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Aloha ALL! We are so grateful for the many from all around this Beautiful Shifting Ascending Earth who read our blog and website! We want to share our love and appreciation with you and share that Marimar and I  are moving. In the midst of all the other radical changes from the inside out and the outside in and as we enter the final phases of some very very long cycles… Our life is changing drastically!



We are leaving our Paradise Island life… for now…

(I haven't worn shoes for almost 5 years unless I have to)


…to go assist family in Tennessee and New Jersey for a few months, reset our course and open up for the magic to unfold, bloom and show us where our path leads us next. 

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Pleiadian Message

For September 25th to 29th

by James Gilliland


Subject: [ECETI News] Pleiadian Message Sept 25th 2011
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 07:28:42 2011-09-25 thru 29th


In meditation I was told the  

Earth Changes are Here.


They are going to move very fast

between now and November

upon which

 there will be an end to tyranny.


They talk about a Universal God or consciousness

that is more like a frequency and a force.


It will be pressing hard upon the Earth

and this entire Galaxy evoking great change.


Scientists are aware of these forces, they are measurable yet most do not know how they operate or the effects they will have on humanity and the Earth.


We need to let go of physical reality

as being solid and fixed, it is not.

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"Goodbye C/2010 X1.  We hardly knew ye."  

Hank Campbell












Saleena: I said that… A Friend sent me this article tonight after another friend showed me some "fear-inducing" Alex Jones videos about really scary looking stuff going on…. "They" are giving us lots of opportunity to feel nervous, get panicky, break out into a cold sweat or succumb to all out fear…


Again I remind you (& myself)…

focus on what you want more of

because everything is

quickening and amplified now


manifesting very quickly.


There are amazing Cosmic Energies flooding us all on Earth right now, giving us opportunities for terrific impossible to ignore changes and the Earth is on a fast path of transformation. it is possible we are have another seguey for a Quantum Leap in Consciousness in the next month or so.


So much is flying around the

internet right now about 

certain dates and events…

so much is happening so fast,

frankly I don't really know

what to get worried about or

ignore or embrace

unless I go into my heart

and check in there.

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Saleena: I share this newsletter as a clear, direct and truthful observation and offering of perspective of our current planetary situation and of possible solutions. Clearly laid out… "in a nutshell" you might say, as the way we have been living on our Planet Earth is rather "NUTS!" 


Recently I have been engaging in a sequence of indepth conversations with a freind. Her life, with husband and 5 children, was rather typical of a comsummerism middle class American Family life. It is now breaking down.


They are going through myriads of

grueling, testing circumstances

as the cosmic fire intensifies,

the vibrations of our whole planet rise

and their unaddressed inner issues

emerge to either be healed

or tear their life and family apart.


Their finances have basically crashed with health issues and unemployment. They are living within an unsustainable lifestyle and system and it is failing. Their home is at risk. Their health and well being is non-existant. The stress levels are ridiculously insane. Their mental health is threatened. They are all being systematically traumatized by the situation and their life is precariously unstable. There isn't enough money to properly take care of her family within the system they are living.


They are church going and receiving some assistance from their local church group. Then there is the added stress of trying to align to their churches principles and fulfill their duties when her life is already maxed out with attempting to raise and support 5 children with 2 parents and no village. She feels confused and really doesn't know the truth of what is happening. She honestly doesn't know what to do to find some equilibrium. She is about to break, to snap, to lose it….considering that death would be better than this.


Both adults are using various substances to try to cope and deal with all the pain, to numb it out. Both are on numerous prescribed medications to "help them cope." They are both out of balnce and blaming each other and have lost any trust they had in each other. Communications have broken down and anger, despair and blaming predominates when they try.


They are lacking skills to work it out from the perspective that the only place they really have any power to resolve this is inside them. They don't really know what ascension is and this is what is happening.


Where do you start when this is

how you are experiencing your reality? 



They are a bi-product of generations of this insane imbalanced industrialized control system. One designed for a few to get very rich and wealthy and the rest of us to serve at all cost. To that system we are here to be used and discarded. This is happening everywhere today. They are not unique.


Our unsustainable, artificially manipulated

reality is shattering.

At some greater levels

everything is being rearranged

to free itself  from these illusions.


This is happening at a cosmic and energetic level

everywhere is creation


the physical densities of 3D are unraveling.


The lies are being revealed

for anyone who is willing to

open their eyes and look around

and give new possibilites a chance.


I ask for help almost daily.

Focus on what I want more of.

It has taken me much time to untangle myself

from all the deep mechanisms of control

and live more genuinely and resonately truthful.


It is what I came for and what I live for.



"These are just a few reasons 

why this must and surely will come 

to an end soon.


Now is this pointing towards

"doom and gloom" and no hope then?

No, not at all…"



I am grateful to Adrian for sharing

the picture so succinctly.


Enjoy one perspective of what has happened

and the proposed solutions:


Our Ultimate Reality Newsletter

18 September 2011

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Saleena: I have at least two reasons for posting this, I was born in Texas, I have friends that live there and I love it when the Universe affirms what we say so quickly. I just posted my 9-11 Anniversary Message about how PEACE STARTS INSIDE… and Joe shares some direct affirmations of this…

—–Original Message—–
From: Joe Vitale
Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2011 3:56 AM
To: Saleena Ki
Subject: A Wildfires Report (and a solution)


A few days ago I sent a request for

you to hold the vision of safety for all

those affected by the Texas wildfires.


I pointed out that more than two dozen

scientific studies proved when a group

holds an intention in meditation, that

intention tends to come to pass.


People from all over the world sat and

prayed, or visualized, or intended and

requested that the fires diminish.


What happened?

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 PeaceMaker Poster Special 

$9.11 plus shipping

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Saleena: 10 years ago today on the morning of 9-11-2001, a friend woke me out of a sound sleep with an urgent early morning call and dramatically announced to me that “We are at war!” It was the day the Twin Towers were destroyed in Washington D.C. in the USA.


I felt a kind of shock entering my system and I was hit hard with the fear. For several hours I paced around my home, wondering what was going to happen and feeling waves of desperate fear and death ripping through the consensus field. I was in a very negative emotional space.


My silent prayer was that I might do something powerful to assist in helping shift this trauma into something positive. Almost immediately I heard my "Council" suggesting I might create a Vibrakey that would be an antidote. They suggested we might call it "PeaceMaker". I agreed easily and was very happy to do anything to re-focus my attentions on something exciting and positive.


I realized that this was a great opportunity to live and walk my talk.


I believe that whatever

we have going on inside 

reflects in the world around us.

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Saleena: I found this message tucked neatly back into Drafts. Even though it is almost a onth old, it is still valid so I will share it….


Amazing way time is swooshing by most days and other days (very few) seem like a slow ecstatic river flowing forever. I have been sleeping sleeping sleeping. I have heard this from many others, who are also wondering if we will ever be able to stay awake again! Many days we move around with a brain that feels like it really never turned on, or maybe we are only part here.


I keep reading that the most intense time is over after the August 15th! Yeah! It is already past… Here is Hawaii we count out some of the last time on the clock for this Earth time so we get to savor the energies to the last drop… We also have the benefit of how easy it is to "upload" new imformation into the grid from this island that host one of the 19.5 spots on the global lightbody.


VK26 Live Paradise 19.5

Enjoy the Live Paradise Energies pouring into your own Home and Bathign your body with frequencies that will help you gently release all that is unlike Paradise inside you so that you can live Paradise in your outer reality.


Life is soooooo full and exciting. I have been receiving so many ideas and offers to co-create Vibrakeys that at least 20 new ones are in the Birthing Chamber "cooking."


We are releasing a new one in the next few days… and this is fitting since it began as my Soul Portrait on my birthday two years ago and I just celebrated my 58th birth day anniversary this month… so It will be another wonderful gift to myself, and hopefully to you, to share something that is so personal and universal at the same time.


This one is called VK85 Out of the Void – Plenum. Here is a glimpse of it even before it goes into a gallery. I will link it to that gallery so when it is there you will find it.


VK85 Out of the Void

The Plenum – Chaotic Creation Birthing Forces – Divine Feminine 

Blessing from the Mothers – Galactic Center –

Sirius  SunStar – Arcturus SunStar – Andromedan Galaxy


 I first got excited about creating my own Soul Portrait right after I had co-created Colin's Soul Portrait with him. You can read his story about the details of the creation here: The Magician Revealed. It was a really fun and informative process. 


So I tuned in to see what would come for me. The first energy I felt was the Divine Mother's and I heard them say to use the Crab Nebula in infrared and the I could start with a triagle point down. Then to place the word VOID in Black on the right side and to turn it reversed and white on the Left side of each of the top triangle corners.


Okay…. I did that and then they said place the symbol for the Galactic Center and The Divine Mother, a dot with a circle around it with the dot at the lower triangles point. Okay… I did that….


Then there is the idea to use a symbol, a kind of Blessing given to us by The Mothers, when BETH was being born, our New Earth Communications System. I hooked that is and they said… That is it! That is all…. I couldn't believe that was it! Where's my face? Where is the fun? Hmmmm… I was at first a bit dissapointed. Then I realized what an elegant depiction of the interfacing points between us and the Void, The space and energy offered us through connection to the Mothers of ALL this Creation. 


I remembered what I had heard from Mark Commings how this Void is full of everything we could ever imagine and it is FULL… he calls it the PLENUM… I love that word… it is so….. rich and full sounding and feeling. Now it seems that our opportunity is to learn how to manifest from this Plenum, all that we creatively and basically need and desire. This is Creator God Goddess lesson time… time to remember what we really already know. 


Gradually I organize all the Guidance and infomation and stories that accompany the creation of a Vibrakey. That becomes the back and is laminated into a Card with the Art on the Front.  Then there eventually is organized, a digital eGuide full of Guidance of How to use it… Purposes and Stories of how it came about and more.


Vibrakeys are more than art to look at, they are tools and they carry frequencies that activate and inform your body-mind-spirit of next steps in your evolution.


I share much for free on this blog and my website I appreciate Donations or when you Purchase my Art or Services.



You can now purchase a beautiful jewel like sparkling archival ink print of this in 2 sizes: 8.5×8.5" or 13×13."  


Get Your Own Soul Portrait


Soul Code


Email or Call me


Set up a time to



Saleena Note: I just received this from a friend. Since there has been information circulating around the web of a series of extremely strong Earthquakes with accompanying disasterous effects that are supposed to start up in a few days… I really relate to this perspective. it rang my BELL!


I affirm this disaster senario is unlike the reality I choose.


I choose that I already live on Paradise Earth.


My life is safe, supportive, magical and

my intuition and guidance is strong.



When I first read it, I had a fear reaction and worry arose. That is the area we are supposed to be moving to in about a month and where some of our family lives. When I questioned my guides and checked my intuition, there was no corrections or actions I was to make concerning this prediction… that is why I didn't post it or send it on….. 


Here is my friends email with a bonus about a new book by David Wilcock that I have been anticipating, too…

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Saleena: I was guided to find this message… I guess I needed it or someone out there needs it… Even if it half a year past the Gregorian calendar New Year, it seems we are constantly crossing into the oportunities to choose to have a new life experience, a new reality.  

All the alignments and energies invite us, even demand that we make new choices now. This is a very nicely illustrated story reminding us of what we are being invited to do… CHANGE!


 The Magic of Being Brave

By Susi White


"Your future is in your hands,

and when you’re brave,

you’ve a much greater chance

of making it a happy one!"


I once read that a definition of madness is ‘Repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting different results’. Whether you make resolutions or not, New Year is certainly a good time to start trying new ways of being, which are the key to making changes to our lives.


As a Life Coach, one of the first things I ask prospective clients is

‘are you ready to make changes in your life?’

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Saleena: For the last few weeks I have been seeing work done on the Omni-Dimensional levels and higher dimensional realms that is bring us to a new place dimensionally. I have witnessed and participated in events happening that are removing the barriers we once had built-in to make this journey into densities with its accompanying illusions of separation, fear and lack possible.


These were placed there either by ourselves in this or past lives via devices – vows – contracts – beliefs we adopted). Some of them maintained carefully by another group to keep us in the illusion of a kind of desperate controlled separation.


Veils are dissolving and opening the dimensions to each other making visual or energetic contact with higher dimensional beings possible. I say higher because there aren't any places lower density wise than the old Mother Earth. 


I participated in the LightWork where a new kind of HOME is now available to us all. It is to be discovered by each one. The key is in your heart and intending, expressing your desire to know HOME in a new way. Just ask very clearly and let it go. You might be surprised what will happen. 



A Friend sent me a link to this blog; Evolution Revolution by Dana Mrkich and I was immediate drawn to this story: 


The Little Girl from the Stars

by DanaMrkich

Visioning the Dream Awake


There was once a little girl. This little girl came from the stars and all her life wondered why she was here on Earth instead of back home amongst the planets and moonbeams. One day she was at the depth of her despair.

“Why have you left me here?” she cried. “Why can’t you come and take me back home?”
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