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"Something new & wonderful is coming…

We are not quite sure what it is,

and we know that something soon will start."

April 2011   

Special Message


The sun shines dimly just beyond the horizon, peaking through the clouds and trees. Something new and wonderful is coming in the morning breeze.


A new day, a new way, a moment we have not yet discovered, is entering our heart. We are not quite sure what it is, but we know that something soon will start.

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Timeshift 2011

"It is not the strongest of the species who survive, not the most intelligent, but those who are the most adaptive to change." - Charles Darwin


Ready or not, here comes the next big wave.


If you're feeling edgy, apprehensive, maybe a bit fearful and sometimes ecstatic, you're tuned in to the next phase in the quantum evolutionary journey that is 2011.


With six eclipses this year, four planets changing signs and volatile outer-planet configurations on the way, 2011 is bursting with potential and equally enormous challenges.

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For those who participated in the Full Moon Transmission
The Platinum Cosmic Light Activation
January 19, 2011 

Beloved Family, 

Please, be aware that today and the next days to come, it is strongly recommended to surround yourself with love and compassion. It is also very important that we embrace the new concept of the one Family, in our case, the Family of the Sun, who are here to embrace you, to listen to you and to comfort you. 

The Platinum Cosmic Light may go straight to your past, direct to the experiences that need to be forgotten, eliminated, or purified. In other words, these are the experiences that keep you separated from the fullness of love and union with our Creator. It could very well be that you spend one or a few nights having dream after a dream. This energy works especially at night during your sleep. You might feel tired, although you will recover very soon. Please, if you are working, be gentle with yourself. If you feel a headache or are nauseated, do not worry… it is the cleansing. You might feel, when you are out in the world, that you are rather confused and feel further and further removed from the old world matrix. This is due to the old patterns of the third dimensional matrix that are quickly releasing, or, that have completely left leaving a sense of being in a void. 


We are making quantum leaps now
to a multidimensional awareness
and will quite quickly start seeing things
from a much different perception.

Your third eye and inner vision
are going to open more greatly,
which is also another effect of the
Platinum Energy. 

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Saleena: I have been writing less since going through all the major activations associated with the Triple Stargates. Taking lots of time to integrate all the new frequencies and consciousness. So much is changing inside me. Now it is starting to rearrange my outer world. This new year 2011 has such sparkling spirit and potential. I can make it anything I like and I want a new experience of myself living my life on Earth.  I am having fun deciding what I want to create with the energies this year.


Fire of the Rainbow Sun Initiation


For the last week, Colin and I have been going through a series of Initiation steps hosted by a group from one of our Greater Central Suns: the Rainbow Sun. The Initiation they offer us is called Fire of the Rainbow Sun. They are giving it to us in a series, each one a few days apart.

I am creating a new Vibrakey, VK70 Fire of the Rainbow Sun,  to reflect and connect all the elements of this Initiations. Here is a glimpse into the design. The sun picture was taken on the 12th of Jan and I noticed that day there was a beautiful strong new energy coming through the sun. I added its light to the Vibrakey. I have noticed the light coming from the Sun changing almost every day now. 

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Jan. 4th 2011 Partial Eclipse – Netherlands

Summary: On Jan. 4, 2011, the Moon passed in front of the sun, slightly off-center, producing a partial solar eclipse visible from Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

See more Eclipse pictures at
Space Weather Eclipse Gallery

Saleena: I am going to post this recording for your enjoyment and insight. I listened to their last one, Astrological-Energetic Report of Lunar Eclipse-Winter Solstice-2012 and was really informed in new ways about the energies we are moving through at many levels. Even though the event of the eclipse is past, the energy is still flowing, aligning and surrounding us. Enjoy…

"Having the sun rising when it is already crescent is the best you can get from a partial solar eclipse."  Brigitta Sipőcz


Solar Eclipse Conference Call
Estaryia Venus & Brian Sandy

Click on link below to
listen & download the 

Solar Eclipse Call Recording
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Full Moon Eclipse – Solstice Call & Meditation 

Report & Recording

Saleena: Enjoy a discussion of the Astrology and Energies of this potent period of time approaching the Total Lunar Eclipse ushering in the Winter Solstice. This Eclipse is the opening act of the 2012 Event. I have heard some calling it the crossing point. Some calling it the Shift. Whatever it is, it is powerful! 

Brian Sandy is an Astrologer and Research Scientist into the phenomena of Cosmo-genesis.

Estaryia (aka Estara) is an author, speaker, sound and movement educator, sacred dance artist, motion coach and sound consultant for theatre, film & video; choreographer, vocal ceremonialist, recording artist and intuitive channel,…

Saleena: …and my friend. We met in Hawaii. She is one enthusiastic and passionately talented being aligned with the bringing forth of our New Earth.

Here are some highlights
that stood out to me as
 I listened.
These aren't exact quotes
but summations of what I heard them saying:

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SpinningStarS 12-11 Quick Update

Aloha Beautiful Powerful Awakening Beings,


“Your mind is so powerful now
with these new energies that I
challenge you to focus it on what you want
because that is what you are going to get more of!”

Belees, the Arcturian


I am so excited about the 12-12 Stargate 3 Journey Adventure we are about to embark on. Everything we do is opening us up to a new level of consciousness. Even if we don't "do" anything, the energy of Mother Earth is rising so rapidly, our bodies are getting it even if our minds miss it. The 12-12 Stargate 3 is our Pineal Gland. How can that be? Many channels have proposed this over the years.  I did a Google Search. Check it out… wow, there are so many videos on YouTube that are called this. The Pineal Gland is your Stargate or Pineal Gland as your Stargate. Here the one I was watching: 

Look at the list of Realated Videos.

This YouTube page has so many videos called the same thing: Click HERE

I have already done so much reserach on this in regard to activating your lightbody. See my K-LB Rainbow Lightbody Kit. Learn to Bliss Breathe into your Pineal Gland. check out Lightbody Adventures.  I am excited to do more research on this subject.

This next Journey  has to do with a new level of pineal gland activation we are about to go through. This will facilitate us to Break Free from the from inside out! from the Cosmic Quarantine we have been under for who knows how long. I did and I am feeling so different. Clearer, deeply at peace, at least until some of that old system subconscious programming surfaces for me to release. Then I return to this deeper level of quiet. That isn't to say I don't get excited and passionate and creative. That is what turns me on! I call it Dynamic Peace.

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Here's some important and exciting information from Suzanna Kennedy about the 12:12 Stargate 3 we are about to pass through.


"I was so excited, I prepared this audio.

Click HERE to listen to the audio – 7 mintues



To join us on 12:12, click HERE


Blessings of clarity and insight."

Suzanna Kennedy

They have always said that

transformation of the collective

will occur through

transformation of individuals. 


A Hathor Planetary Message
Through Tom Kenyon

Opening the Halls of Amenti


Final Instructions for the
World Meditation on October 31st 2010

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Saleena: I am sharing this timely powerful message and activation as the transformation and conversion of the pineal gland is very central and important part of our ascension process. I have already begun the work with my pineal gland years ago when the first Vibrakeys came out and one in particular, VK20 Lightbody Bliss, was accoumpanied by an appearance of Thoth and his sharing the Bliss Breathing technique to stimulate and work with the activation of this gland.

The Crystal Palace Within
Opening the Halls of Amenti

A Hathor Planetary Message
Through Tom Kenyon

Note: This Hathor message contains instructions for a potent energy meditation called The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti. You can use this meditation for great personal benefit whenever you wish.

However, the instructions for this energetic process are being released at this time for those who choose to participate in a Hathor World Activation Meditation that will take place on October 31st 2010. A group will be gathered in Seattle, Washington at this time, to engage the meditation. This information is for those who are unable to attend the full workshop, but would like to participate in the meditation with others from around the world.


Through the meditation
we are about to convey,
you can access
higher levels of creativity,
innate within you, and
gain access to what
we refer to as your Higher Mind —

which is simply an
aspect of your consciousness
that extends beyond the
constraints of your awareness
as it is currently experienced
within the constraints of
time and space.

This Higher Mind—this
interdimensional aspect
of your consciousness—


is a potential source of
immense inspiration,
wisdom, insight & creativity.


The Crystal Palace Within
refers to the pineal gland

because part of its structure
is crystalline in nature

These small calcite crystals have
piezoelectric properties that
can respond to the
higher realms of light.
By activating these
crystalline potentials
within your pineal gland
you open a portal
to your Higher Mind,

which can bring to you,
and humanity,
an influx of creativity,
insight & solutions to
personal & collective problems.

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Saleena: To some this might be "old news" and to me I was excited to find this. I have seen it through my extra senses and it was wonderful to hear it is "discovered" now by science.

The Sun is playing an
extrememly important part
in our transition right now.

It is an amazing place to visit. I share many ways to work with and play with the Sun. How to communicate with information from beyond the Sun.

Nearly everyday I stand or sit in the Sun and look at it. I place a traingle formed with my fingers over my heart and ask that I AM fed from the Suns beyond the Sun.Then I open my heart and solar plexus and absorb! then I send them all a big thank you!

I thought the image below, even if it is about another topic, looked like the Sun feeding the Earth. Helps my imagination to see these kinds of images.

Magnetic Portals Connect
Earth to the Sun

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Oct. 30, 2008: During the time it takes you to read this article, something will happen high overhead that until recently many scientists didn't believe in.

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A Global Telesummit for
Building a Culture of Peace:

Join our Virtual Peace Summit
Sept 14th-21st, 2010

"The dream of a peaceful world
has been with us for millennia.
Are we the generation
that will make that
dream a reality?"

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Saleena: It is amazing how wonderful spontaneously OMmmmming at different times during my day is feeling. I meet my friend in the hallway and we smaile and OMMMM. The tone seems to have a specila magic right now as it joins the OM Wave frequency being broadcast from Mount Shasta region from the OM Crystal. I am grateful for this braodcast of HOPE, JOY & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE being gifted to us right now at a time that I can swing between bliss and somewhat harsh feelings.

Earth-Keeper Notes Woven in with other Quotes:

The 'OM Wave' will continue to
circumnavigate our planet
and will do so thru out
the remainder of the
rare Grand Cross Triad, thru Aug 5th.

Here is an Audio OM Tone:


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The Grand Cross Eclipse ( Full Moon Lunar Eclipse) June 26
Special Metatronic Channel

The Extraordinary Eclipses of the Grand Cross
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet you all in Unconditional
Love, indeed a love that you will need over the next few weeks!

You are entering of one of the most powerful and intense energy crucibles experienced on the planet in many millennia, and the relative 'temperature' is about to drastically increase. It is the Diamond Triad, and is the purpose behind the encouraging 'OM Wave' that the Cosmic Council of Light have graced you with.

June 21 Solstice MeditationGateway of OM Free-Download
Email [] for download directions.

There are three very significant astrological occurrences over the next five weeks
(June 26-August 4). These are:

·        The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse -June 26

·        The Solar Eclipse of July 11

·        The 5 Planet Alignment of July – The Grand Cross

The June 26 eclipse of the full moon is extraordinarily powerful and will set the stage. Indeed this full moon eclipse is a double edged sword and can be the impetus of great change to the positive, if correctly understood and utilized accordingly.

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