Energetic Grids

What is an Energetic Grid?

We all got together and looked it up in the dictionary and decided we needed another kind of dictionary.

Let’s start here. Everything and everyone in this existence is connected together with usually unseen lines, or threads of energy. Some who have seen them say that they are glistening, shimmering intersecting lines of energy that look like a giant spider web that connects each one of us to everything else. When we build a specific grid with Vibrakeys I believe that we connect up certain patterns of energy waves from one design to another, creating a supportive system of energy that is ordered for that purpose. By touching Vibrakeys together at certain intersecting points of the designs and lines, they link up to create this. Part of this is how we set our intentions.

You can build grids on your floor, your wall, even under your massage table (to set up a supportive field for your healing, transformational work), and aim them at your bed or work space. (One caution about your sleep space, be sure to experiment, ask for assistance to set up something that is relaxing and soothing if you want to sleep.) There is so much to explore! These Vibrakeys are focusing tools. They teach us about just how multi-dimensional we really are! They direct energy, depending on how you connect them, and point them.


BVK01 combined with BVK01R Reversal

Let’s change the combination to spiral the energy

BVK01 Reversal (4 times)

There are many different ways to create supportive energy for many different aspects of your life, and at the same time have some fun creating interesting art panels for a wall or a floor, or a center piece for a table, or a gathering.

A Project Grid

What happens if you want to direct energy with a theme like “Complete the Past and free up energy for living in the now moment”?
1. Start with VK11... it is a laser, it directs energy in the top & thru the design to pick up the pattern to change water (which you are approx. 60%) to a more crystalline state...
2. Now we start to set the theme with CVK03... the masculine aspect of an already feminine key... 3. Using the complementary CVK03R to bring in the balance of the most feminine aspect.
4. Add CVK05 & its Reversal: Your true nature, Abundance!
6. These next three keys, CVK10, VK20, & CVK10R, all support the electrical systems, the nerves, and by doing the breath that is included on VK20, your can open yourself up to remembering more of who you are... 5. A good dose of CVK04, this one opens us up to the deeply buried wounds, old incidents that keep us bound up in the past...washing away the past...
7. I love to include the heart in everything I do... VK09 is called “HeartSong.” It helps to keep the heart open and nourishing the whole process....
8. HERE’S TO THE HEART! Again this one is VK15... it activates the immune system and opens the heart further...it also has to do with bringing into focus where true power lies...right inside you heart where everything you need to know about who you are and what you are here to do is found... 9. So we have to end somewhere...so we will add another directional laser...the smaller WaterAlive cards are just as effective at directing the energy & changing the pattern of liquid. I believe that this one is very energizing to be around....but it can also be calming at the same time.

So, you
here and relax,
meditate, or sleep,
88 using your 88
88 intuition 88
88 to guide 88
88 you as
6 to how long
you would stay.
8888 8888
8888 8888
888 888
888 888
88 88
88 88
88 88
88 88
8 8
66 66

So now you have a few new ideas to spark your imagination, your creator god/goddess mind! We are having so much fun experimenting with these designs, using them to support our experience, and coming up with new ideas about how to use them!

Relationship Grid

We were restructuring our reality around what we wanted as far as relationship in these three arenas:

Intimacy, our relating to each other in a committed way;
Work, how we balance it and have time for the rest;
Social, friends, family, aquaintances.

Things had gotten out of balance and we were feeling frustrated and distanced from each other. This can be the point where a couple can decide the relationship is just not working and end it, instead we took the time, with the assistance of a friend, mediator, to identify what was bothering each of us, tell our truth about it, and create a new vision of the reality (this new system was inserted into the energetic body) we could accept.

Our friend, Hope, then suggested that we build a grid out of Vibrakeys to support us energetically to allow the old reality system to dismantle itself as the new one was coming into form into our physical daily reality. So we did just that! Using our intuition, and letting our higher selves guide us, it was fun and exciting to do such a thing for ourselves. The day had been difficult and taxing and it was a relief to actually do something physical together.

We then each read our new vision out loud and placed them on the grid. We left the grid there for several days. That evening my partner suggested that he could feel the Vibrakey Grid working on our energies, and at a very deep level, changing things. The effect was felt for a few days, then it lessened and eventually we dismantled the Vibrakeys as we had other things to put them to use with.


I find that working in front of the computer for prolonged periods without the support of certain Vibrakeys causes exhaustion, imbalance, headaches, nervous tension, and I just don’t generally feel very good. If I take the time to set up asupportive energy grid using VK10 Electric Support or VK18 Kundalini Rising, and VK20 LightBody Bliss, then my time spent at the computer usually is much improved.

These Vibrakeys seem to support my own physical electrical and energetic systems, keeping all the bodies more in balance, as well as assisting the computer’s ability to handle the electrical surges and fluctuations that seem to affect them during solar flares, and electrical storms. I still use a good surge protector for the whole computer system. These Vibrakeys seem to be my surge protector and more! I have also used VK13 Universal Library in the area to up the energy and to support potency in what I am creating.

Now as to How & Where to place them?

Each station is different, and this is truly a time to be open to your own intuition. Ask your higher self to guide you, and let yourself try out different arrangements. You will feel it when it “clicks” and feels the best for you. I have also placed more than one of the VK10 Electric Support, using one of them directly under an older laptop that was glitching terribly.

This is where we can open to another part of our multidimensional world. I find it easy to talk to plants and flowers, animals, and even stones, finding it possible to access conversation of one kind or another with the intelligence in each. I even speak fondly to the intelligent spirit in my car, but found I was prejudiced with regard to electronics. Finally, in frustration one day after a long bout of technical and electrical troubles with my computer, I asked the computer what it needed.

It said, in a voice full of mischief, “I want one of those designs!” I found the image of VK10 Electric Support in my mind. Incredulously I said, “But that is for humans!” The reply was that it was not just for humans, but for electrical systems, and we both had one! So I gave it a design, after which the troubles reduced significantly and I was humbled. Later, it let me know it really liked the experience of owning something! Sometimes computers really like the support of crystals also.

One of our clients says that everyone should have a VK10 Electric Support at their computer. Let me know if you use any other ones that work and we’ll share it with others.

Gathering or Workshop Altars

If you are preparing to host or put on a gathering or workshop, take time to clear the space energetically, via burning sage or energetically checking the space and clearing out any energies that are not in harmony with the upcoming event. Then you can ask for assistance from those beings in the other realms, that are in harmony with you and your gathering, to assist you to set up an energetic altar, center piece, or grid to support this event.

Allow your mind to open and let your imagination go. Ideas of certain things to use will come to you. It could be elemental things, such as fire, earth, water, stones, flowers, each of which add a spirit of support and energy. Using the Vibrakeys is similar. Each “Key” has a certain kind of pattern theme. You will find it coming to you which ones to use, or being attracted to certain ones. Pick them out and allow yourself to begin to place them together, experimenting with their connections and positions until it feels right.

Sometimes you can place a candle, or stone, or crystal at certain intersecting lines or on certain parts of the design to extend the energy, or augment it. It is a fun and intuitive process. We are finding that the more we do it, the more we enjoy the ending result.


We once filmed an educational video for the Vibrakeys. This was a new endeavor and was an intense project that took us 4 days! We decided to build an energetic grid to support the whole process, besides being a beautiful and interesting backdrop behind us. We used clear push-pins and arranged them on the wall behind us.

1. We started with VK05 Abundance, then connected in VK11 WaterAlive MasterKey, a laser-like Key that directs energy and pours in an energized, watery, crystalline energy. We placed it below VK05 Abundance.

2. Then I hooked together CVK09 HeartSong, with its companion CVK01R I Am That I Am reversal so the “V” shapes were in the center and placed them below the Water Design. This felt like the watery, emotional energy was pouring right through the heart!

3. Next, I placed VK20 LightBody Bliss, the one for activating the LightBody, and setting up Natural Boundaries below it. This one sits in a diamond shape position.

4. Next, I placed in each of the four corners of the HeartSong pair: VK25 Retriever, VK26 Live Paradise 19.5N, VK21 Flower of Eternal Life - Venus, which is full of Grace (I figured we would need lots of this) and Light, and VK15 Love's Power... keeping us strong throughout the process, and most importantly, open hearted!

5. Then I placed on the bottom right and left corners, CVK10 Nerves - Electronics, and its Reversal, these also sit in a diamond shape position, which makes for a very nice design on the wall.

6. The last touch, I partially slid CVK05R Abundance reversal up underneath VK20 LightBody Bliss which was at the bottom center of this Mandala Grid, to complement the Abundance at the Top.

Ahhhh, a new kind of meaningful interior designing! It was amazing how I had not consciously been aware of just how beautifully it would frame us as we sat side by side, sharing our stories about the Vibrakeys. I truly know that I was guided to set it up just so. We felt the support and the space it held for us during a particularly challenging project. What FUN ! ! !

Healing & Transformational Practices

These Vibrakeys are very useful in setting up powerful, safe, and supportive energy grids to assist as you share your own particular healing or transformational service with others. You can set a grid of Vibrakeys up to support you as you serve, or to accentuate the theme of your client's healing process. Setting your intention to connect with the client's higher self for permission and guidance can facilitate building a useful and powerful grid to augment what you already offer them.

The grid can allow the Vibrakeys to work at another level while you do what you do best. For modalities using a massage table, you would build the grid underneath the table, or around in the room, whatever you are inspired to do. For modalities that include sitting in chairs facing each other, you can set up the grid beneath the chair, or behind you where the client can see them, or behind them where they can feel them.

The arrangements of these Vibrakey grids can be endless. You can also allow the client to pick the Vibrakeys they are most attracted to, and/or disturbed by (see Vibrakey Reversals for an explanation of this) and use these in building the grid. Sometimes the client might enjoy placing them where it feels right for them. Depending on the client's curiosity and safety factors, they may want to know what they are.

Have fun and Happy Transforming!



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