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Rising Above Sham Spirituality

(Part II, The Focus)


Planetary Assignment


Full Moon Friday ~ July 15  

and the Planetary Grid Transmissions


In Cooperation with the

Water Element & the Evolutionary Forces of Nature



Our Focus

  • Quitting the New Age games and profit-for-self shams 
  • We call for the waters of Heaven to purify the deluge of spiritual delusion
  • We call for the erasure of memory and an emotional bodyflush of all religious and spiritual programming
  • We wield Sacred Fire to religions, religious institutions and the controlling elitist factions of influence            




One of the greatest tools of the dark forces is confusion.


This confusion is projected to us in many ways. One of the most prevalent is the manipulating infiltration of toxic substances that targets our thought processes by depressing our senses through what we eat, breathe, see, listen to and think. It is a grand ploy to create heightened states of confusion which causes us to feel disconnected from the Divine.


The other daunting influence upon us is our own resisting alter ego. Imbalanced emotions are the open door that it enters to control us and that which sabotages the pure intention of Divine Creation.


New age dogma also preys upon the emotional imbalance and takes advantage, especially monetarily, by appealing to the spiritual feel-good factor.


Hierarchal religion is another power structure which feeds people divisive beliefs to keep itself going financially as well as maintaining its controlling influence. It instills a fear of God while suppressing knowledge, unity and empowered sovereign living.


It is these things that we are focusing on this Full Moon in order to develop Divine Discernment in our Spiritual Path.



The Details:


This Full Moon, we are calling for  

Divine Intervention for more

Spiritual Truth to be exposed.


More specifically…


In Cooperation with the Water Element:


1. We pour forth the Violet Flame in harmony with the invocation of the Law of Forgiveness to transmute our abusive relationship with the Water Elementals through all the ages.


2. We are calling for a complete cleansing of our emotional/astral bodies to be purified of all fear and lower-self desire and separatism


3. We call upon the spiritual nature of water to pour forth from the ethers to purify all concepts that are not in harmony with God's Will.


Calls for Our Collective Group Transformation:


1. We invoke the Violet Flame to liberate us from all illusion/delusion surrounding lower plane psychicism and dependency on New Age trends, gimmicks and personal ascension scams.


2. We call for the erasure of cellular memory from all false religious and "new age" spiritual programming, asking for our cells to be filled with light to magnify the Divine Will.


3. We dissolve the contradictions in what we say versus how we live, calling forth alignment with our I AM Presence so that we may walk always in Divine Discernment and Discrimination.


Calls for Planetary Intervention:


1. In gratitude for the lessons brought to us by religions, we invoke the Law of Forgiveness as these ideologies and religions are reconstructed into universally accepted examples of Oneness.

2. We call for the Truth to be revealed and to immediately expose false religions, beliefs and new age ascension scams. We invoke the Sacred Fires into all false religious and spiritual activities including their facilitators, leaders, teachers, preachers, religious headquarters, spiritual organizations and all group formations.

3. We invoke the Sacred Fires to liberate all mis-qualified human thought-forms created by religious extremists and to neutralize the extreme polarities that the religions perpetrate upon the Earth.


We call for the activation of the threefold flames in the hearts of all people influencing and being influenced by religious and spiritual activities. 



 What Others are Saying…



Emotions…You have asked to rise above the earthly problems, you have asked for a retreat from worry.  It is at this point that you must breathe deeply to enter your original point of light, the pure cell of God that lives within you.  It is only at this place that your light brethren, the masters and beings of light can enter to assist you. Earth is so dense and congested and riddled with so many veils of illusion we are not able to get through. The star beings twinkle for you every night but you do not see it and feel it because the day has left you in a  dense hardened place.  The state of Grace must be awakened.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan



 Emotions… You are to become an efficient director of Cosmic energy forces. Become a conscious observer and practice detachment. Do not allow yourself to be pulled into a vortex of negative energy created by others. Learn to stand firm and in control, as the director of your sacred energy. Do not allow anyone to disturb your serenity and harmonious nature.

Ronna Herman



 Illusions…This world is 'Big Illusion' and so many of us are caught in the web of the ego, even in the name of God, the Light, Religion, New Age, as sad as it is, it is so true.  Truth, the Real Truth, must prevail.  I sometimes feel sad, knowing this is going on, even amongst those  claiming to be such spiritual ones.  I even, wonder if I am too, am  being duped by the ego in me, wondering if all this new age, 2012, evolution is just my own trap to keep me believing in something beyond this reality. Is it just an escape from something of Perfect Presence, here NOW? This topic is something we all must address inside our Self. 

Jewel Rhajarani



Religion…. This month Humanity experiences the greatest shift in its history; Divine Choice. No longer does religion, potentates, governments and false messiahs have claim to your divine spark. The time of looking outside yourself for the guru, swami or divine assistance is no longer relevant to the vibration of unconditional love. Mother Gaia cannot exist in the energy of "the pied piper".

Sharon Ann Riley



The Kogi

In Cooperation with Nature   


As the modern human race continues to plunder Mother Earth, argue about religious dogmas and fight so-called "holy" wars of destruction across the face of the planet, the aboriginal tribes struggle to hold Gaia in balance with the Creator.


One of these tribes, the Kogi of the high mountains of Columbia, are the last surviving civilization from the world of the Inca and Aztec and their cities are untouched by our world.


The Kogi believe that they live in order to care for the world and keep its natural order. Their spiritual leaders, the Mamas, are raised in the dark for their first 18 years, to communicate with "ALUNA", the thought process that shapes and maintains reality, the source of life and intelligence.


They connect with Spirit through the water and deep thought and concentration.


They tell us that our life depends on the constant cycle of water moving between the sea and freshwater lakes and rivers..


When we behave properly, the good rain falls on everything that grows.


Originally, the great mama brought the Kogi into being to be the guardians of nature. We, the little brother, were also given this knowledge of how to treat the earth and the water and the air.


At some point there was divergence and we, the little brother, went on a different path. The Kogi are profoundly frightened by what we are doing to the world and well aware that we have no understanding of the forces which we are unleashing.


To read more about the Kogi and their warnings to humanity








The Sacred Water Element:
Rising Above Sham Spirituality

Wielding Sacred Fire to Religions,

Religious Institutions & Factors of Influence

 MP3 Guided Audio Journey   

for Grid Transmissions on Full Moon Friday: July 15 






Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation  



Specialized Planetary Service Continues…
Final Assignment this Cycle – July 15, 2011  



In cooperation with:


The Realms of Illumined Truth


The Ascended Masters & Arcturian Healing Masters 


The Evolutionary Forces of Nature 


We endure our fourth and final

planetary assignment during the

potent energy cycle which pulses

intensified radiation of

cosmic and solar rays to

dramatically transform

human consciousness,

societal systems and infrastructure.    


Please Join Us      





"There is a

Golden Star Activation."

Exploring Regulus & the Golden Star Portal

Jan 16th 2011 12:10:47 AM] Saleena: Aloha, long day…., woke this morning with a message, " There is a 


Golden Star Activation." Then I saw the star Regulus and that the energies were going to be coming through it.  I asked who was talking and what was the activation for? Then had to go to work… we did amazing job on remodeling the house… next level up… you should come stay at our vacation rental… nice vacation to Hawaii…. I know just the place…. energetically tuned and all…..

They said it would be on the 23rd… the Golden Star activation… maybe we can check in to see what it is… next time we're on….


Jan 17th, 2011  8:21:57 PM] Magical Colin: Hi, how are you, slept in a bit today, am going to tune in now

Saleena: I am wonderful… buzzing with the full moon energy or is it the Fire of the Rainbow Sun or is it the approaching Golden Star Activation?

How long do you have to tune in today?

I would like to check on this energy… what is it? Who is offering it… through the star Regalus?

Magical Colin: Have about 30 mins

Saleena: Touching in to find you now… there you are… hello!  Wow, you are fine and sparkling today! Lots of sparks, very sharp crystalline sparks in your field and you are beckoning me to follow you….

Magical Colin: I was with over 60 people in  a call last night connecting with our angels, very powerful and plenty of clearing… ah there you are

Saleena: Where are we going? To the Golden Star? can you see it?

I was asking to help us understand what it is so we can share it if it is to be shared…

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Jan. 4th 2011 Partial Eclipse – Netherlands

Summary: On Jan. 4, 2011, the Moon passed in front of the sun, slightly off-center, producing a partial solar eclipse visible from Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

See more Eclipse pictures at
Space Weather Eclipse Gallery

Saleena: I am going to post this recording for your enjoyment and insight. I listened to their last one, Astrological-Energetic Report of Lunar Eclipse-Winter Solstice-2012 and was really informed in new ways about the energies we are moving through at many levels. Even though the event of the eclipse is past, the energy is still flowing, aligning and surrounding us. Enjoy…

"Having the sun rising when it is already crescent is the best you can get from a partial solar eclipse."  Brigitta Sipőcz


Solar Eclipse Conference Call
Estaryia Venus & Brian Sandy

Click on link below to
listen & download the 

Solar Eclipse Call Recording
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Join Suzanna Kennedy and Colin Whitby on the Winter Solstice for a journey to the Temple at the Heart of Creation for a special ceremony where we will balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Flames in Sacred Union.


This is a unique opportunity to embody these two energies in perfect harmony, and bring them back to Earth, into our lives and our new reality.


Saleena Note: You can purchase the recording of this journey and participate in the Initiation anytime. Just click the "Register Here"  link below.

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Full Moon Eclipse – Solstice Call & Meditation 

Report & Recording

Saleena: Enjoy a discussion of the Astrology and Energies of this potent period of time approaching the Total Lunar Eclipse ushering in the Winter Solstice. This Eclipse is the opening act of the 2012 Event. I have heard some calling it the crossing point. Some calling it the Shift. Whatever it is, it is powerful! 

Brian Sandy is an Astrologer and Research Scientist into the phenomena of Cosmo-genesis.

Estaryia (aka Estara) is an author, speaker, sound and movement educator, sacred dance artist, motion coach and sound consultant for theatre, film & video; choreographer, vocal ceremonialist, recording artist and intuitive channel,…

Saleena: …and my friend. We met in Hawaii. She is one enthusiastic and passionately talented being aligned with the bringing forth of our New Earth.

Here are some highlights
that stood out to me as
 I listened.
These aren't exact quotes
but summations of what I heard them saying:

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SpinningStarS 12-11 Quick Update

Aloha Beautiful Powerful Awakening Beings,


“Your mind is so powerful now
with these new energies that I
challenge you to focus it on what you want
because that is what you are going to get more of!”

Belees, the Arcturian


I am so excited about the 12-12 Stargate 3 Journey Adventure we are about to embark on. Everything we do is opening us up to a new level of consciousness. Even if we don't "do" anything, the energy of Mother Earth is rising so rapidly, our bodies are getting it even if our minds miss it. The 12-12 Stargate 3 is our Pineal Gland. How can that be? Many channels have proposed this over the years.  I did a Google Search. Check it out… wow, there are so many videos on YouTube that are called this. The Pineal Gland is your Stargate or Pineal Gland as your Stargate. Here the one I was watching: 

Look at the list of Realated Videos.

This YouTube page has so many videos called the same thing: Click HERE

I have already done so much reserach on this in regard to activating your lightbody. See my K-LB Rainbow Lightbody Kit. Learn to Bliss Breathe into your Pineal Gland. check out Lightbody Adventures.  I am excited to do more research on this subject.

This next Journey  has to do with a new level of pineal gland activation we are about to go through. This will facilitate us to Break Free from the from inside out! from the Cosmic Quarantine we have been under for who knows how long. I did and I am feeling so different. Clearer, deeply at peace, at least until some of that old system subconscious programming surfaces for me to release. Then I return to this deeper level of quiet. That isn't to say I don't get excited and passionate and creative. That is what turns me on! I call it Dynamic Peace.

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11-13-2010 Saleena: We had a wonderful time on our 11-11 Stargate Adventure. The process of unhooking from the old fear-based grid is a step of pioneering into brand new territory for us. Takes courage to actually show-up and do something like this. The reconnection process to your BENEVOLENT Higher Self and to BENEVOLENT Source is potent.


You can still register and get the recording so you can journey with us and go through the process.


On the webcast we had a simple slide show that used my art, Vibrakeys: VK56 Super Consciousness – Living Crystal Grid

VK64 Inside BETH,


VK68 10-10-10 Crystalline Stargate ONE

to illustrate and enhance the different energies and movements we were experiencing. 


Here is a testimonial note from my wonderful artist sister Mary Angelico when I asked her if she made the call on 11-11: "Actually, amazingly, yes!  I was on the website webcast.  I feel very blessed, and also appreciate the visuals so much, as you know I don't see too much in my mind's eye.  It was real.  Thank you!"


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Spinning-StarS eNewz

update energy report


Triple Crystalline Portal
Stargate Opening

Energies & Insights

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On this auspiciously
powerful day of Creation,
you are
heartily invited

by QuanYin & the Forces of Creation
to experience

Enlightenment in Support

& to create

Support in Enlightenment

for all beings.


Saleena: I have the joy of knowing Laura, first from Sedona, then later in Hawaii, and having spent creative time with her. She is  a very gifted creative and loads of fun. She is a jewel of a being and an energy bridge for QuanYin to gift us with her expanded vision and fabulous energy on Earth.

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Marimar: Hi All,
I did a channel today regarding the 10-10 teleconference questions. Saleena's earlier channels are in quotations. What I received today is from The Founders.

1. Saleena received on 09-15 from The Founders 

“What we would invite for the
10-10-10 is Galactic Severance.
We will explain soon.

Give this phrase to Marimar and ask him to ask about it. He will bring some light to what this means.”


Marimar: What does the phrase mean?


The 10:10 Stargate Portal
is a moment to celebrate!

It is the point of declaration
of a new status for Earth & humanity.

Your legal status is changing
from a “free for all” zone
to one in which humanity can

take responsibility for its own affairs.

This is s subtle matter, because for many years humanity has perceived itself to be the dominant species on Earth. This has been far from the truth, however. Humanity has been in the position of a subservient species, with its overlords taking the culture and society into patterns that are more reflective of themselves.


The 10:10 Stargate is the point in time

in which sanity is restored, or begins to be.

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Suzanna Kennedy: Aloha ALL! This is what I received regarding 10:10:10:


Council of ONE:

The significance of this

10:10:10 Stargate Opening

is such that we, the

Council of One,

encourage you to

Power Up your I AM Presence.

In the alignment of
your many selves
Your Self,
then come into alignment with the

I AM of All in One.


This is the first time
in your celestial history
that that you have experienced this
10:10 Stargate while the
Celestial Unity Wave is flowing. 

This generates a wave of change
so profound; your very particles of light
spin differently than before. 

Spinning faster, jumping, twirling in joy; 
expressing an
ecstatic dance of particles
on waves of unity.


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Nourish Peace Inside &
It Will Blossom into the World
Saleena Ki

Today Culminated the Amazing Diverse

Enjoy all the talks and insights via the recordings HERE

Autumn Equinox-Full Moon 2010

Read on for a weaving of Information,
Understanding & Ways to Participate

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A Global Telesummit for
Building a Culture of Peace:

Join our Virtual Peace Summit
Sept 14th-21st, 2010

"The dream of a peaceful world
has been with us for millennia.
Are we the generation
that will make that
dream a reality?"

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