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2013-06-27 Interview with Hugh Matlock

right after he submitted his Software Cosmos essay:

Saleena Kí : You seem relieved today, no longer worried about the research. What were you worried about? You have laid out a series of bread crumbs…

Hugh Matlock: I think the idea, let's call it the discovery, that I made, could just disappear and be forgotten because it doesn't last long enough; either it is suppressed or I don't last long enough to get it out there. I think I am more relaxed about that today because with this "Software Cosmos" paper it lays out a series of bread crumbs, a path for physicists to follow to give them the answers they are looking for.

It creates a picture, a model, a general concept, that they can formalize mathematically to get a more coherent picture of what's going on.

So just by submitting this today, and in the next few days seeing it go online, that will answer that question because that's not something that can be taken back.

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Saleena: I gratefully received this message from my sister, Mary Angelico: "So THIS explains it for you…." I thought I was just having a breakdown… and I was; a breakdown of my heart walls…. & a cleansing of all the old that isn’t working anymore.


October 2012: Hearts Opening, Birth Push Time

and The Divine Feminine Roaring to Life!

a message from Dana Mrkich

Thursday, 11 October, 2012  (posted 12 October, 2012)


My sister was right! This article is a fabulous clear sharing about the energies and what has been happening to all of us…. As a sensitive, intuitive, crystal being, I have FELT IT ALL DEEPLY.

I've asked for it though. I have regularly made the Medicines of Light for myself through this transition time. These numbers keeps coming up from the Medicine of Light List :


21. I ask you, DIVINE MOTHERS, to infuse my MEDICINE OF LIGHT with the QUALITIES THAT WILL ALLOW ME to FEEL YOUR LOVE IN A NEW WAY. Thank you, I accept.


32. I ask for any HEART WALLS I may have created in this Body-Mind-Spirit to be COMPLETELY REMOVED with GRACE & EASE NOW.


So now I am getting what I asked for… I unexpectedly found myself staying with my Mother while she went through a near brush with death. (Happily she is alive and fully decided to live now!) This brought me back into the "heart" of my family & children, whom I hadn't seen in 5 years. I was going to stay for a few weeks and I am just about ready to return home after almost two months. 


During this period of time I have been so emotional. I have experienced so much of what Dana wrote about! I was amazed, again, that it is really so personal and really so transpersonal! Sometimes I feel like I am the only one going through things just to find out it has been a planetary phenomenon and I am right on schedule as these new energies draw out of us just what they are designed for… transformation!

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Saleena: I am happy to introduce you to a fascinating friend of mine, Michael White. He has started a new blog called

Choose Peace Now;

Keys to a New Paradigm of Peace

VK31 PeaceMaker by Saleena Kí


Michael is a very unique being. He is a Peace Keyper. He, along with his partner and daughter are "on a mission to awaken humanity’s peace potential." This is one of our familiar connection, since I am a Key Maker and have always known my mission involved bringing us to a state of Inner Peace on this planet. You can read more about him here: About Michael


Recently Michael was inspired to begin to share all the amazing adventures and insights he has gained over the years. I am having a similar inspiration this year to bring forth many of the adventures and experiences we've had over the years, as if this year is the time to begin to share them more freely. He is on a roll sharing many of his past present and future experiences with insights he has gained in his omni-dimensional travels about our Creation.

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Death of the Old Masculine Dark Cycle

Birth of the New Feminine Light Cycle

It ALL Exists Simultaneously Now

Key is the Heart

Saleena: I will begin by sharing that for the most part, the old has lightened enough inside me that most of the time I have been feeling better and better. Younger, lighter, brighter and more positive. When old fear or negativity does rise up, it is usually short lived. I have a wonderful support team that assists in remembering and putting things into perspective.

Since I am a sensitive, I feel EVERYTHING rather intensely. When waves of intense energies move through, sometimes I take it personal, yet eventually, with a little help from my friends, I recognize it is something that isn't the true me and it is moving through and will pass. I have enough skills and assistance now that I can do my inner work and dissapate it one way or another.

Inside I am becoming a new creature, able to hold more light and stay present in higher frequencies. I spend most of my time focusing on, imagining and playing in co-creating a New Reality. I usually live in my own Paradise inside and out. That is my purpose right now, to share this in all my stories, my art, my dreams, my service. And to have FUN! That is what I AM here for. To build bridges so we can all more consciously make this shift and ascend together.


Yet, for the last few days I have wondered if I was really going to make it through this whole process. There has been an underlying swirl of emotions bringing some dreadful feeling up, more of the old stuck stuff is rising to the surface to either cause havoc or transform.

Things have been INTENSE; from the energies to the heat and smoke from fires and everything burning up from lack of water where I am living. It is now severe. It is certainly tempting to lose hope in the midst of this, yet that is what we are being encouraged to overcome. To continue to hold on, keep "Voting" for what we want, look to the light, to the shift, to the changes that some of us have constantly held the intentions for and built bridges for by doing the Lightwork.

Just as I was sinking rather low tonight, I had the idea to check my email before bed… and there was a message from a friend. It was named "…it ALL Ends Well…" The message and art uplifted me. It reminded me of thriving in a kind of New Earth. This is what Mother Mary has been sharing with us… it is time to Thrive, to keep focused on the New…



"Dear Ones, you are doing so well even though you are under a lot of pressure, but do try and relax and enjoy what should be an exciting time…" and  "Whatever problems or predicaments you find yourselves in, take it in your stride knowing that before long the answers will come your way…"  SaLuSa June 25 2012 Message


Saleena: I have had one ear on the reports coming through many sources about the mass changes about to occur within our old system as it crumbles. This is what SaLuSa is referring to. You can read more at or Kauilapele's Blog which will have many links and references to follow for your own study and discernment. As I have said before, I am soooooo ready for there changes… bring them on!


On the other hand, it is uncanny how clues and answers are sometimes right under your nose. I had sent this link to my sister, intending to watch it later when I got a moment. She sent it back with a big, "WOW! and "I don't know if you listened to all the videos you sent me, but this one seemed especially targeted toward what you were feeling yesterday- let's go find that chamber he speaks of!!!" So I did, I listened to it… and WOW! I am ready for that chamber now!  It is something I am going to listen to again and again… Maybe we already have some keys that will help along similar lines….


It was Drunvalo that first inspired me to co-create VK38 Sacred HeartGate and begin to learn to journey into the heart and find the tiny little sacred space and to move into and through it. That was how we began to journey into the Omni-Dimensions and begin our Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures. So much heals so fast in that space. So much is contained in that heart space. Drunvalo talks about the shift we have to make and how all we need to know is in our hearts and how it is the Feminine that knows how to do it.  

It is where we find our true power. That is what Pacal Votan of the Mayans in Palenque shared with me in a visionary experience when I visited his Pyramid Tomb of Inscriptions there. He said that the trouble with us humans is that we look everywhere for our power… he swept his hand around here and out there… and then he asked it I wanted to know where true power is found? I nodded… a bit awed and amazed by his unexpected presence…

Then he pointed to the Sun and caught a handful of it sweeping it and me into my heart, the inside of it… There I saw little curled up    things inside that looked like young ferns, all curled up before they open,  and as the Sunlight touched them, they uncurled and tiny little codes floated out into the heart …. He laughed and said, "There is where true power lies… there inside your heart!" Now I understand that these are there to be activated at a time when the Sun's power is increasing and it is nearly time for us to all wake up and remember who we truly are. I created VK15 Love's Power to reflect what he shared. 



Now, after you listen to the Video below, you might understand how significant that little message of his was….and these Keys.

Drunvalo shares so much… enough said… enjoy…..



Drunvalo Melchizedek:

Crop Circles Code Figured Out

What They are Saying:

Russian Scientists


About Increasing Solar Flares

Pole Shift

Dec 21st is End of Old Masculine Dark Cycle

Dec 22nd Birth of the New Feminine Light Cycle

Mayan Perspective

Cause to Celebrate

We Must Shift Dimensions

Key is the Feminine

It's ALL Inside Us, in our Hearts

We Must Remember

Heart Healing Chamber

Key: Love & Forgiveness




"Really, we are in the business of creating a miracle here on Earth."

Charles Eisenstein

Our World Reality United through

Love, Kindness & Giving


Saleena: A friend sent me a link to a blog message titled, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift & Community in an Age of Transition, where I read this very direct question, "Is the lack of money stopping you from doing something you really want to do right now?" I


had to laugh because earlier I was talking about a number of things that I needed to do that I didn’t have the money to do & I was musing about what was in me to cause me to do without these things for so long.

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Embrace Duality to Move Beyond It… Saleena Ki

Saleena: The first thing I want to share today is something to set a tone, a vibration into movement. My idea is that as long as we reject any part of ourselves, since we are ALL ONE, then we are trapped in the cycling of duality and the densities. Judgement against any part of it results in STUCK ENERGY. When we are able to FULLY EMBRACE AND ACCEPT ALL OUR EXPRESSIONS FROM THE DARKEST TO THE LIGHTEST we FREE THE STUCK ENERGIES to flow on and leave room for a brand new creation.





for more on this.


I have been carefully watching events world-wide unfolding since Dec. 2010, when the first Tunisian boy set himself on fire to protest a system and life that made it impossible for him to decently make a living. He had followed his countries leaders suggestion to get a higher education so he would have wonderful job opportunities afterwards.


To his surprise and despair

it didn't work that way.


He resorted to his own creativity and attempted to sell some vegetables on the street to make enough to eat and live. His local "system" then literally beat him up violently and fined him and forced him to stop taking care of himself. 


How many places on our Earth

has this or something like this been happening

and for how long?


More importantly, 



In his desperation, he set himself on fire in front of them and died in protest of this kind of inhumane system.


This young man's astonishing actions set off a


from the


that is now



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Saleena: As we near some very significant dates; Oct 28th as the proposed ending of the Mayan Calendar, and Nov. 11th, 2011 which equals 11-11-11, I choose to  weave some of the newest updated Vibrakeys, with their newest Codes (information) and Keys to activate and unlock your abilities to perceive your own truth and higher dimensions. with David Wilcock's sharings from his two latest blog messages from the Divine Cosmos. Thank you David for sharing so much so directly… thank you. Enjoy the ride!


Infusing EVERYTHING with NUE Energy
(New Universal Energy) 



"Do you believe in love, or do you believe in fear?
If you do believe in love, do you also believe in a Higher Power in the universe?
Is this an abstract concept in your mind, or do you see that it also has practical realization in the events that take place on Earth day after day?
Which of these two realities do you feed… with your thoughts and beliefs… and the energies they in turn create?
Do you see life on Earth as subject to random catastrophes beyond your control, and enslavement by shadowy negative forces pulling the marionette strings of elected governments?
Or, do you believe that everything in life has Purpose — even if it is not always obvious?
Could this Purpose be carefully maintained by entities vastly more evolved than those zipping around in UFOs and visiting us from other worlds?…"
"…I am honored to present you with a true story about the awakening of humanity. The awakening is happening on a personal level… and on a collective level as well…"

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2011-06-11 She-rier-stra Visiting

with Marimar & Saleena on Earth


Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure

continues from our 

Visit to Library Planet – Sharing Ideas to Shape Life on New Paradise Earth


Saleena: This Morning after Breakfast She-rier-stra was with Marimar. He felt her when he first woke up. Such nice beings. She wanted to go see our garden so he took her out and showed her the plants and life. Now if you know Marimar, this is very unusual behavior. I was delighted!


Marimar: She had me touch the plants and smell the flowers. I could tell she got a lot more information by touching than by seeing. I'd walk around and look at all the plants and she would see one and say, "Touch." Not talking a lot but puzzled by some things.



Attention went to the house and she noticed it was made from cut dead trees, then she noticed live plants inside the house that was made of dead trees. I tried to explain; we like the plants so we bring them in. This puzzled her that we didn't let them get rain.


"Plants need sun and water," she said. I explained it the best I could and she thought, "You want the plants inside after chopping trees to make a dead house and then you put the plants inside and then they can't get the rain?" It was mostly that we didn't do things very effectively.


She did want to see our star so I looked up at the sun.



Saleena: I didn't see any direct sun on their planet when we visited, it was more of a subdued all-around light and they said that it came from a reflection from their sister planet, Unduo.


Marimar: She was very fascinated by corals. We had some dried ones in the garden and I told her where they had come from.


Another thing, we walked around all the plants and she wanted to see the Gecko but he ran away.



She was very interested in the lava, not sure they have it where she lives.


Saleena: Is she still with you?


Marimar: Yes, I showed her my GeoHologram research and different parts of the globe. She is getting tired though starting to fade.


Saleena: I experienced that last night while we were visiting toward the end. It was so fascinating I wanted to stay but my body got too tired. I had to go rest.


Marimar: I showed her my research and explain how people on the planet didn't know much about the grid system.


Saleena: And that you are mapping it so they will know more about it.


Marimar: She was taken aback when I read the news.


Saleena: Janook said there is no conflict there and they only know about it by the journeys of discovery and exploration to other planets and cultures. It must be rather shocking to peaceful beings.


Our planet has been through a rather savage stage. It is taking a lot of us acting differently; living in our hearts, meeting with other higher dimensional beings while we are in the heart signature, interacting in creative, peaceful and loving ways to change our reputation of Earth in the Galactic neighborhood.


I am so happy that so many of us

are now  dreaming in something new.


Marimar: Generally it got to her emotionally and she felt that this is a very hard environment, You know what's in the news; war and conflict. I told her that is why we are making a new planet and we want to upgrade ours.


She reminded me we are our planet.


They think of themselves very much

a part of their planet.


What she sees happening on our planet

reflects to some degree what is in us.


Saleena: Speaking of reflecting what is inside us, I walked around today in our garden harvesting and I felt so peaceful and grounded. I found mushrooms, flowers, berries, fruit, herbs.



I ran to get my camera when I found a butterfly that was newly emerging from its cocoon.



It was fascinating filming the struggle it had pumping up its wings in learning to walk and navigate in its new body. He reminded me of us as humans now; newly emerging as a new species and we look like that sometimes flopping around.


Sometimes it would just fall right over on its back look like it was dead but then it would begin to wiggle struggle and upright itself and climb up onto some kind of a stem and then quiver and shake its wings getting them to unfold more. I can related to that this year with all the changes and shifts in energy and our bodies and the chaotic nodes!.


I walked all over the garden filming and exploring things and singing the Garden of Atema song. I didn't realize they were with me and now I suspect they were there observing through me, also.


Saleena Note: It was the Sisters of Isis who gave our Garden its name. They said Atema means blossoming and not just the flowers….



Atema: The Garden of Flowering 

Received 01-02-2009

by Saleena Ki


Sisters of Isis: We will sing you a song to explain it deep inside you…


"Oh man, remember the time when you were one with all, with god, with life.


It is this oneness you came here to remember.


It is within the Garden of Atema (Ah-tay-mah) you will flourish and a blossoming will begin.


First in your heart, then in your mind, now to your body.


Reminder of your Divine Sweet origins.


Now let it flourish around you in the Garden of Atema.


A paradise re-newed, re-found, re-membered,


Here in your Garden of Atema you enliven, awaken, enlighten.


Share your love.  Listen.  Imagine.  Create.


Life is sweet.  Life responds.


Find joy together in your Garden of Atema."


Saleena: I love the feeling of… "Life is sweet. Life responds."  I can feel it so deep inside me when I sing it.


Marimar: That's all I have to share right now, did you feel one with them today?


Saleena: This morning I did some Sun Gazing for a long time. The sun was very white and pure feeling and there were new codes coming in, very strong ones. They came into my body and I sent them into the Mother Earth.


I was walking around looking at everything and explaining it out loud. That must have been their influence! I don't usually do that unless I am videoing. Talking to some invisible audience that might see my video someday…


Marimar: Yeah, they had me doing that, too. Why did you film?


Saleena: I do that to document the diversity and beauty of this Earth. I like the view from the microcosm and it's coming from a very different space than when I am working with Messages of Our New Universe.



This is about Hi-Vibe Living and understanding Sustainable and Harmonious Living. I want to share ideas of living this way with everyone. I am dreaming & imagining I will have a blog soon for Hi-Vibe Living. That excites me! Somewhere I can share my photos will be wonder-FULL!. I have spectacular intimate images of the micro-worlds.


I love to when She-reir-stra showed us around with such passion and love for what she is doing.


Marimar: I told her we have pretty heavy gravity here and we do everything physically because we don't much use our minds to create or move things. Pretty heavy gravity makes it hard to move things around.


The oddest thing for her was how primitive our civilization is. Here we were showing up as Star Visitors, yet we are from a very primitive place, not very highly developed in some ways.


Saleena: Yes, I came here to help pull the Earth into a higher consciousness and evolution. Also, I explained to her the controller system and how brilliantly successful it has been to delay our evolution.


Marimar: I did get into money and how some own so much more and others have so very little. It's all divided up and territorial still. She knows about this kind of behavior amongst the animals but didn't expect it from the dominant human species.


Saleena: I am explaining to them how the controllers intended to use Planet Earth, humans and all species here for their gain and as their slaves.


How amazingly successful their plan has been to convince and train budding Creator God beings to think that they are powerless and have to spend all their time and energy serving the system just to survive.


How all their multidimensional skills were diminished and hidden, kept secret and forbidden so they wouldn't know how to use them.


How a few dominant orders gave themselves all the powers and permission to be the only ones to use the high magic and creation skills to dream in what they want. Like something as simple as how you, She-reir-stra and your people can manifest objects and move them with your mind, your focus. We Have been doing everything the HARD way. Even telepathy and intuition was forbidden.


Most humans had their extra-sensory abilities and even some of their regular senses genetically manipulated. Much was lost because we didn't dare use them. So many humans have lost their clear eyesight because so many things happen we don't want to see as children.


Even the extraterrestrial presence was completely hidden from them for very long time. In order to conceal the higher technologies from us and so they could develop them secretly for their use to gain more control, power and great wealth.


I am showing them how it is coming out into the light now and how people, humans, are beginning to wake up and remember and how we are now in the rapid process of changing everything.


Marimar: She thought it was strange we didn't consider mountains to be alive. She said, "They talk don't they?" I said some societies talk to their bigger ones, like the  Apus in Peru. They are Gods in their cultures and they talk to them as Gods.


She found the concept that we don't talk to them was odd to her.


I do talk to them when I'm hiking or running on them. Not much when I'm collecting points when I am doing my research.


She's so used to working with them, the mountains, talking to crystals and rocks when she's working with them. She just found it odd people wouldn't talk to them.


Saleena: I do and we are considered the strange ones here. My mom talked to birds and squirrels and dissapear clouds with love and she showed me how just by being herself and she loved nature and the land so much.



Marimar: I was explaining the general societies. The Western Industrial Society is the dominant one around the Earth now.


Saleena: I am showing them all the diversity of life; the many cultures, and the indigenous people. She is astonished at the variety of life here; just all the numbers of different races and cultures all on one planet.


"It isn't like this on most planets" she says, "that we have seen. There might be one or two or maybe three or four races of humanoids or sentient races on one planet..There is three on our planet; nothing like the variety here."


I am showing her how this planet was created to work out many Galactic conflicts and differences experienced by different races and cultures.


Earth was created to make a place where something new could happen; to seed new opportunities for new patterns.


New ways of relating to each other could emerge from what we go through here.


Possibilities of cooperation instead of conflict or separation.


That is why everyone watches us so closely…to see how conflicts might work out. That is why it is important for us to work it out inside first, then it can show as new behaviour around us.


Marimar: She is interested in that, setting up environments to see how different species can develop or evolve. Did you share about our extinctions going on? We are actually losing a lot of our species.


This gives me the idea that these Library Planets like Earth and her planet are not just about recording what happened or happens, they are about pushing the envelope of evolution. Developing new potential for life.


Saleena: I haven't mentioned that to them. You said something earlier about 50 Library Planets?


Marimar: Somebody said there were 50 Library Planets, like Earth, maybe Alex Collier and the Andromedans? Someone like that. Don't quote me on that, I'll see if I can find out. I don't think it was Alex.


Saleena: Barbara Marciniak? Maybe in her book "Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library"? Downloadable Version


Marimar: You have the book right there…


Saleena: I opened it and go to the very end; page 251, The Epilogue and then over to page 249 to the Energy Exercise. As I read it, the Energy Exercise, it is all about seeding the New Earth and letting go of the old.


Energy Exercise


Imagine yourself standing under the open sky. The air is fresh and alive, and the ground feels firm and solid beneath your feet. Take a deep breath and say to yourself, "I am alive!"


Focus on your vitality and travel into the moment of your imagination, as the painter of your inner vision.


Picture an ancient stone circle before you, and for a few moments open yourself to the vibrations of the 12 majestic megaliths as they stand erect and dignified under the canopy of time.


Feel the stones speak if they convey the experience of their commitment as consciousness.


They have been alive and aware for grand epochs of existence, encased as the bone of Earth.


Walk up to a stone, place your hand on the cool surface, and listen with yourselves as golden spirals danced their way through the stone into your now.


Walk from giant to giant, experiencing the 12th and sensing the task and monumental energy each stone preserves.


Take that energy and transfer it to yourself so that the bones of your being are filled with golden spirals.


Step now to the center of this ring of stones and plant a seed that holds a resplendent and glorious version of Earth, in which she is honored and crowned by her people.


Using your knowledge of light and intent, create a spark of life to activate the seed.


See the center of the circle expand in the seed grow as Golden spirals spin off in all directions, passing through the avenues of 12, seeding a new Earth.


Now, a voice speaks, familiar in tone and form, saying, "we are you, on the Golden spirals of time, cycling the epochs of existence, calling to ourselves. Be uplifted. May your journey began anew. Be yourselves."


And then I am impressed to go on to the Epilogue, page 251:


"Dear Ambassadors of Light,"


Saleena: I feel very emotional since they seem to be talking directly to me — to us in our personal lives. Because we are on the brink of letting go of our lives and familiar structure; garden, space of love, and moving into an unknown adventure.


"Be aware that even within the new concepts you grasp lie structure and limitation. However, each new "daring" you pursue takes you to a new vista, where you scale the peaks of existence as divine teachings play themselves out today in your own version of life. Ask yourselves what chapter closes as you view this segment of your lives, this moment of the ever — expanding now. What have you pursued to steer you to this very moment in time in order to further experience life? Inspire yourselves to move further into the moment by letting go of old discoveries, and trust to the core of your being that a new cycle of learning awaits.


Go forward, friends, and be uplifted. Learn in your own way to go into the past through the ever — expanding, spontaneous, synchronistic moment. A new cycle of existence awaits you. Use the tools of thought to guide yourselves on the new superhighway of consciousness. No technology will ever surpass the magnificence of your own biological/spiritual beings.


For many of you, these days may be filled with sadness as the letting go becomes more and more challenging. The keys of consciousness for living through these tumultuous times on Earth have been given to you to the best of our ability and yours at this time. May you grow in wisdom and flourish.


Your visible friends and colleagues in the unknown, The Pleiadian."


Saleena: I feel She-reir-stra with me. She is feeling my emotions. She was comforting me; she sees what we are going through. She shares that their lives are rather constant and protected from drastic changes like we are experiencing. I feel her; sending waves of compassion from her and her people. I feel it from all their people. They were all aware of us as a collective mind and they all connect it so they could all turn in to everything we are doing and sharing.


She says to me, "You are very strong being. We honor our new friendship. I am — we are — grateful to share with you our way of life and witness and learn from yours.


We are happy to continue to share until we all feel complete. These are great learning moments when the best and the worst of our lives begin to seed something new for others, for evolution. This is what we value.


We are blessed to live such a sheltered and peaceful life and to be able to learn from yours without having to go through those struggles.


The cheer you all forward and are happy to see you are creating a new Earth for yourselves so your lives may be more pleasant and sustained. Your people, the ones that are awakening and the ones who are awakened, you are magnificent dreamers — creators!


We are, as Library Planets,

affecting all of creation by what we

create and embed into the Living Libraries.

In this we are related.

We are grateful to get to know you

and are here to lend moral support

and new ideas if we are able.



Please visit us whenever you desire.


Thank you for allowing us to visit you. We bond with love and appreciation. Our hearts will be our connection now — our bridge.


Marimar: I was feeling a nice connection of love there.


Saleena: It has been a very delightful and pleasant experience.


Marimar: I am very delighted folks! I haven't seen Jah ah non, maybe he is still with Colin, who would be sleeping now? It is 2:49 PM Hawaiian time.


Saleena: We have the most amazing interesting creative life! I am grateful!


So if anyone can connect with us with the information about the 50 Library Planets, please do.



2011-06-12 The Next Day


Marimar: I was thinking about love. Remembering the reason we met those folks on the new Library planets, Agar. The growth medium for bacterial microbial life in a petri dish, this whole planet is like that! Growing new life!


At the Tree of Wishes, you asked for an example of passionate love on their planet, so they took it to the tree with its fruit. We wouldn't have had that experience the same way if you had asked that question. I don't think it was on the itinerary.


Now I found that the family we visited had this kind of quality of passionate love for their planet and animals. So that was another example of how they are and how they are doing their life.


So my main thought was how the whole experience unfolded from your question.


If you ask  the right question you get this whole surprising and rich learning adventure!


Saleena: I went out this morning to Sun Gaze and connect with the Earth and harvest some more fruit and papayas. I found these amazing mushrooms! They look like Criminis, only one is all shiny and coppery and looks like a spaceship disc. The first thing I wanted to do was coming get you to see it and also to take a picture. I thought She-reir-stra might still be with you.


Marimar: I still feel I have an egg in me. The new planetary Paradise Earth egg. I mainly see it, not a shiny today and not as transparent and more solidified. It is a dull silver, less mirror shine to it. Yesterday I saw it as a shiny mirror ball. I can make no sense of what is going on with it though.


This might be her in the cocoon.


Saleena: Ask if it is?


Marimar: They said, "Our hopes and dreams."


Saleena: Of Paradise Earth?


Marimar: Yeah…


Saleena: I remember a message from someone, my guides probably. They shared that we might consider starting now to live as if we are already living on Paradise Earth. To make every choice is if we are already there.


If we live on her already, what I think, how I interact with people, the choices I make, and how I feel is different if I am already living on Paradise Earth.


I was also asking how we could begin the process of illustrating Tristan's story so they can get it out to share with everyone. His travels to the planet that is similar to Earth has the same capacity to give us ideas and feeling of what it's like living on a planet that is already living in harmony with each other and with all life.


Marimar: Paradise Earth isn't in cocoon anymore,


Saleena: I wonder how long until Mother Earth will be birthed physically into her new body?



2011-06-14 Tuesday



Marimar: Our visitors from the other Library Planet seem to have returned to their planet. I feel our connection was positive. They are most likely grateful they don't live on such a barbarous planet and they can continue their work quietly uplifting species. That's what they seem to do.


Saleena: I am very grateful to have met such quality beings and shared so much. Thank you She-reir-stra, Janook and Jah ah non… let's do this again sometime!


Enjoy Part 1: 

Visit to Library Planet – Sharing Ideas
to Shape Life on New 

Paradise Earth

An Interview with Inelia Benz

With Bill Ryan from Project Avalon

This interview has been forwarded to me by so many people and having watched it myself I now know why. If you are reading this perhaps you will be able to find time to watch it and then you may also find a message.

With Love,



Saleena: When I heard about Osama bin Laden's death-murder by the US Government I had a great sense of deep sorrow.


My sorrow was echoed in a statement made on the TV series, The Event, last episode when the people from another planet had ordered the President of the US to be killed. When the plan was working and one of the leader's assistants was joyful, she, Sophia, said that even though it was deemed necessary to preserve her people there was no cause for celebration.


There are many ideas "out there"

about what the truth of this whole

9-11 Event is all about.


My sense is that there is a

far greater truth being

hidden in the rubble and cover-up of 9-11.

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Jan. 4th 2011 Partial Eclipse – Netherlands

Summary: On Jan. 4, 2011, the Moon passed in front of the sun, slightly off-center, producing a partial solar eclipse visible from Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

See more Eclipse pictures at
Space Weather Eclipse Gallery

Saleena: I am going to post this recording for your enjoyment and insight. I listened to their last one, Astrological-Energetic Report of Lunar Eclipse-Winter Solstice-2012 and was really informed in new ways about the energies we are moving through at many levels. Even though the event of the eclipse is past, the energy is still flowing, aligning and surrounding us. Enjoy…

"Having the sun rising when it is already crescent is the best you can get from a partial solar eclipse."  Brigitta Sipőcz


Solar Eclipse Conference Call
Estaryia Venus & Brian Sandy

Click on link below to
listen & download the 

Solar Eclipse Call Recording
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"I AM a supernova,
born of the Great Mystery
of a Powerful Uni-Verse.

With this power of existence -
I choose LOVE.

With this power
I dream a new world of Love –

You are in my dream – enjoy what IS!"

Maika Suneagle


Saleena: I have spent a few amazing evenings discussing Earth & Cosmic matters with Maika. We are in the same wonderful Dolphinville Community here on 19.5 degree on the Earth Grid here on the Big Island, Hawaii. Recently we all journeyed together on 12-12 to Activate our Pineal Glands in a new way. Maika Suneagle was with us…

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Full Moon Eclipse – Solstice Call & Meditation 

Report & Recording

Saleena: Enjoy a discussion of the Astrology and Energies of this potent period of time approaching the Total Lunar Eclipse ushering in the Winter Solstice. This Eclipse is the opening act of the 2012 Event. I have heard some calling it the crossing point. Some calling it the Shift. Whatever it is, it is powerful! 

Brian Sandy is an Astrologer and Research Scientist into the phenomena of Cosmo-genesis.

Estaryia (aka Estara) is an author, speaker, sound and movement educator, sacred dance artist, motion coach and sound consultant for theatre, film & video; choreographer, vocal ceremonialist, recording artist and intuitive channel,…

Saleena: …and my friend. We met in Hawaii. She is one enthusiastic and passionately talented being aligned with the bringing forth of our New Earth.

Here are some highlights
that stood out to me as
 I listened.
These aren't exact quotes
but summations of what I heard them saying:

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Saleena: We just finished our last Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure with our current team as Suzanna Kennedy will be leaving our team. We are so delighted at all the great adventures and journeys we have taken this year together and send her with our love and gratitude. She is leading weekly Paradise Code Journeys.


We are taking a much needed break for at least a month and maybe two to reorganize, renew and integrate these new energies so we can come back fresh and excited to Adventure with you in a new way… Stay tuned… for when we return…


Each Adventure is a Learning Adventure.


These Journeys are a way to address the current lightwork-play and practice your multi-dimensional skills together with a group. The messages are informative,  timely and the activations powerful. The scenery amazing and the beings we meet so permeatingly loving.


Being a multi-dimensional being you can, with your intentions clear, meet us at the exact time it is all taking place and be a real part of all that is happening. Time and Space are illusions and we can enter in at any point of the timeline and make changes. We are learning more and more of this together.


You can see a list of all our Journey-Adventures since 11-11-2009 when we journeyed to the Temple of Anuenue Rainbow (a 5th dimensional place that is designed to help us integrate more into the 5th dimension) to activate our personal Rose Stargate. Along with the related messages & articles, Transformational Art and links to purchase the recordings so you can journey with us at your most convenient time. A few of the last Journeys I co-created art just for the Adventure and those are offered in a special package together.


Teleconferences: Guided Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures – Information – Archives – Recordings – Click HERE



12-12 Pineal Stargate 3 – Break Free Adventure


12-12 Stargate 3 Break Free Pineal Gland Activation Adventure and it was fabulous journeying with such a big group of such potent beings. We began with Marimar helping us examining how our lightwork has effected our world. Then we went into and through our heartgates to meet in BETH, the Super consciousness grid around the Earth.


Here we were greeted by our Arcturians  friends who provided a personal guide for each participant to accompany them through the Sun to burn away more of the old system fear-based grid belief-habits baggage. Then we were lead by Belees, the Arcturian into a beautiful Crystal Temple where we were met by another group, the Hathors, who lead us to a special room prepared that was linked to entering our own Stargate room; our Pineal gland!


He lead us through an amazing powerful breaking free of an old quarantine filter and took us through a powerful  Pineal Gland Activation.


Next we were lead by Colin into another place in the Temple where we were invited to graduate from being the Architects of our new reality to becoming the Builders. We were lead through a beautiful process there by Suzanna about manifesting in a new way from our hearts. She has a CD that leads you through this: Manifesting From the Heart.


In our original recording we cut off the webcast at exactly when we were scheduled to end, so we apologize to anyone who was there. Today we got together again and recreated the recording to include all that was missed and more. 


Lanny, another member of our team, missed the call and sent us what he would have said, so Marimar shared it with you. Wonderful perspective on how to remove more of the old 4th Age and clear ourselves to fully take action to bring in the 5th. Thank you Lanny… so that is a bonus at the end.

We then return to BETH and send all we experienced through the Living Grid around Mother Earth so the effects can help bring our Paradise Earth in more and more.


Later I may share more about the effects I am experiencing with all these activations as we have moved through these triple Stargates…


Click HERE to read more about the
Triple Stargates and Activations


If anyone has journeyed with us and would like to share your experiences so we can share them with others please email me.


It has been an amazing year! Thank you all of you who have journeyed with us and all who come to this blog and read the Messages from our New Universe. Much love to you all from our Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Team! Aloha for now…



More about Arcturians


Saleena: I am always happy when I see someone I respect going through very similar process. Somehow it validates what I am going through in this whole Ascension process.

Since I live with an Arcturian channel and I work with the Arcturian's  I am interested in people who have experiences and relationships with them, also. I love Dr. Suzanne's Arcturian Corridor. I find such similar energies there and lots of fun and informative guidance.

Experience the
Arcturian Corridor Part I and II 
Journey Through The Arcturian Corridor


Cone of Light

from Awakening with Suzanna Lie's Blog

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Saleena: Just last night Colin mentioned that he could feel the building energies of the approaching 12-12. We began to cast out our "feelers" for what this one will be about, what the energies are? 

Today in my inbox, beautiful Skye Coe sent this from Cayelin Castell of Shamanic Astrology:   

Full Moon Eclipse; Watch Moon through all the phases in one event!

This month features a
Total Lunar Eclipse
an event that collapses
the normal nearly
30 day experience of the
Moon Phases moving from a
Full Moon to a Full Moon
into about three to five hours.

This is an event that further symbolizes
our current experience of
accelerating Time. 

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