We Made a Commitment to
Live our Vision of the New Reality Now

If you appreciate my art please explore & purchase  Vibrakeys.

This is one way we fund our mission.

If you like the writing,

the art & feel generous,

please donate or purchase some of my Transformational Art.


If you want to play with us… sign up for an

Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure.

We play once a month during a

Teleconference with our Omni-D Travel Adventure Team.

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We are GRATEFUL & THANKFUL for ALL Kinds of Loving Support!

Why Do We Ask for Loving Support as Donations?

Much of our information we offer you free from our hearts.

This is a


for universal flow

to bring us all the resources we each require.

Breathing OUT & then Breathing IN….

balancing giving with receiving.

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Free Lightwork

The Lightwork & Lightplay we do freely is a substantial part

of how we choose to spend days.

We are “on call” to participate in any way

we are inspired to do so.

We are committed to this co-creation of a new Reality!

We Gratefully receive your Assistance in any way.

We have created Portals on this site


where you can find

Current Lightwork Events


Lightwork Projects

where you can help change our reality.