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  • The Fifth Perspective: Transcending Space and Time-Hathors thru Tom Kenyon


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2013-06-27 Interview with Hugh Matlock

right after he submitted his Software Cosmos essay:

Saleena Kí : You seem relieved today, no longer worried about the research. What were you worried about? You have laid out a series of bread crumbs…

Hugh Matlock: I think the idea, let's call it the discovery, that I made, could just disappear and be forgotten because it doesn't last long enough; either it is suppressed or I don't last long enough to get it out there. I think I am more relaxed about that today because with this "Software Cosmos" paper it lays out a series of bread crumbs, a path for physicists to follow to give them the answers they are looking for.

It creates a picture, a model, a general concept, that they can formalize mathematically to get a more coherent picture of what's going on.

So just by submitting this today, and in the next few days seeing it go online, that will answer that question because that's not something that can be taken back.

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 Software Cosmos 

 by Hugh Matlock 

I am so excited to announce the long awaited moment nears…

Hugh Matlock has written up a description of his research

for FQXi – The Foundational Questions Institute

for their essay contest

FQXi Essay Contest – It from Bit or Bit from It?


 You can read about it and

download his essay to read from here: 

Software Cosmos


Although his essay includes technical material, there are no equations, and he has written an excellent story weaving a very complex subject together. This makes it enjoyable on a variety of levels of understanding, including for those of us who are merely curious. No matter how the contest goes he is grateful for all the new connections and insights he has received from participating. There are many interesting comments from Hugh and other essay participants to add to the understanding of new ideas in cosmology. My favorite comment is Here

You have the opportunity to rate any of the essays. If you like Software Cosmos and are able to give it a rating by August 7th, a few days from now, you will help to have his essay considered for a prize and to have Hugh be invited to participate in the FQXi Community.

 The public can read and rate until Oct. 31st. 


 Please Share 

If you have a network or website please link us

or share with your social networks. Easy buttons at the top.


I am so happy this day has finally come when he is able to share his work publically. We will announce when his website is open. He has much to share with us…

This is just the beginning…


Much LOVE is flowing to you ALL

Saleena Kí

Everything is Opening:

DNA, Time, Ancient Cultures

a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Meredith Murphy

Sunday, 7 April, 2013  (posted 9 April, 2013)

Everything is Opening

(DNA, Time, Ancient Cultures …

and It's All Flowing In, Through & As You)

Infinite Being of Love,


Within you is everything you need to soar to new frequencies of expression.


Your DNA has been opened

and is now reactivating a

fuller expression of your human template.


This will appear to you in new ways of relating to other fields of life on Earth. It will become present in your awareness as amplification of key aspects of your being that are consistent across time in space. In essence your core frequencies will become more prominent and noticeably to you, you will experiences these as strong preferences and tendencies which give you ease and joy.

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13 year old Logan LaPlante:

Hackschooling Makes Me Happy

When 13 year-old Logan LaPlante grows up, he wants to be happy and healthy. He discusses how hacking his education is helping him achieve this goal. 

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Aloha ALL! I am finally feeling inspired to share in 2013! We did it! Made it through the ending point (between 12-12-12 and 12-12-21) of many old converging cycles and escorted the beginnings of many new cycles of various lengths. We are now the proud new "owners" of a NEW REALITY along with some kind of NEW OPERATING SYSTEM, NEW BODY SYSTEMS and much more to discover and explore. Some seem puzzled and are musing what this new reality is really all about. From the surface view, at some levels, things haven't changed all that much. Some seem disappointed that with all the 2012 hype, expectation and build up, it has lead to this? So what is different?


This is a glimpse one of my newest Vibrakeys VK110

that is still growing and forming.

It isn't even published yet.

To me the new energy is like this: 


There are LOTS of REPORTS out there speculating about what is happening and I seem rather oblivious to them. I AM more willing to just BE in the MOMENT and ALIGN MYSELF with a kind of new FLOW. I am enjoying living in this INSPIRATION which is rather CHILDLIKE, FULL OF WONDER and somehow more SIMPLE way of just BEING. It is some kind of deep inner shift inside me that almost defies being placed into the restraint of written words.



I am still doing "Light Work" yet it has to be in a LIGHTER more JOYOUS style than before to catch my interest. My ability to sift through the myriad of energy reports is limited and only when I am inspired to look at something or want some kind of assurance that I am going through this with others. My physical body is astonished by the impact of the new energies. It is TIRED ALOT and requires lots of sleep at odd intervals. Sometimes I have to lie down or fall over. Other times I have astonishing clear energy to create with.


In December 2012 everyone around me had some form of the next generation of a super duper flu bug. In my body it, slowed me way down and hit the sinuses and bronchials that hardest. It was long lasting, taking all my focused concentration to treat it. I still have a tight dry cough that hasn't left yet after 5 weeks. My sister experienced being laid flat, with excruciating aches and pains. Her observation was that it was rough, debilitating, then one day it was just gone. She observed that is seemed to cleanse more than the physical. She feels different now. I, too, feel lighter now.


For 5 months now, since August 21012, I have been about family reconnections, visiting my Mother, Sisters, Children, and Grandkids. A deep releasing of old stuck looping beliefs and patterns cleared the way for a new deeper appreciation of who they are now. I didn't plan it that way consciously, yet that is what happened. I had lots of time to reconnect to loved ones I hadn't seen in years, renewing our relationships, finding new ways to express ourselves to each other, and responding to some very insistent ancestors and sort out and release the past.


It was interesting that as I was impressed to sort through and secure photos and information about my family, so was my partner Hugh experiencing this in his family. He laughed and said the ANCESTORS really must have an agenda for us right now. The process of looking through years of what seems like the past, from this linear perspective, certainly gave way to feelings rising and the opportunity for release. I let the feelings rise, observed them with curiosity and let them go as I muttered lots of HO'OPONOPONO.


My sister, Mary Angelico, shared that she is feeling a kind of QUIET SIMPLICITY, a sort of lack of the need to figure things out or go out and DO anything. Very interested in being more consciously aware of the moment, THE FIELD and being available to respond to what arises out of it. She shared some very exciting wisdom from her beloved teacher, ELLE, that tweaked my interest. It involved ADVENTURE! My attentions perked up since I love ADVENTURE!


My interpretation of Her interpretation of ELLE's interpretation is this: Mary said the minute ELLE started talking about ADVENTURE as leaving the safety zone, she started feeling nervous. Time for letting go of habits of evasion, hiding and defense. Invitation to let go of our habit of pulling away from that which we are unfamiliar with. Time to explore by being aligned with "the field" and allowing one's self to respond as inspired.


As Mary shared more of what ELLE said, I thought how perfectly it applies to our OMNI-DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL ADVENTURING. How much is it like this practice her teacher was encouraging us to adopt. Funny, when I hear of Spiritual Teachers, somehow I relate following them as something hard, difficult, restricting, disciplined and challenging (sheepish grin from my inner programming). Yet she was sharing something that was part of my own playful practice.


"If we do not adventure, we will not know much about our nature. We have a made up nature if we don't adventure. Give ourselves into "trying it on", it's not the safe way." ELLE Collier Re


Mary said, "She defines adventure as, well, like skiing. It you don't know how, you just go on the hill and start going down."


"Attune to everything around you. Something grander is overcoming our fears. Something enters, as if in advance, we are shown the where to put our awareness. If we don't wake up and begin to adventure we will not have lived our purpose." ELLE Collier Re


Mary said, "She was talking about our CONNECTION to THE FIELD. Being AWARE IN IT. Looking around. RESPONDING. Something shows us the SHIFT to take to stay in UNION with the FLOW. A way to go BEYOND OUR FEARS. Go to THE FIELD. SURRENDER."


At that point I thought of an experience I created last year by SURRENDERING, admitting that I really didn't know how to get somewhere new from where I was, and ASKING SOURCE FOR HELP; to please REMOVE ALL THAT NO LONGERS COMPLIMENTS MY TRUE EXPRESSION OF MY SOUL. That was big. HUGE! My life started changing immediately. That is when I began my 5 month ADVENTURE with family. Boy did I release a huge reservoir of stuff that no longer was complimenting me. I hope I now have more room for living an expression of LIFE that is COMPLIMENTARY to my TRUE SOUL NATURE.



The other day, I was awakened at an early hour. I rose and wandered sleepily into another room. There I was impressed to read the book I had been nibbling away on…. Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's been entertaining, enlightening and a very poignant fun story. I am inspired by the revealing and humorous way she writes about herself. As a storyteller I love finding inspiration from others.


Then I found the part the early awakening and gentle nudging was about; she was sharing with and learning from a Balinese Medicine Man. His first assignment for her was something he called a simple meditation the Western mind could handle. He described it as a meditation where you just SIT & SMILE.



"To meditate, only you must smile.  Smile with face, smile with mind and good energy will come to you and clean away dirty energy.  Even smile in your liver.” Ketut Liyer,the Balinese Medicine Man


That made me SMILE! I can do that! So I did and it was wonderful! I let my face smile… easy…. then I smiled with my heart… easy…. then my Liver… odd and fun…. then my Stomach and my Gall Bladder. Now Gall Bladder likes to be bitter, so that was a new experience for her. Then I sent the smile to my arms and legs… FUN! Then to my Blood cells… wow! Smiles flowing through my whole body that way… Now this was feeling really beautiful! It made my body breathe deep sighs… tensions letting go.  How serious can all this be with everythign smiling?


Now this simple technique is right up there on my list of favorites along with  ECSTATIC STATESBLISS BREATHING, NOURISHING with SEXUAL ENERGY and going into the SACRED SPACE of the HEART. I shared it with a few friends who instantly got it. It is so easy and very sensational as those SMILES enter your whole system.


So as I continue on into this year of so much potential newness, I am OPEN, CURIOUS, SURRENDERED, OBSERVING, CONNECTING into this FEILD and intending to be more RESPONSIVE so I can to be used purposefully, while having lots of FUN and ENJOYING alot more this year. I really intend to PLAY more… and continue to LIVE and LOVE in a new way.


I am reprogramming my subconscious with some NEW TECHNOLOGIES: QUANTUM & HOLOGRAPHIC Programs that are really easy and very fun. I am cleansing the old cache of limiting beliefs using a myriad of techniques. I am planting NEW SEEDS to shape my experience of my reality. I am having a blast QUANTUM JUMPING to retrieve what I need to create a new kind of life. One way I am supporting this is changing my inner self talk. My inner repetitive mantras lately run something like this:


"Every day in every way my life gets better and better.


Every day in every way my love life gets sweeter and sweeter.


Every day in every way my health is more vital and sublime.


Every day in every way I have what I need when I need it.


Every day in every way I am now a wealthy woman!"


It is happening. My life and my experience of myself in it is changing significantly.


I AM already cued up for this to be one of the most ABUNDANT & FUN years of my life! You can quote me on that…


Love is flowing to me and through me easier now… since we are ALL ONE can you feel it?

So far, I really like what my reality feels like in 2013…. I hope you like yours.


P.S. One of my focuses this year is my ART… read on to the next blog post for that ADVENTURE…

Saleena: I gratefully received this message from my sister, Mary Angelico: "So THIS explains it for you…." I thought I was just having a breakdown… and I was; a breakdown of my heart walls…. & a cleansing of all the old that isn’t working anymore.


October 2012: Hearts Opening, Birth Push Time

and The Divine Feminine Roaring to Life!

a message from Dana Mrkich

Thursday, 11 October, 2012  (posted 12 October, 2012)


My sister was right! This article is a fabulous clear sharing about the energies and what has been happening to all of us…. As a sensitive, intuitive, crystal being, I have FELT IT ALL DEEPLY.

I've asked for it though. I have regularly made the Medicines of Light for myself through this transition time. These numbers keeps coming up from the Medicine of Light List :


21. I ask you, DIVINE MOTHERS, to infuse my MEDICINE OF LIGHT with the QUALITIES THAT WILL ALLOW ME to FEEL YOUR LOVE IN A NEW WAY. Thank you, I accept.


32. I ask for any HEART WALLS I may have created in this Body-Mind-Spirit to be COMPLETELY REMOVED with GRACE & EASE NOW.


So now I am getting what I asked for… I unexpectedly found myself staying with my Mother while she went through a near brush with death. (Happily she is alive and fully decided to live now!) This brought me back into the "heart" of my family & children, whom I hadn't seen in 5 years. I was going to stay for a few weeks and I am just about ready to return home after almost two months. 


During this period of time I have been so emotional. I have experienced so much of what Dana wrote about! I was amazed, again, that it is really so personal and really so transpersonal! Sometimes I feel like I am the only one going through things just to find out it has been a planetary phenomenon and I am right on schedule as these new energies draw out of us just what they are designed for… transformation!

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Saleena: Aloha ALL! This blog portal is for sharing Messages pertaining to Our New Universe and there has been so much energy flowing through my body with ALL the Solar and Galactic activity with astrological alignments and portals openings-chaotic nodes-transitions-reboots-redirects-resets-activations that I have been very tired at times, so tired I haven't been able to post much.    

So I am going to post this first part before the Transit and will add some more of the sharing and offerings I have from Venus hopefully tomorrow. Also some of the Vibrakey updates through this year so far.          


We certainly we have been through so much so fast that we might not recognize ourselves. There is very little time to integrate before the next wave is upon us.


Have you thought about what reboot means?

Well when I need to reboot my computer, it is ususally because I have installed new software or hardware or it is is need of resetting its memory from an intense day of work. What do I do? I turn it off and back on. It shuts down all its programs, then turns off, a moment of stillness and then it starts back up. Well, I can say that I have moments that feel just like that off and on the last month. All of a sudden my brain and body just shut down and I feel deeply tired to the core, then after a rest, sometimes a very short one, I am back online and running fresh.

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Saleena: Aloha! I was so inspired by Aluna Joy's collection of Quotes and Indigenous wisdom, I decided it was a wonderful way to begin sharing again in this brand new year. I have shared my own experiences at the end, including the new structure we saw and worked with right as 2012 was finally birthed. 

Seems we have all been in labor with this particular year for many years leading up it… I don't remember any year ever being mentioned so many times as this one… I wonder what we will make of it?



Have Fun…



May All Your Dreams be Fulfilled…


Here's Aluna: Happy 2012 everyone! I can't believe it. 2012 is here… and so many of us have waited so long for this.  I wanted to send you some inspiration as we begin this new and highly anticipated year.


This is a year of great potential

in which we can and will

change the world,

and ourselves as well.


So at this most auspicious moment …  I wanted to offer you some words of wisdom from others that help me keep on keeping on.  I hope these words of wisdom will give us all inspired creativity, and unified collective courage to face head on to what is coming in 2012.


We face this new year with

fearlessness and an

unshakable inner knowing

that we are indeed

divine beings

and are more than enough

to make our dreams manifest


The Star Elders say that we are victorious! So I raise my hand in the form of the victory symbol to you ALL.  So….


Here is to US,

being the unreasonable ones,

the trouble makers, 

the paradigm breakers,

the ones that can and will

stir the pot.


Here is to US,

the ones that listen to our hearts

over our heads,

no matter what the outer world says. 


Here is to US,

the ones that are not afraid

to be who they are 100%, 

even it if is temporally misunderstood. 


Here is to US,

the ones that live by the

Universal Truth that we are ONE, 


"In Lak'esh A La K'in".

We are ONE. 

In Truth, Love and Onesness.

 ~~Aluna Joy

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Saleena:  Tonight things are finally set up so I can post something new. I received this message from Sophia while I was staying at a beautiful place called Laulima in the state of Tennessee. 


According to Randy, the man who was drawn to this land 30 years ago and is now the "Gardner-Caretaker", in Hawaiian it means "many unseen hands working together."


I was sitting in the heart of what remains physically of a 300+ year old Red Oak. I saw etherically that the tree is still there functioning as a "Relay Station." with many connections flowing in and out there. It was easy to "hear" the other dimensions there.


I feel it is significant that Sophia shared her message within this energy for that is what it takes for us to bring about the changes we still desire for our new freshly forming reality.


Since Oct, Marimar & I have been in the process of moving from place to place (between Tennessee and New Jersey) during this amazing time, I have missed some of the official excitement of the great stargate openings and passages, as far as participating in my usual way.


What I do notice is that my body is beginning to feel much more grounded. The intense waves of evergy are easing for a moment and I seem to be unreasonably happy every day. I thank each and everyone of you who has participated in lightwork, ceremony and intentions to bring us ALL safely and powerfully through. 


I received this today in a message from a friend who sends it our from Eilieen Caddy, one of the Founders of Findhorn: 

"Let there be unity in diversity.  See the many paths all leading to the center, to Me, each one different, and yet each one leading in the same direction.  The closer they come to the center, the greater the unity, until all become one in Me and there is no longer diversity but complete unity…"  

"…It is good to see a wider picture of what it taking place but it is also very important to realize that it all starts within you.  Realize that what is taking place within the individual goes out into the world and is reflected in the world situation.  That is why peace of heart and mind is so essential within you, and why harmony, understanding and deep love should flow between you and all others."


This leads beautifully into what Sophia shares…


We are approaching another grand exit… leaving 2011 and what a ride it has been! Soon the long awaited 2012 will be dawning.! Sophia asked that this be shared as the year goes out and the new one comes in… so it can be done during the transition.


So I will turn it over to Sophia now…. much love to each of you… Aloha 



Message from Sophia

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The Magic of Being

Welcome to the December edition of The Magic of Being newsletter where we post links to the articles published over the last month. November has been such a high energy month it feels like a whole new world is opening up for us. How was it for you? If you would like to share your experience with our readers please do get in touch.

With Love,


Occupy Earth By Nina Meyerhof

It is time we consider that we, as EARTH’s occupants, must live in harmony and balance with equity for all. The movement of Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, and all the others uprisings are now the call for humanity to go beyond what systems exist and topple the old institutions and have them follow human’s needs.


If Heaven Was A Corporation By Tom T. Moore

Imagine for a minute if heaven was an international corporation. Then we would be able to explain a lot of misconceptions people have. First we would have a brilliant CEO (Creative Executive Officer) such as Steve Jobs, whose creations and innovations are different from all the other corporations.


What it means to be HUMAN By Inelia Benz

What does it mean to be human?

Often individuals will say things such as "I'm only human", or "it's human nature to do that". Mostly about negative actions. There is one adjective which is used positively, and that is "humane".


Changing the Resonance of Humanity part 1 By Michael White

Has the revolution begun? That remains to be seen; but there is a resonance of change moving through the world that cannot be stopped.




Heal the Wounded Heart Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here embracing and empowering you as you hold and anchor the new reality. You are pioneers as it were, moving across the landscape of vibrations and frequencies. You are beginning to own that you are truly transformers, bringers of light, energy alchemists.


Magical Owl

Owls have proven time and time again that they are adorable. Take this lovely owl video, for instance. It's not hard to see why it's had almost a million views by now.



Take your glorious place By Sharon McErlane

This message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers is in response to people who wrote, asking how to work with the Net of Light. They want to connect with others on the Net and be part of the nightly work of strengthening the Net of light that is holding the earth steady during these unsteady times.



The Joy of Spirituality by Owen Waters

Spiritual joy is a subtle excitement.
Compared to the excitements of the day-to-day, outer world, some people would liken spiritual joy to an inner peace.



Room for Your Light Greetings from Home with Steve Rother and the Group

Dear ones, this day is very unique for you have created a level of existence that did not exist before. You have opened a door to something very magical. The energy has been building for you to take this step.




Transference: the reBirth By Lauren C. Gorgo

I am sure most of you are feeling it already, but we are in a p.r.e.t.t.y profound passage this week and so I have been asked by the Pleiadian High Council…on what they call a special mission of service… to address some things that they feel we would benefit from knowing.



COSMIC EVENTS by Soluntra King

On 11-11, 2011 millions of people across the globe will mentally project a unified vision of a new paradigm for our species… a new reality. The very real physics that connects human consciousness with molecular structure will be harnessed en masse during the largest scale simultaneous manifestation transmission in recorded history.


The Arcturian Group By Marilyn Raffaele
We are here dear ones, to again welcome you to a new day of change and transformation. Things on your beloved planet are heating up with regard to the old energy being transformed into new and better ways of serving the people; by the people and for the people.


You Have All Proven that Nothing is Impossible Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa via Wes Annac

It is clear that your world has entered a stage where the old is departing, and the demand for true change by so many will be a massive force to bring the changes we and you have wished to see come forth.



Saleena: As we near some very significant dates; Oct 28th as the proposed ending of the Mayan Calendar, and Nov. 11th, 2011 which equals 11-11-11, I choose to  weave some of the newest updated Vibrakeys, with their newest Codes (information) and Keys to activate and unlock your abilities to perceive your own truth and higher dimensions. with David Wilcock's sharings from his two latest blog messages from the Divine Cosmos. Thank you David for sharing so much so directly… thank you. Enjoy the ride!


Infusing EVERYTHING with NUE Energy
(New Universal Energy) 



"Do you believe in love, or do you believe in fear?
If you do believe in love, do you also believe in a Higher Power in the universe?
Is this an abstract concept in your mind, or do you see that it also has practical realization in the events that take place on Earth day after day?
Which of these two realities do you feed… with your thoughts and beliefs… and the energies they in turn create?
Do you see life on Earth as subject to random catastrophes beyond your control, and enslavement by shadowy negative forces pulling the marionette strings of elected governments?
Or, do you believe that everything in life has Purpose — even if it is not always obvious?
Could this Purpose be carefully maintained by entities vastly more evolved than those zipping around in UFOs and visiting us from other worlds?…"
"…I am honored to present you with a true story about the awakening of humanity. The awakening is happening on a personal level… and on a collective level as well…"

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 PeaceMaker Poster Special 

$9.11 plus shipping

Email Me with your Request


Saleena: 10 years ago today on the morning of 9-11-2001, a friend woke me out of a sound sleep with an urgent early morning call and dramatically announced to me that “We are at war!” It was the day the Twin Towers were destroyed in Washington D.C. in the USA.


I felt a kind of shock entering my system and I was hit hard with the fear. For several hours I paced around my home, wondering what was going to happen and feeling waves of desperate fear and death ripping through the consensus field. I was in a very negative emotional space.


My silent prayer was that I might do something powerful to assist in helping shift this trauma into something positive. Almost immediately I heard my "Council" suggesting I might create a Vibrakey that would be an antidote. They suggested we might call it "PeaceMaker". I agreed easily and was very happy to do anything to re-focus my attentions on something exciting and positive.


I realized that this was a great opportunity to live and walk my talk.


I believe that whatever

we have going on inside 

reflects in the world around us.

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Saleena: I found this message tucked neatly back into Drafts. Even though it is almost a onth old, it is still valid so I will share it….


Amazing way time is swooshing by most days and other days (very few) seem like a slow ecstatic river flowing forever. I have been sleeping sleeping sleeping. I have heard this from many others, who are also wondering if we will ever be able to stay awake again! Many days we move around with a brain that feels like it really never turned on, or maybe we are only part here.


I keep reading that the most intense time is over after the August 15th! Yeah! It is already past… Here is Hawaii we count out some of the last time on the clock for this Earth time so we get to savor the energies to the last drop… We also have the benefit of how easy it is to "upload" new imformation into the grid from this island that host one of the 19.5 spots on the global lightbody.


VK26 Live Paradise 19.5

Enjoy the Live Paradise Energies pouring into your own Home and Bathign your body with frequencies that will help you gently release all that is unlike Paradise inside you so that you can live Paradise in your outer reality.


Life is soooooo full and exciting. I have been receiving so many ideas and offers to co-create Vibrakeys that at least 20 new ones are in the Birthing Chamber "cooking."


We are releasing a new one in the next few days… and this is fitting since it began as my Soul Portrait on my birthday two years ago and I just celebrated my 58th birth day anniversary this month… so It will be another wonderful gift to myself, and hopefully to you, to share something that is so personal and universal at the same time.


This one is called VK85 Out of the Void – Plenum. Here is a glimpse of it even before it goes into a gallery. I will link it to that gallery so when it is there you will find it.


VK85 Out of the Void

The Plenum – Chaotic Creation Birthing Forces – Divine Feminine 

Blessing from the Mothers – Galactic Center –

Sirius  SunStar – Arcturus SunStar – Andromedan Galaxy


 I first got excited about creating my own Soul Portrait right after I had co-created Colin's Soul Portrait with him. You can read his story about the details of the creation here: The Magician Revealed. It was a really fun and informative process. 


So I tuned in to see what would come for me. The first energy I felt was the Divine Mother's and I heard them say to use the Crab Nebula in infrared and the I could start with a triagle point down. Then to place the word VOID in Black on the right side and to turn it reversed and white on the Left side of each of the top triangle corners.


Okay…. I did that and then they said place the symbol for the Galactic Center and The Divine Mother, a dot with a circle around it with the dot at the lower triangles point. Okay… I did that….


Then there is the idea to use a symbol, a kind of Blessing given to us by The Mothers, when BETH was being born, our New Earth Communications System. I hooked that is and they said… That is it! That is all…. I couldn't believe that was it! Where's my face? Where is the fun? Hmmmm… I was at first a bit dissapointed. Then I realized what an elegant depiction of the interfacing points between us and the Void, The space and energy offered us through connection to the Mothers of ALL this Creation. 


I remembered what I had heard from Mark Commings how this Void is full of everything we could ever imagine and it is FULL… he calls it the PLENUM… I love that word… it is so….. rich and full sounding and feeling. Now it seems that our opportunity is to learn how to manifest from this Plenum, all that we creatively and basically need and desire. This is Creator God Goddess lesson time… time to remember what we really already know. 


Gradually I organize all the Guidance and infomation and stories that accompany the creation of a Vibrakey. That becomes the back and is laminated into a Card with the Art on the Front.  Then there eventually is organized, a digital eGuide full of Guidance of How to use it… Purposes and Stories of how it came about and more.


Vibrakeys are more than art to look at, they are tools and they carry frequencies that activate and inform your body-mind-spirit of next steps in your evolution.


I share much for free on this blog and my website I appreciate Donations or when you Purchase my Art or Services.



You can now purchase a beautiful jewel like sparkling archival ink print of this in 2 sizes: 8.5×8.5" or 13×13."  


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Saleena: I was guided to find this message… I guess I needed it or someone out there needs it… Even if it half a year past the Gregorian calendar New Year, it seems we are constantly crossing into the oportunities to choose to have a new life experience, a new reality.  

All the alignments and energies invite us, even demand that we make new choices now. This is a very nicely illustrated story reminding us of what we are being invited to do… CHANGE!


 The Magic of Being Brave

By Susi White


"Your future is in your hands,

and when you’re brave,

you’ve a much greater chance

of making it a happy one!"


I once read that a definition of madness is ‘Repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting different results’. Whether you make resolutions or not, New Year is certainly a good time to start trying new ways of being, which are the key to making changes to our lives.


As a Life Coach, one of the first things I ask prospective clients is

‘are you ready to make changes in your life?’

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