Lanny Sinkin

Lani Kukini'elele = Swift Messenger of the Gods

Advocate in many ways…


Calling Rainbows: Into the 5th Age

Temple Of Anuenue-Rainbow



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Meeting the Rainbow God

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Rainbow Connection









More Talk Story

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Messages from Lanny Sinkin on 7-21-2008


A Consious Bible

Lanny has received many stories and had experiences that are being compiled into a very unique book. They are definately aligned as Messages from Our New Universe. After a visionary experience he was given it and informed it is to be called the Conscious Bible. After his week long visit from Mar 6th to14th, 2011, we received new inspiration, messages and renewed vision and energies for this book. I had been informed that someone was waiting for us to give us a Message for Humanity. After Marimar, Lanny and I, Saleena, went out on a magical journey, swimming in the sunny beautiful aqua waters, bathing in the Humpback whalesongs, and being "downloaded" or "uploaded" as we navigated through some beautiful ancient Hawaiian Sacred Sites, I saw a vision. We co-created a cover and he began the process of reorganizing it.


Here is one chapter you can enjoy: 

Wolf: Prelude: Beyond Time & Space


Lanny is one of our Guides in our  Omni-D Travel Adventure Team



Omni-D Adventure with Wolves & Whales; Healing the Leak


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