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2013-06-27 Interview with Hugh Matlock

right after he submitted his Software Cosmos essay:

Saleena Kí : You seem relieved today, no longer worried about the research. What were you worried about? You have laid out a series of bread crumbs…

Hugh Matlock: I think the idea, let's call it the discovery, that I made, could just disappear and be forgotten because it doesn't last long enough; either it is suppressed or I don't last long enough to get it out there. I think I am more relaxed about that today because with this "Software Cosmos" paper it lays out a series of bread crumbs, a path for physicists to follow to give them the answers they are looking for.

It creates a picture, a model, a general concept, that they can formalize mathematically to get a more coherent picture of what's going on.

So just by submitting this today, and in the next few days seeing it go online, that will answer that question because that's not something that can be taken back.

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Aloha ALL! I am finally feeling inspired to share in 2013! We did it! Made it through the ending point (between 12-12-12 and 12-12-21) of many old converging cycles and escorted the beginnings of many new cycles of various lengths. We are now the proud new "owners" of a NEW REALITY along with some kind of NEW OPERATING SYSTEM, NEW BODY SYSTEMS and much more to discover and explore. Some seem puzzled and are musing what this new reality is really all about. From the surface view, at some levels, things haven't changed all that much. Some seem disappointed that with all the 2012 hype, expectation and build up, it has lead to this? So what is different?


This is a glimpse one of my newest Vibrakeys VK110

that is still growing and forming.

It isn't even published yet.

To me the new energy is like this: 


There are LOTS of REPORTS out there speculating about what is happening and I seem rather oblivious to them. I AM more willing to just BE in the MOMENT and ALIGN MYSELF with a kind of new FLOW. I am enjoying living in this INSPIRATION which is rather CHILDLIKE, FULL OF WONDER and somehow more SIMPLE way of just BEING. It is some kind of deep inner shift inside me that almost defies being placed into the restraint of written words.



I am still doing "Light Work" yet it has to be in a LIGHTER more JOYOUS style than before to catch my interest. My ability to sift through the myriad of energy reports is limited and only when I am inspired to look at something or want some kind of assurance that I am going through this with others. My physical body is astonished by the impact of the new energies. It is TIRED ALOT and requires lots of sleep at odd intervals. Sometimes I have to lie down or fall over. Other times I have astonishing clear energy to create with.


In December 2012 everyone around me had some form of the next generation of a super duper flu bug. In my body it, slowed me way down and hit the sinuses and bronchials that hardest. It was long lasting, taking all my focused concentration to treat it. I still have a tight dry cough that hasn't left yet after 5 weeks. My sister experienced being laid flat, with excruciating aches and pains. Her observation was that it was rough, debilitating, then one day it was just gone. She observed that is seemed to cleanse more than the physical. She feels different now. I, too, feel lighter now.


For 5 months now, since August 21012, I have been about family reconnections, visiting my Mother, Sisters, Children, and Grandkids. A deep releasing of old stuck looping beliefs and patterns cleared the way for a new deeper appreciation of who they are now. I didn't plan it that way consciously, yet that is what happened. I had lots of time to reconnect to loved ones I hadn't seen in years, renewing our relationships, finding new ways to express ourselves to each other, and responding to some very insistent ancestors and sort out and release the past.


It was interesting that as I was impressed to sort through and secure photos and information about my family, so was my partner Hugh experiencing this in his family. He laughed and said the ANCESTORS really must have an agenda for us right now. The process of looking through years of what seems like the past, from this linear perspective, certainly gave way to feelings rising and the opportunity for release. I let the feelings rise, observed them with curiosity and let them go as I muttered lots of HO'OPONOPONO.


My sister, Mary Angelico, shared that she is feeling a kind of QUIET SIMPLICITY, a sort of lack of the need to figure things out or go out and DO anything. Very interested in being more consciously aware of the moment, THE FIELD and being available to respond to what arises out of it. She shared some very exciting wisdom from her beloved teacher, ELLE, that tweaked my interest. It involved ADVENTURE! My attentions perked up since I love ADVENTURE!


My interpretation of Her interpretation of ELLE's interpretation is this: Mary said the minute ELLE started talking about ADVENTURE as leaving the safety zone, she started feeling nervous. Time for letting go of habits of evasion, hiding and defense. Invitation to let go of our habit of pulling away from that which we are unfamiliar with. Time to explore by being aligned with "the field" and allowing one's self to respond as inspired.


As Mary shared more of what ELLE said, I thought how perfectly it applies to our OMNI-DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL ADVENTURING. How much is it like this practice her teacher was encouraging us to adopt. Funny, when I hear of Spiritual Teachers, somehow I relate following them as something hard, difficult, restricting, disciplined and challenging (sheepish grin from my inner programming). Yet she was sharing something that was part of my own playful practice.


"If we do not adventure, we will not know much about our nature. We have a made up nature if we don't adventure. Give ourselves into "trying it on", it's not the safe way." ELLE Collier Re


Mary said, "She defines adventure as, well, like skiing. It you don't know how, you just go on the hill and start going down."


"Attune to everything around you. Something grander is overcoming our fears. Something enters, as if in advance, we are shown the where to put our awareness. If we don't wake up and begin to adventure we will not have lived our purpose." ELLE Collier Re


Mary said, "She was talking about our CONNECTION to THE FIELD. Being AWARE IN IT. Looking around. RESPONDING. Something shows us the SHIFT to take to stay in UNION with the FLOW. A way to go BEYOND OUR FEARS. Go to THE FIELD. SURRENDER."


At that point I thought of an experience I created last year by SURRENDERING, admitting that I really didn't know how to get somewhere new from where I was, and ASKING SOURCE FOR HELP; to please REMOVE ALL THAT NO LONGERS COMPLIMENTS MY TRUE EXPRESSION OF MY SOUL. That was big. HUGE! My life started changing immediately. That is when I began my 5 month ADVENTURE with family. Boy did I release a huge reservoir of stuff that no longer was complimenting me. I hope I now have more room for living an expression of LIFE that is COMPLIMENTARY to my TRUE SOUL NATURE.



The other day, I was awakened at an early hour. I rose and wandered sleepily into another room. There I was impressed to read the book I had been nibbling away on…. Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's been entertaining, enlightening and a very poignant fun story. I am inspired by the revealing and humorous way she writes about herself. As a storyteller I love finding inspiration from others.


Then I found the part the early awakening and gentle nudging was about; she was sharing with and learning from a Balinese Medicine Man. His first assignment for her was something he called a simple meditation the Western mind could handle. He described it as a meditation where you just SIT & SMILE.



"To meditate, only you must smile.  Smile with face, smile with mind and good energy will come to you and clean away dirty energy.  Even smile in your liver.” Ketut Liyer,the Balinese Medicine Man


That made me SMILE! I can do that! So I did and it was wonderful! I let my face smile… easy…. then I smiled with my heart… easy…. then my Liver… odd and fun…. then my Stomach and my Gall Bladder. Now Gall Bladder likes to be bitter, so that was a new experience for her. Then I sent the smile to my arms and legs… FUN! Then to my Blood cells… wow! Smiles flowing through my whole body that way… Now this was feeling really beautiful! It made my body breathe deep sighs… tensions letting go.  How serious can all this be with everythign smiling?


Now this simple technique is right up there on my list of favorites along with  ECSTATIC STATESBLISS BREATHING, NOURISHING with SEXUAL ENERGY and going into the SACRED SPACE of the HEART. I shared it with a few friends who instantly got it. It is so easy and very sensational as those SMILES enter your whole system.


So as I continue on into this year of so much potential newness, I am OPEN, CURIOUS, SURRENDERED, OBSERVING, CONNECTING into this FEILD and intending to be more RESPONSIVE so I can to be used purposefully, while having lots of FUN and ENJOYING alot more this year. I really intend to PLAY more… and continue to LIVE and LOVE in a new way.


I am reprogramming my subconscious with some NEW TECHNOLOGIES: QUANTUM & HOLOGRAPHIC Programs that are really easy and very fun. I am cleansing the old cache of limiting beliefs using a myriad of techniques. I am planting NEW SEEDS to shape my experience of my reality. I am having a blast QUANTUM JUMPING to retrieve what I need to create a new kind of life. One way I am supporting this is changing my inner self talk. My inner repetitive mantras lately run something like this:


"Every day in every way my life gets better and better.


Every day in every way my love life gets sweeter and sweeter.


Every day in every way my health is more vital and sublime.


Every day in every way I have what I need when I need it.


Every day in every way I am now a wealthy woman!"


It is happening. My life and my experience of myself in it is changing significantly.


I AM already cued up for this to be one of the most ABUNDANT & FUN years of my life! You can quote me on that…


Love is flowing to me and through me easier now… since we are ALL ONE can you feel it?

So far, I really like what my reality feels like in 2013…. I hope you like yours.


P.S. One of my focuses this year is my ART… read on to the next blog post for that ADVENTURE…

 PeaceMaker Poster Special 

$9.11 plus shipping

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Saleena: 10 years ago today on the morning of 9-11-2001, a friend woke me out of a sound sleep with an urgent early morning call and dramatically announced to me that “We are at war!” It was the day the Twin Towers were destroyed in Washington D.C. in the USA.


I felt a kind of shock entering my system and I was hit hard with the fear. For several hours I paced around my home, wondering what was going to happen and feeling waves of desperate fear and death ripping through the consensus field. I was in a very negative emotional space.


My silent prayer was that I might do something powerful to assist in helping shift this trauma into something positive. Almost immediately I heard my "Council" suggesting I might create a Vibrakey that would be an antidote. They suggested we might call it "PeaceMaker". I agreed easily and was very happy to do anything to re-focus my attentions on something exciting and positive.


I realized that this was a great opportunity to live and walk my talk.


I believe that whatever

we have going on inside 

reflects in the world around us.

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Saleena: For the last few weeks I have been seeing work done on the Omni-Dimensional levels and higher dimensional realms that is bring us to a new place dimensionally. I have witnessed and participated in events happening that are removing the barriers we once had built-in to make this journey into densities with its accompanying illusions of separation, fear and lack possible.


These were placed there either by ourselves in this or past lives via devices – vows – contracts – beliefs we adopted). Some of them maintained carefully by another group to keep us in the illusion of a kind of desperate controlled separation.


Veils are dissolving and opening the dimensions to each other making visual or energetic contact with higher dimensional beings possible. I say higher because there aren't any places lower density wise than the old Mother Earth. 


I participated in the LightWork where a new kind of HOME is now available to us all. It is to be discovered by each one. The key is in your heart and intending, expressing your desire to know HOME in a new way. Just ask very clearly and let it go. You might be surprised what will happen. 



A Friend sent me a link to this blog; Evolution Revolution by Dana Mrkich and I was immediate drawn to this story: 


The Little Girl from the Stars

by DanaMrkich

Visioning the Dream Awake


There was once a little girl. This little girl came from the stars and all her life wondered why she was here on Earth instead of back home amongst the planets and moonbeams. One day she was at the depth of her despair.

“Why have you left me here?” she cried. “Why can’t you come and take me back home?”
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Dancing through the

"Beauty & Beasties

of ALL the Changes


Saleena: Let's start with some beauty. This is a chance to see some of the energy that you might be feeling in action.

This is a really beautiful timelapse of the most recent auroras from the Aug 5th Solar Flare: If for some reason you can't see the video hit the refresh button.

Aurora Borealis @ Tibbitt Lake, NWT

from Michael Ericsson on Vimeo.



A widespread display of auroras erupted late Friday, Aug. 5th, when a double-CME hit Earth's magnetic field and sparked a G4-category geomagnetic storm. The image is a time lapse video of the event recorded by Michael Ericsson on the shores of Tibbitt Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada. "Although not the most intense auroras I've ever seen, this one is definitely up there on my favorites list," he says. 


For more

Light & Color Beauty


The show was not restricted to Canada. Northern Lights spilled across the border into the United States as far south as OregonUtahColorado, and Nebraska. (Note: The faint red lights photographed in Nebraska are typical of low-latitude auroras during major geomagnetic storms.) Observers in Europe as far south as England, Germany and Poland also witnessed a fine display. Browse the gallery for more examples.

Did you miss the show? Don't let that happen again. Sign up for geomagnetic storm alerts: textvoice.

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 "Don’t you love how life

gives you exactly what you need,

exactly when you need it?"

Allison Rae – Astrologer


Allie: For weeks now, people have been asking me about the eclipse series coming up in June and July, and I just haven’t been able to find the words to describe my sense of what’s coming.


This morning I got in the car to drive into town (yeah, I know…if only I could peddle a bicycle in 40 mph winds). I popped a CD into the player and the answer came.


Jack Johnson captures the essence of the upcoming major eclipse season of 2011 in one sweet, catchy little tune called “Breakdown.”


When I found the YouTube video, I was ecstatic to find he also used the surfing theme.


That’s exactly how we’ve been describing the energies of this year since late 2010 (links below).





If you thought the eclipses a year ago were wild, you might want to double up on meditation and yoga classes, and maybe do a quick cleanse to get ready for this line-up.


What eclipses, you say?


Read More

About Those Eclipses

by Allison Rae

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Omni-D Travel Adventure

to meet 





 Best to Read Part 1 first.


Begin Journey:  5:34:04 PM HT

Colin WhitbySaleena Ki - Belees


Saleena: Aloha, I have had a very focused day…






Part 1 – Meet & Align with the
New Essence of Money & Fair Exchange

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Saleena: This is the incident that Belees made reference to in his message:

by Spring Equinox

I will share it as we experienced it.
I left some of the time stamps because I feel like
something significant must have happened at these times.
If anyone has nay insights please feel free to share them.
I will leave the comments open: 

2011-02-26 Release of the Red Dragon
and Magic Spells from Earth Grid and
Birthing of Something New in Mother Earth

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There is a Planetary Call being offered to

ALL Earth Humans

to assist with a

MASSIVE Movement of Energy

Before the Spring Equinox

The Request is Simple

You are being asked to become a

Human Portal





Massive Movement of Energy to flow

into you, through you and out into the Earth Plane

so whatever needs to shift

before the Spring Equinox can shift.

Who is Asking?

BENEVOLENT Source through the

Angelics in behalf of ALL Creation.

Why is this Important? 

I will let Belees, the Arcturian explain: 


Message to Humanity from Belees:
Invitation to Help
Move Massive Amounts of Energies

The Final Key

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People everywhere are getting it. 

We have power to change things 

and we are choosing to do this in 

peaceful yet couragous and determined ways.


What will happen to us when we

overwhelm this Earth with our



23-Feb-2011 SaLuSa: The energy of Love is most powerful, and there is absolutely nothing it cannot achieve, as it is the ultimate power of all creation. Have faith in it even if you cannot see results straight away. Love has a way of softening the hardest hearts, and will overcome all negative energies. Let love be your guiding light. and give freely of it wherever and whenever you can.  Michael Quinsey



Saleena Ki: Peaceful Protests and Revolution Events all around the world are happening so fast I can hardly keep track of them and get my thoughts written down to share before something else happens. It is moving fast! We are waking up all over the Earth fast. Tunisia, Egypt, now Libya and there are more being added to the list everyday.  Marimar is keeping track, watching fervently…. riveted to his computer's window to the world… reporting to me an expanded view of what is happening. Take a look at this Wikipedia List: 


2010–2011 Middle East and North Africa protests


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Cathy Pagano The Cosmic Story Newsletters‎ ‎

Aquarius New Moon 2011


 February 2 & 3, 2011

Candlemas/ Imbolc


"So light a candle to symbolize the light 
you want to bring into the world this year, 
listen inside for the Silence 
where all things are birthed, 
and let Spirit bring you a vision 
of what archetypal energy 
you are ready to embody this year."


Saleena: Consider taking a journey to the Regulus Sun-Star Portal
to meet with and receive your
piece of "light" from the Golden Star Beings.

Purchase the Recording HERE


"This week we celebrate not only the
New Moon in Aquarius on February 3rd,
but also Chinese New Year on
February 4th – the Year of the Rabbit."

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 Sitting on the train on my way to work I feel my beloved Golden Star Being (GSB) nudging me to get my pad and pen, and I begin hear words from him for the first time, confirming my wish to be able to hear my own (higher self) voice more clearly.



GSB :- “The work you have been doing leading up to the
Golden Star Being call this week (Jan 23rd) has built upon many activations, some you have actively participated in, and some others have facilitated.


Now your earth body is
capable of receiving and holding
your new impassioned being,
your fullness, so to speak,
for you we refer to your
Alchemist self”.


(Hi-Vibe Graphics & Art by Saleena Ki)

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Someone in the comments section of this video on YouTube called this song "humanity's anthem"…

I like this! Here is another comment worth passing on…thanks william…

"love allows continual creating to occur; it is constantly renewing itself, perpetually creating new forms and new experiences, that on the surface appear different, but when one reaches their essence through the dance, are experienced through bliss…da-na-ho-we-yo…it is said, it is good..namaste"..william


Saleena Ki: This video is episode 38 of a project called Playing for Change. I was delighted when I saw the first video they created. Brilliant idea coming true! They take one song and record it live with musicians from all over the world, live, playing together, singing together at the same time! What a way to weave us all together! I was thrilled to see this one… what an eternally potent song for us now, more than ever.

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May Childlike Wonder,
Awe and Curiosity
Fill Your Coming Days!


Saleena: I have been very busy with the last three months of aligning with the Triple Stargates and all their activations, bringing in three new Stargate Vibrakeys. So many exciting projects and alignments leading up to the Total Lunar Eclipse which lead us into the Winter Solstice. Amazing energies and effects in my body-mind-spirit and life. I have been feeling such a passionate desire to totally change my life and how I live it. I am set up to take steps to continue to clear the old beliefs and caches of memories-habits or anything that will assure this. I will be sharing more about this in another blog.


One of the most exciting things for me is this deep and staying peace that I have felt ever since unplugging from the old fear-based matrix and ReConnecting to a BENEVOLENT Higher Self expression of myself and to BENEVOLENT Source. There are other feelings or perceptions that are showing up and flavoring my reality, things like joy, a renewed sense of wonder, light-heartedness.



I find myself feeling silly and playing with my little dog friend, Brandy, dancing around acting like a child. Singing silly songs and saying silly fun things to her, to myself, to anyone who can hear them. She looks at me so quizzically.  This light-heartedness is amazing to me. I got so serious and intense and was just barely holding my space on earth sometimes through these chaotic energies and intense changes. So this lighter more innocent part of me emerging is sooooooooooooooo very welcome!!!

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Spinning-StarS eNewz


11-11 Crystalline Stargate Opening

BENEVOLENT Re-Connection



Saleena Ki's 11-11 Energy Update Report

11-11 Event: 11-11-10 Stargate Adventure- BENEVOLENT ReConnection Registration

MonthlyOmni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Journey.

Webinar October 10th, 2010:
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Event Art Special: 11-11-10 Crystalline Stargate Frequency Mandala. Help co-create it. Offered as one option when you register. Special Price if attend Webinar or order the recording.


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Saleena Ki's
11-11 Energy Update Report


Introduction to Portals & StarGate

Energies & Insights

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