Transformational Art Galleries

A Word from the Artist Saleena Ki


I want to thank all the higher aspects of myself & others 
that have played with me while bringing these through the veils 
& all the beings from other Dimensions who interface through 
the hosting group I work with called 

The StarBand OutReach Council

This includes:

Angels, Guides, Artists, Inventors, Master Teachers,

Visionaries & Intenders, Magicians, Alchemists, Genies,

Elementals, Nature Beings, Planets, StarBeings & Musicians

that create them first then offer them to us 
for our evolutionary adventure. 
We all co-create them together…



Transformational Art Gallery

Water Art Gallery

Light Language Gallery

Crop Circle Gallery

Many Crop Circles are used in the layers and layers of the Vibrakey designs. Sometimes they are so beautiful, they stand on their own merit. That is why I decided to share them in this Gallery.


Vibrakey Birthing Gallery

These are Vibrakeys in their early stages when the information that accompanies a Vibrakey is still forming and gathering. Sometimes the design is still growing and changing. It is the Alchemical Womb they gestate in before they are fully birthed as an official Vibrakey. They are available as prints only at this stage.

Vibrakey Kits

Vibrakey Sets

Vibrakey Prices and Formats


Introducing the Art


Custom Soul Art


Hi-Vibe Art and Graphic Design


Crystalline Stargate Trilogy-Art