise our vibration further. We look around and realize we are of these angels, we are the ones who are bringing in this new energy, riding on the waves of sun bursts, we deliver these codes together and to each other. We are human angels, we have become the love and light that creates the new earth, we share the zero point energies effortlessly.

Take some time to bathe and absorb this energy, and don’t forget to come back when you can, the angels (we) will still be here to help. Now when you are ready take my hand and we will step back slowly to earth. Before we step back onto terra firma we surround ourselves with a silver gold ‘love bubble’, this will help us carry this new energy with us as we go about our daily lives.

I do hope you enjoyed our journey, and do return often, I come back every day to enjoy the blissful connection. See you in the Heart of Creation.

With love,


The Magic of Being


Saleena: For the last few weeks I have been seeing work done on the Omni-Dimensional levels and higher dimensional realms that is bring us to a new place dimensionally. I have witnessed and participated in events happening that are removing the barriers we once had built-in to make this journey into densities with its accompanying illusions of separation, fear and lack possible.


These were placed there either by ourselves in this or past lives via devices – vows – contracts – beliefs we adopted). Some of them maintained carefully by another group to keep us in the illusion of a kind of desperate controlled separation.


Veils are dissolving and opening the dimensions to each other making visual or energetic contact with higher dimensional beings possible. I say higher because there aren't any places lower density wise than the old Mother Earth. 


I participated in the LightWork where a new kind of HOME is now available to us all. It is to be discovered by each one. The key is in your heart and intending, expressing your desire to know HOME in a new way. Just ask very clearly and let it go. You might be surprised what will happen. 



A Friend sent me a link to this blog; Evolution Revolution by Dana Mrkich and I was immediate drawn to this story: 


The Little Girl from the Stars

by DanaMrkich

Visioning the Dream Awake


There was once a little girl. This little girl came from the stars and all her life wondered why she was here on Earth instead of back home amongst the planets and moonbeams. One day she was at the depth of her despair.

“Why have you left me here?” she cried. “Why can’t you come and take me back home?”
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I just posted a new page about Belees and the Arcturians and how they have influenced my life. This is only a beginning. The gift of their presence in our lives is immense and I am profoundly grateful to them. Belees is a wise and opened hearted being and one of my best friends now.


"Saleena:  Belees is Arcturian and he is family. He is my friend and guide; sharing many wonderful insightful messages for humanity through me and somethimes Marimar, who channeled the Arcturians publically for many years before we met 5 years ago. Arcturians come from the region or planets around the star portal, Arcturus, the dog star. Dog medicine is Loyalty. The Arcturiansare our Elders and our Parents genetically, as they were one of many Galactic Star Races that helped to seed us on Planet Earth. They work closely with theAngels. In fact it was the Angels that introduced Marimar to the Arcturians. They come from the 6th vibrational level or dimension and are here to inspire us to raise our vibrations, our frequencies, so we can come home and meet them in their world and interact with them even more. They tell us that there are many adventures and endless explorations waiting for us."


Read on…

Saleena: This is the incident that Belees made reference to in his message:

by Spring Equinox

I will share it as we experienced it.
I left some of the time stamps because I feel like
something significant must have happened at these times.
If anyone has nay insights please feel free to share them.
I will leave the comments open: 

2011-02-26 Release of the Red Dragon
and Magic Spells from Earth Grid and
Birthing of Something New in Mother Earth

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Ask the ANGELS to assist…
they love to help us

& if something is too hard or complicated,
I ask them to help make it easier,
they are good at this!


Ask NATURE to assist,
they are waiting patiently
for us to ASK.

They have so much to offer!

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This Months Meditation:

8-8 Wave of Love Lifts the Earth

Let’s co-create the Reality we Desire!

Beaming & EN-Lightening Live Earth…

Establishing Paradise & Life in Harmony

Within ALL Creation

On 08-08-2010 Sunday

Begin at 8:08am or 8:08pm your local time.

Find ideas & Inspiration HERE

How to Participate; August Grand Cosmic Event:
Amplify Your “Lifting the Earth” Imagination-Creation

Use your imagination strongly.

Engage your senses
& your emotions
in the experience.

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