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  • The Fifth Perspective: Transcending Space and Time-Hathors thru Tom Kenyon


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Energetically New

detail from VK115

SpinningStarS eNewz 2014-05-17 Update

as shared by Saleena Ki


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Included in this Update:

Saleena’s Sharing

Art that Assists & Support You on Your Life Adventure

The Pleiadian Portal Opens Today

Galactic Transmissions From Our SELF


Quotes from SaLuSa  16 May 2014 Message

A Bunch of HAPPY




Aloha Heart Family,

I am unaware of what this means Pleiadian Portal Opens Today means to me personally, we have yet to check in, and will do so this evening. Even though I lack personal resonance and interest in some aspects that they present here at Portal 2012 blog, I know that PORTAL OPENINGS ARE ENERGETIC EVENTS that can be used for many reasons, focuses and projects. That is what interests me, and hey, if I do have a Higher Self aspect that lives on a BIG Ship that is participating in this Pleiadian Portal opening, maybe it is time to meet with them…since I am being drawn to this today…


For the last 2.5 years, since I left Hawaii, I have lost my inclination to be the fervent Energy Reporter I was for the last 12 plus years since starting my eNewz letter in 2001. It began as MOHE: Marriage of Heaven & Earth in 2002 and has morphed into Spinning StarS eNewz.  I found one of the first newsletters:

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Saleena: Recently I have been experiencing some new kinds of energies that are challenging my body-mind. Overall every day I am getting healthier and happier. My level of well-being is rising and I spend more moments in unreasonable happiness and joy than ever before in my Earth life. I am living everyday with great curiosity, creativity and learning how to love myself deeper and more fully. With the new energies settling in and beginnings of integrating a whole new operating system on Earth and a brand new Human Energy System, life if truly becoming more fascinating and satisfying.

I recently listened to a man, Richard Gordon, who has developed and teaches Quantum Touch. I met him while at a very low time while living on the island of Maui, HI. He carries such a clear pure presence and the Quantum Touch he shared with me certainly touched my energy system deeply. I have thought about learning it off and on for years now. Listening to him share was pure joy and contagious. He was so excited about the New Human, the new energy system that has come online in us now. He was laughing and saying how amazing it is and what a great exploration we all have now to see just what we can do now. It is all open new frontier and only our old filters or lack of imagination would keep us doing things that same way. I got really enthused about experimenting with what is possible now.

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Everything is Opening:

DNA, Time, Ancient Cultures

a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Meredith Murphy

Sunday, 7 April, 2013  (posted 9 April, 2013)

Everything is Opening

(DNA, Time, Ancient Cultures …

and It's All Flowing In, Through & As You)

Infinite Being of Love,


Within you is everything you need to soar to new frequencies of expression.


Your DNA has been opened

and is now reactivating a

fuller expression of your human template.


This will appear to you in new ways of relating to other fields of life on Earth. It will become present in your awareness as amplification of key aspects of your being that are consistent across time in space. In essence your core frequencies will become more prominent and noticeably to you, you will experiences these as strong preferences and tendencies which give you ease and joy.

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SpinningStarS update


Saleena Kí


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Aloha Friends and Family,

I have some very GREAT NEW NEWS!


The NEW HUMAN has arrived inside of us,

at least many are now AWAKENING to this!


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13 year old Logan LaPlante:

Hackschooling Makes Me Happy

When 13 year-old Logan LaPlante grows up, he wants to be happy and healthy. He discusses how hacking his education is helping him achieve this goal. 

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Aloha ALL! I am finally feeling inspired to share in 2013! We did it! Made it through the ending point (between 12-12-12 and 12-12-21) of many old converging cycles and escorted the beginnings of many new cycles of various lengths. We are now the proud new "owners" of a NEW REALITY along with some kind of NEW OPERATING SYSTEM, NEW BODY SYSTEMS and much more to discover and explore. Some seem puzzled and are musing what this new reality is really all about. From the surface view, at some levels, things haven't changed all that much. Some seem disappointed that with all the 2012 hype, expectation and build up, it has lead to this? So what is different?


This is a glimpse one of my newest Vibrakeys VK110

that is still growing and forming.

It isn't even published yet.

To me the new energy is like this: 


There are LOTS of REPORTS out there speculating about what is happening and I seem rather oblivious to them. I AM more willing to just BE in the MOMENT and ALIGN MYSELF with a kind of new FLOW. I am enjoying living in this INSPIRATION which is rather CHILDLIKE, FULL OF WONDER and somehow more SIMPLE way of just BEING. It is some kind of deep inner shift inside me that almost defies being placed into the restraint of written words.



I am still doing "Light Work" yet it has to be in a LIGHTER more JOYOUS style than before to catch my interest. My ability to sift through the myriad of energy reports is limited and only when I am inspired to look at something or want some kind of assurance that I am going through this with others. My physical body is astonished by the impact of the new energies. It is TIRED ALOT and requires lots of sleep at odd intervals. Sometimes I have to lie down or fall over. Other times I have astonishing clear energy to create with.


In December 2012 everyone around me had some form of the next generation of a super duper flu bug. In my body it, slowed me way down and hit the sinuses and bronchials that hardest. It was long lasting, taking all my focused concentration to treat it. I still have a tight dry cough that hasn't left yet after 5 weeks. My sister experienced being laid flat, with excruciating aches and pains. Her observation was that it was rough, debilitating, then one day it was just gone. She observed that is seemed to cleanse more than the physical. She feels different now. I, too, feel lighter now.


For 5 months now, since August 21012, I have been about family reconnections, visiting my Mother, Sisters, Children, and Grandkids. A deep releasing of old stuck looping beliefs and patterns cleared the way for a new deeper appreciation of who they are now. I didn't plan it that way consciously, yet that is what happened. I had lots of time to reconnect to loved ones I hadn't seen in years, renewing our relationships, finding new ways to express ourselves to each other, and responding to some very insistent ancestors and sort out and release the past.


It was interesting that as I was impressed to sort through and secure photos and information about my family, so was my partner Hugh experiencing this in his family. He laughed and said the ANCESTORS really must have an agenda for us right now. The process of looking through years of what seems like the past, from this linear perspective, certainly gave way to feelings rising and the opportunity for release. I let the feelings rise, observed them with curiosity and let them go as I muttered lots of HO'OPONOPONO.


My sister, Mary Angelico, shared that she is feeling a kind of QUIET SIMPLICITY, a sort of lack of the need to figure things out or go out and DO anything. Very interested in being more consciously aware of the moment, THE FIELD and being available to respond to what arises out of it. She shared some very exciting wisdom from her beloved teacher, ELLE, that tweaked my interest. It involved ADVENTURE! My attentions perked up since I love ADVENTURE!


My interpretation of Her interpretation of ELLE's interpretation is this: Mary said the minute ELLE started talking about ADVENTURE as leaving the safety zone, she started feeling nervous. Time for letting go of habits of evasion, hiding and defense. Invitation to let go of our habit of pulling away from that which we are unfamiliar with. Time to explore by being aligned with "the field" and allowing one's self to respond as inspired.


As Mary shared more of what ELLE said, I thought how perfectly it applies to our OMNI-DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL ADVENTURING. How much is it like this practice her teacher was encouraging us to adopt. Funny, when I hear of Spiritual Teachers, somehow I relate following them as something hard, difficult, restricting, disciplined and challenging (sheepish grin from my inner programming). Yet she was sharing something that was part of my own playful practice.


"If we do not adventure, we will not know much about our nature. We have a made up nature if we don't adventure. Give ourselves into "trying it on", it's not the safe way." ELLE Collier Re


Mary said, "She defines adventure as, well, like skiing. It you don't know how, you just go on the hill and start going down."


"Attune to everything around you. Something grander is overcoming our fears. Something enters, as if in advance, we are shown the where to put our awareness. If we don't wake up and begin to adventure we will not have lived our purpose." ELLE Collier Re


Mary said, "She was talking about our CONNECTION to THE FIELD. Being AWARE IN IT. Looking around. RESPONDING. Something shows us the SHIFT to take to stay in UNION with the FLOW. A way to go BEYOND OUR FEARS. Go to THE FIELD. SURRENDER."


At that point I thought of an experience I created last year by SURRENDERING, admitting that I really didn't know how to get somewhere new from where I was, and ASKING SOURCE FOR HELP; to please REMOVE ALL THAT NO LONGERS COMPLIMENTS MY TRUE EXPRESSION OF MY SOUL. That was big. HUGE! My life started changing immediately. That is when I began my 5 month ADVENTURE with family. Boy did I release a huge reservoir of stuff that no longer was complimenting me. I hope I now have more room for living an expression of LIFE that is COMPLIMENTARY to my TRUE SOUL NATURE.



The other day, I was awakened at an early hour. I rose and wandered sleepily into another room. There I was impressed to read the book I had been nibbling away on…. Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's been entertaining, enlightening and a very poignant fun story. I am inspired by the revealing and humorous way she writes about herself. As a storyteller I love finding inspiration from others.


Then I found the part the early awakening and gentle nudging was about; she was sharing with and learning from a Balinese Medicine Man. His first assignment for her was something he called a simple meditation the Western mind could handle. He described it as a meditation where you just SIT & SMILE.



"To meditate, only you must smile.  Smile with face, smile with mind and good energy will come to you and clean away dirty energy.  Even smile in your liver.” Ketut Liyer,the Balinese Medicine Man


That made me SMILE! I can do that! So I did and it was wonderful! I let my face smile… easy…. then I smiled with my heart… easy…. then my Liver… odd and fun…. then my Stomach and my Gall Bladder. Now Gall Bladder likes to be bitter, so that was a new experience for her. Then I sent the smile to my arms and legs… FUN! Then to my Blood cells… wow! Smiles flowing through my whole body that way… Now this was feeling really beautiful! It made my body breathe deep sighs… tensions letting go.  How serious can all this be with everythign smiling?


Now this simple technique is right up there on my list of favorites along with  ECSTATIC STATESBLISS BREATHING, NOURISHING with SEXUAL ENERGY and going into the SACRED SPACE of the HEART. I shared it with a few friends who instantly got it. It is so easy and very sensational as those SMILES enter your whole system.


So as I continue on into this year of so much potential newness, I am OPEN, CURIOUS, SURRENDERED, OBSERVING, CONNECTING into this FEILD and intending to be more RESPONSIVE so I can to be used purposefully, while having lots of FUN and ENJOYING alot more this year. I really intend to PLAY more… and continue to LIVE and LOVE in a new way.


I am reprogramming my subconscious with some NEW TECHNOLOGIES: QUANTUM & HOLOGRAPHIC Programs that are really easy and very fun. I am cleansing the old cache of limiting beliefs using a myriad of techniques. I am planting NEW SEEDS to shape my experience of my reality. I am having a blast QUANTUM JUMPING to retrieve what I need to create a new kind of life. One way I am supporting this is changing my inner self talk. My inner repetitive mantras lately run something like this:


"Every day in every way my life gets better and better.


Every day in every way my love life gets sweeter and sweeter.


Every day in every way my health is more vital and sublime.


Every day in every way I have what I need when I need it.


Every day in every way I am now a wealthy woman!"


It is happening. My life and my experience of myself in it is changing significantly.


I AM already cued up for this to be one of the most ABUNDANT & FUN years of my life! You can quote me on that…


Love is flowing to me and through me easier now… since we are ALL ONE can you feel it?

So far, I really like what my reality feels like in 2013…. I hope you like yours.


P.S. One of my focuses this year is my ART… read on to the next blog post for that ADVENTURE…


VK30 Sanctuary of New Earth
Creative Renaissance
Cooperative Evolution 
Order Yours Here


Continue Voting for

Our New Reality-New Earth-New Lives


Aloha ALL,

Today is ELECTION Day in the USA. No matter how it turns out and who is elected President, I have confidence that we will have the New Earth Reality so many of us have been envisioning, choosing and co-creating. I am very delighted with the new attitudes and new changes beginnning to show up more and more here on Earth. More and more of us humans here on Earth are beginning to understand and feel that we are ALL ONE, and are beginning to act as such.


I have certainly been doing my own kind of " voting" for what I want and feel it is more important than any political race for the long term results that I want.


Click HERE and scroll down to find a list of the New Earth Seeds we planted, in the summer of 2010, just to give you an idea of what I want, what my garden is growing.


I use my own version of the method that Inelia Benz suggest; When I encountered something I am no longer interested in having in my reality, I say, in as neutral way as possible and without judgement,

"I am no longer interested in that in my Universe"

then imagine it with a BIG red sign like this in front of it:


Then I say, "This is what I want instead…", and I imagine in detail what I want. Then I place a big ring of Green Glowing light around it, like the Green light signifing "GO Ahead" in a traffic light. 



This way I am telling my Universe

to go ahead and manifest that for me.

My Universe always says "YES" to me

so I have confidence it will be so.


That is it. It is an easy response instead of wasting my time and energy on being upset.



I encourage you to "VOTE" often

for the reality you want to create.



What we do and don't do, on what some have called a Prison Planet, will help us move toward fully returning to the original intention for Earth as a Planet Paradise Earth. Due to the design of the ONE that created Earth, what we do here really does matter throughout ALL of Creation. What we do here shapes ALL Creation.  


It is such a significant time NOW

with such strong energetic impulses;

pushes and shoves from our

Galactic Center for us to change,

that we can no longer ignore it.


I believe that the changes must come from within us first, so get to voting in whatever way you best know how!


Results just in… OBAMA WINS another 4 years!


I am voting for his hands to be untied. For his greatest soul mission to be cleared to manifest the changes that will uplift us on EArth to a greater place of harmony and balance with our planet and each other. For his greater soul desires, as long as they are in alignment with our true benevolent purpose and mission of this Planet Earth, to be support to be manifest. I beleive, and I did when he was first elected, that he has come to us for a purpose. I vote that he will be the President who ushers in transparency in politics.


Disclosure of our true state of Galactic affairs and that he might be the first Leader to publically admit we are certainly in the company of many other races and beings who are benevolent and do love and care about us and are waiting for reunion with us. Full Disclosure! Along with the release of the secrecy and suppression so OUR greater technologies will NOW bless and advance our way of living significantly. Along with all the technology we already have developed to be used in behalf of clearing and cleaning up the Earth, the environment and living in a more advanced and sustainable way.


With our help,

as we change what is inside us,

we will surely see our world change around us.



Now let's get busy and focus on our ASCENSION. We are ALL ONE, so whatever we do for ourselves is for ALL. The opportunity is prime as we close out a very long and worn out cycle where the masculine ruled with war and power and usher in the cycle where the Feminine is flowing into our hearts like an unstopable surging river, finally coming in to bring all of us into our hearts to balance the masculine mind with love. This is what many of us came here for.


So keep VOTING for the Reality

you want live in your daily life!


I vote for a HEART based society

with a SUPER Focus in LOVE!


Cast Your Vote

by Inelia Benz: 


"The first, and most important rule to learn, is that whatever happens on the planet, or in your life, cannot happen if you do not agree with it. And everything that happens, happens because you either agree with it, or do not cast a vote.

It is not up to me to choose whether those billions of sleepers are carried by us, forced to wake up, or left to their choice of wanting to stay asleep, not responsible for their actions, and let the “dark” take responsibility for them as they take them into a denser, darker Earth.

It is not up to me to decide how fast we remove the shadows and step fully into the new, higher vibrational, reality. Why wait 3 generations when we could have it in 3 months?  We decide. We decide what we agree with and what we don’t agree with.

We all cast our vote.

So here is what we do, here is how we cast our vote:

Choose a person, situation, location, personal topic, or worldwide event, that you do not agree with.  Then, draw a red circle around it, and a line across it.  Say the words, “I do not agree with this”.  Next, visualize what you would like to see, what you do agree with, and place a green tick next to it. It is very, very simple, and quick. So much so, that one might think it is not life changing, but it is.  Try it.  Try it with the big things, and the little things. Use it every day, and watch."

(Source: Inelia Benz blog post)

More on Inelia

Saleena: I gratefully received this message from my sister, Mary Angelico: "So THIS explains it for you…." I thought I was just having a breakdown… and I was; a breakdown of my heart walls…. & a cleansing of all the old that isn’t working anymore.


October 2012: Hearts Opening, Birth Push Time

and The Divine Feminine Roaring to Life!

a message from Dana Mrkich

Thursday, 11 October, 2012  (posted 12 October, 2012)


My sister was right! This article is a fabulous clear sharing about the energies and what has been happening to all of us…. As a sensitive, intuitive, crystal being, I have FELT IT ALL DEEPLY.

I've asked for it though. I have regularly made the Medicines of Light for myself through this transition time. These numbers keeps coming up from the Medicine of Light List :


21. I ask you, DIVINE MOTHERS, to infuse my MEDICINE OF LIGHT with the QUALITIES THAT WILL ALLOW ME to FEEL YOUR LOVE IN A NEW WAY. Thank you, I accept.


32. I ask for any HEART WALLS I may have created in this Body-Mind-Spirit to be COMPLETELY REMOVED with GRACE & EASE NOW.


So now I am getting what I asked for… I unexpectedly found myself staying with my Mother while she went through a near brush with death. (Happily she is alive and fully decided to live now!) This brought me back into the "heart" of my family & children, whom I hadn't seen in 5 years. I was going to stay for a few weeks and I am just about ready to return home after almost two months. 


During this period of time I have been so emotional. I have experienced so much of what Dana wrote about! I was amazed, again, that it is really so personal and really so transpersonal! Sometimes I feel like I am the only one going through things just to find out it has been a planetary phenomenon and I am right on schedule as these new energies draw out of us just what they are designed for… transformation!

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Aloha ALL, We are about to have a super storm here so I am scrambling to get this posted before anything happens to interupt my internet connection. Forgive me if the pictures aren't here yet… I will get them up as I can. If you want to be on my SpinningStarS eNewZ mailing list see the end to manage your subscription. If anyone Subscribed to the Blog in the past thinking that would do it, sorry, you need to follow the link at the bottom to get on or off this eMail eNewZ list. Also, if anyone has sent me an email saying unsubscribe and are still getting the eNewZ, it is because your current email address isn't the one you subscribed with. We do our best. Thank you and WOWEE! Enjoying the RIDE????

I just added a bar to the top & bottom of this message that makes it easy share including a button for emailing this message to your friends. Please Share! Thank you!



SpinningStarS Update:


Newest Posts at Messages of Our New Universe:

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X-Class Super Charged or Zapped?


Saleena: By the way, if anyone still hasn’t heard we had an X1.1 Class Solar Flare yesterday! That is BIG POWER! I keep hearing about how tired everyone feels, along with all the other symptoms everyone is going through. You can read my most recent message about all this and the recent Solar Flare Activity HERE:


Our World is Changing Very Quickly – Be LOVE – Help with BIG Energetic Clearing    



All last night I could feel super charged energy zipping and zapping throughmy nerves and dreams. I was semi awake and asleep off and on all night. I usually sleep very deep with dreaming I can remember occurring only the last while before I wake… Last night was super power charged!


I have had very strange headaches off and on and reports from the same from other friends. One friend said that the day of the big flare, he got up, ate breakfast and just sat with his head in his hands feeling too tired to get on with his day. Some of us seem to feel it the minute it is released, while others feel it when it waves through the Earth fields. Today about 3:30pm another headache struck and is bonking away inside my head right now, in fact this one feels stronger than any other one yet, I wonder what is coursing through right now? It might be the effects of the X-Class waves hitting earth right now. It seems to be accompanied with some nausea. There are predictions for more to come…


Space Weather Archive

July 7th  2012  X Class Flare


The night of the BIG Flare, I was reminded to make the Medicines of Light as suggested by the Hathors, asking my Higher Self-Soul-BA to qualify light in a way that it will assist me in assimilating and integrating these powerful solar and cosmic energies.


“The focus of our message here is not on the physical aspects but the emotional and spiritual aspects of this solar activity. As we said in our message, Partaking From the Solar Winds, these types of solar fluctuations increase emotional volatility and irrational behavior. Many of you are, no doubt, finding yourselves irritable for no particular reason. Sleep disturbances are also a common aspect of this change in solar activity.


As you enter this heightened solar storm phase we have two suggestions that will allow you to navigate through these increased levels of energy. The first is the simplest and is thoroughly discussed in our message, Partaking From the Solar Winds, so we will not discuss it here. A second method allows you to soothe your physical body through the water element. We are referring here to another previous message, called Medicines of Light. In this method you charge water with intentionality from your BA or Celestial Soul. The original message dealt with protecting yourself from viruses, bacteria, and radioactivity. We would refer you to that message so you understand the method clearly.


In this use of the Medicine of Light, you will charge the water with the intention of soothing your physical body, so that it is able to adjust to the erratic nature of the solar energies more efficiently and with greater grace. An ideal time to create this type of Medicine of Light is just before going to sleep. Then the Medicine of Light, through the water element, will communicate with the intracellular and intercellular fluids of your body, which will impart a calming and balancing effect.” Hathors


Every time I follow the protocol they suggested and use the list I have compiled, I am excited and impressed at how wise my body-mind-spirit is. By the numbers I choose from the list, when I simply ask for a list of numbers first, I show myself that I am  taking advantage of these energies to release and clean house at even deeper and deeper levels and open up to higher and higher conscious levels:


Making Medicine of Light


Medicine of Light List



I was also reminded to read the two articles from Tom Kenyon and the Hathors sent out earlier this year pertaining to their prediction of just what is happening now and what we might do to empower ourselves through it…


“When you awaken at night, or whenever you are resting, we suggest you use the method we suggested in Partaking from the Solar Winds to charge your KA body. Since you are awake you might as well take this opportunity to charge your KA.”


(Saleena Note: They talk about what the KA is earlier in the message. One friend thinks of it as the Astral Body, I think of it as my Etheric body.)


“As you work with this you will find that you can regenerate and re-energize yourself in shorter periods of time than you have been able to in the past.


There is a third method we would like to offer those of you who have an advanced understanding of your KA.”




“Your KA body interpenetrates your physical body and is the same shape and size as your physical form. There is no part of your physical body that is outside of your KA, and by its very nature when you charge your KA body with energy, the overflow of excess energy goes into the organs of your physical body, which increases your health and vitality…”



My intention was to post a new blog highlighting all the exciting pertinent things they shared, including the 3 things they suggested we could do… It is particularly significant now that we are in the midst of what they were talking about, and I am too tired to do it! So instead I will send out this brief and the links and know that you will read them and practice them as you are guided.


Partaking From the Solar Winds


The method of charging your KA is in this message:

Entering the Solar Storms



Sorry about the timing, I just got this so am passing it on to you… enjoy! 


Never too late to Celebrate & Support

World Disclosure Day!


From: Paradigm Research Group <>
Sent: Saturday, July 7, 2012 5:27 PM
Subject: Press Release – World Disclosure Day – July 8, 2012




July 8, 2012
Press Release 


World Disclosure Day – July 8


Washington, DC – Today is World Disclosure Day.


Disclosure,the formal acknowledgement by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, is the primary goal of a growing international truth movement. The purpose of World Disclosure Day is to provide a focal point for people and organizations to come together to assert their right to know extraordinary information being withheld from them by their governments – the truth embargo.  World Disclosure Day will also help broaden public awareness of the Disclosure process and those organizations involved in this advocacy work.  


On July 8, 1947 General Roger Ramey held a press event at the 8th Army Air Force Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas in which he changed the just released story of a recovered crashed disk near Roswell, New Mexico to that of a retrieved Rawin weather balloon. This was the informal beginning of the now 65-year truth embargo of formal acknowledgement the human race is not alone in the cosmos.  For this reason the date July 8 was chosen to emphasize the need to reverse that now inappropriate policy.  


People and organizations from every nation can register their endorsement of World Disclosure Day at the WDD website.  There are now over 5000 endorsements.


The broad based study of the history and implications of the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race is called “exopolitics.”    World Disclosure Day is part of an exopolitical advocacy process.


There is considerable material on the Internet regarding the Disclosure truth movement.  Search on "disclosure" and "exopolitics" together.   Also, considerable resources can be found at PRG's website:


Note:on the day the first nation comes forward to finally and formally acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence, that day will then become World Disclosure Day (or Disclosure Day) historically recognizing the most profound event in human history.


World Disclosure Day is a project of Paradigm Research Group. 


Contact: Stephen Bassett

                  Ex. Director, 202-215-8344




You can read a related message and sign our

Ready for Contact

petition HERE:


 " All things can be energized to act as gateways & bridges into the realms of life
     beyond our material world.  Let's co-create a place in time and space where you & I
         can join all of life through these gateways.
                                      It is time for benevolent contact, I say yes!"
                                                                Saleena Kí


Here is another insightful sharing about what is going on:


Our Ultimate Reality Newsletter



Much Love and Holding Intentions we all get what we want from all this…



Inter-Inner Galactic Omniversal Storyteller Artist Alchemist Receiver & Translator

Saleena Kí


Offering Service as Sessions-Readings-Art



VK27 Golden Pyramid

aka Golden Fractal Chryst-al Lattice Pyramid
Utilize Solar Plasma
Assimilate Cosmic Waves
Orgone Generator (Energy)
Environmental Enhancer
Pineal Gland Activation & Support


I recommend using this Vibrakey to assist in assimilating these Solar and Cosmic Energies



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July 5, 2012 – Today's Energy  

Our world is changing very quick…

May 20th, 2012 Solar Eclipse Day Sun Energies from Middle Tennessee  


Photo by Saleena


Saleena Note: I had a very wonderful re-Birthday on July 3rd. Many wonderful wishes, lots of love and some pretty great gifts. A great full moon called the Thunder Moon. Even the Sun presented me something that day. There certainly has been some pretty intense and exciting energies and activities spanning the whole month of July so far. Someone sent me this message below, saying, "I'm sure feeling it……"  and I echo that emotion! I thank Claudia McNeely for such a great report about such intense conditions:


 July 5, 2012 – Today's Energy is tired and more tired.


We are more than overwhelmed by

all the huge Solar Flares that are pummeling us.

If the Sun was my birthday cake, then this flare was my M-class candle! Saleena 


Claudia: I have never seen so many in such a short time.


The Universe is forcing more Light into us,

Saleena Eating the Solar Eclipse Sun 2012-05-20

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Death of the Old Masculine Dark Cycle

Birth of the New Feminine Light Cycle

It ALL Exists Simultaneously Now

Key is the Heart

Saleena: I will begin by sharing that for the most part, the old has lightened enough inside me that most of the time I have been feeling better and better. Younger, lighter, brighter and more positive. When old fear or negativity does rise up, it is usually short lived. I have a wonderful support team that assists in remembering and putting things into perspective.

Since I am a sensitive, I feel EVERYTHING rather intensely. When waves of intense energies move through, sometimes I take it personal, yet eventually, with a little help from my friends, I recognize it is something that isn't the true me and it is moving through and will pass. I have enough skills and assistance now that I can do my inner work and dissapate it one way or another.

Inside I am becoming a new creature, able to hold more light and stay present in higher frequencies. I spend most of my time focusing on, imagining and playing in co-creating a New Reality. I usually live in my own Paradise inside and out. That is my purpose right now, to share this in all my stories, my art, my dreams, my service. And to have FUN! That is what I AM here for. To build bridges so we can all more consciously make this shift and ascend together.


Yet, for the last few days I have wondered if I was really going to make it through this whole process. There has been an underlying swirl of emotions bringing some dreadful feeling up, more of the old stuck stuff is rising to the surface to either cause havoc or transform.

Things have been INTENSE; from the energies to the heat and smoke from fires and everything burning up from lack of water where I am living. It is now severe. It is certainly tempting to lose hope in the midst of this, yet that is what we are being encouraged to overcome. To continue to hold on, keep "Voting" for what we want, look to the light, to the shift, to the changes that some of us have constantly held the intentions for and built bridges for by doing the Lightwork.

Just as I was sinking rather low tonight, I had the idea to check my email before bed… and there was a message from a friend. It was named "…it ALL Ends Well…" The message and art uplifted me. It reminded me of thriving in a kind of New Earth. This is what Mother Mary has been sharing with us… it is time to Thrive, to keep focused on the New…



"Dear Ones, you are doing so well even though you are under a lot of pressure, but do try and relax and enjoy what should be an exciting time…" and  "Whatever problems or predicaments you find yourselves in, take it in your stride knowing that before long the answers will come your way…"  SaLuSa June 25 2012 Message


Saleena: I have had one ear on the reports coming through many sources about the mass changes about to occur within our old system as it crumbles. This is what SaLuSa is referring to. You can read more at or Kauilapele's Blog which will have many links and references to follow for your own study and discernment. As I have said before, I am soooooo ready for there changes… bring them on!


On the other hand, it is uncanny how clues and answers are sometimes right under your nose. I had sent this link to my sister, intending to watch it later when I got a moment. She sent it back with a big, "WOW! and "I don't know if you listened to all the videos you sent me, but this one seemed especially targeted toward what you were feeling yesterday- let's go find that chamber he speaks of!!!" So I did, I listened to it… and WOW! I am ready for that chamber now!  It is something I am going to listen to again and again… Maybe we already have some keys that will help along similar lines….


It was Drunvalo that first inspired me to co-create VK38 Sacred HeartGate and begin to learn to journey into the heart and find the tiny little sacred space and to move into and through it. That was how we began to journey into the Omni-Dimensions and begin our Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures. So much heals so fast in that space. So much is contained in that heart space. Drunvalo talks about the shift we have to make and how all we need to know is in our hearts and how it is the Feminine that knows how to do it.  

It is where we find our true power. That is what Pacal Votan of the Mayans in Palenque shared with me in a visionary experience when I visited his Pyramid Tomb of Inscriptions there. He said that the trouble with us humans is that we look everywhere for our power… he swept his hand around here and out there… and then he asked it I wanted to know where true power is found? I nodded… a bit awed and amazed by his unexpected presence…

Then he pointed to the Sun and caught a handful of it sweeping it and me into my heart, the inside of it… There I saw little curled up    things inside that looked like young ferns, all curled up before they open,  and as the Sunlight touched them, they uncurled and tiny little codes floated out into the heart …. He laughed and said, "There is where true power lies… there inside your heart!" Now I understand that these are there to be activated at a time when the Sun's power is increasing and it is nearly time for us to all wake up and remember who we truly are. I created VK15 Love's Power to reflect what he shared. 



Now, after you listen to the Video below, you might understand how significant that little message of his was….and these Keys.

Drunvalo shares so much… enough said… enjoy…..



Drunvalo Melchizedek:

Crop Circles Code Figured Out

What They are Saying:

Russian Scientists


About Increasing Solar Flares

Pole Shift

Dec 21st is End of Old Masculine Dark Cycle

Dec 22nd Birth of the New Feminine Light Cycle

Mayan Perspective

Cause to Celebrate

We Must Shift Dimensions

Key is the Feminine

It's ALL Inside Us, in our Hearts

We Must Remember

Heart Healing Chamber

Key: Love & Forgiveness




Saleena: Aloha ALL! This blog portal is for sharing Messages pertaining to Our New Universe and there has been so much energy flowing through my body with ALL the Solar and Galactic activity with astrological alignments and portals openings-chaotic nodes-transitions-reboots-redirects-resets-activations that I have been very tired at times, so tired I haven't been able to post much.    

So I am going to post this first part before the Transit and will add some more of the sharing and offerings I have from Venus hopefully tomorrow. Also some of the Vibrakey updates through this year so far.          


We certainly we have been through so much so fast that we might not recognize ourselves. There is very little time to integrate before the next wave is upon us.


Have you thought about what reboot means?

Well when I need to reboot my computer, it is ususally because I have installed new software or hardware or it is is need of resetting its memory from an intense day of work. What do I do? I turn it off and back on. It shuts down all its programs, then turns off, a moment of stillness and then it starts back up. Well, I can say that I have moments that feel just like that off and on the last month. All of a sudden my brain and body just shut down and I feel deeply tired to the core, then after a rest, sometimes a very short one, I am back online and running fresh.

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Saleena: When I first begin this blog as a portal for Message of Our New Universe, it was Sophia that asked me to do this. She said there would be many messages coming forth that would need to have a timely way to share. She said that we together had co-created a New Universe within our old one, a creational feat that is very very unique. She said that now it was up to us to fill it with what we want. It has been nearly 2 years now since we began and we have been consciously choosing, filling and voting.

Our New Universe has since been birthed into it's own autonomy, no longer held in the womb of the old. This occurred during June of 2011. This was another unique first time in this Creation kind of event.
In many ways it might look to some as if we have made little progress and that we are still declining as a planet. I have a different perspective.
I focus on the messages and evidence
that we have progress miraculously
and will continue to do so.
I may be called a dreamer
and I will accept that with honor.
I AM and that is how we create our reality! 
I love to share messages from other beings throughout our local Universe to help us open our hearts to those who are different than us and part of us. Who share their love, their wisdom, about themselves and their planet and culture.
This message is a beautiful sharing from a being who calls herself  TOISHEEBA. I spent long focused hours really letting her message in. I thank Maria, from Mother Earth Healing Network for her willingness to bring through these timely messages. 

Channeling of Toisheeba

from the

Galactic Federation,

through Maria Bertram,

Stockholm, Sweden, May 9th 2011 

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"Really, we are in the business of creating a miracle here on Earth."

Charles Eisenstein

Our World Reality United through

Love, Kindness & Giving


Saleena: A friend sent me a link to a blog message titled, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift & Community in an Age of Transition, where I read this very direct question, "Is the lack of money stopping you from doing something you really want to do right now?" I


had to laugh because earlier I was talking about a number of things that I needed to do that I didn’t have the money to do & I was musing about what was in me to cause me to do without these things for so long.

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