Saleena: When I first begin this blog as a portal for Message of Our New Universe, it was Sophia that asked me to do this. She said there would be many messages coming forth that would need to have a timely way to share. She said that we together had co-created a New Universe within our old one, a creational feat that is very very unique. She said that now it was up to us to fill it with what we want. It has been nearly 2 years now since we began and we have been consciously choosing, filling and voting.

Our New Universe has since been birthed into it's own autonomy, no longer held in the womb of the old. This occurred during June of 2011. This was another unique first time in this Creation kind of event.
In many ways it might look to some as if we have made little progress and that we are still declining as a planet. I have a different perspective.
I focus on the messages and evidence
that we have progress miraculously
and will continue to do so.
I may be called a dreamer
and I will accept that with honor.
I AM and that is how we create our reality! 
I love to share messages from other beings throughout our local Universe to help us open our hearts to those who are different than us and part of us. Who share their love, their wisdom, about themselves and their planet and culture.
This message is a beautiful sharing from a being who calls herself  TOISHEEBA. I spent long focused hours really letting her message in. I thank Maria, from Mother Earth Healing Network for her willingness to bring through these timely messages. 

Channeling of Toisheeba

from the

Galactic Federation,

through Maria Bertram,

Stockholm, Sweden, May 9th 2011 

"I speak to you tonight not only as a representative of my civilization, but also as a representative of the Galactic Federation, and we have messages to give to you:  
Prepare yourself.
Prepare yourself for what is about to come,
because it will be needed.
It's a very turbulent time that awaits Earth,
on many different levels, 
with enormous energies pouring in over Earth,
and very, very large changes. 
You will all be part of the changes that are underway. Those of you who have opened your eyes  
– your wisdom and your understanding
will be needed to lead the way
into the New Age.
But you must prepare yourself
in order to be able to help others. 
You must start with yourself."
As we go through the Transition, she shares the possibilities of what might happen to us as the Laws of Cause and Effect get stronger and mainfestation gets more instantaneous. She emphasizes that we need to Ground Ourselves using this simple and free technique shared HERE or



Toisheeba's Message









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